It was last May when Barbara Walters surprised us on “The View” when she announced she was having open heart surgery.

KYW’s Bob Nelson reports that a few days ago she made an appearance on the show she created, announcing she was rested and ready to go back to work.

walters baba Barbara Walters Readies for Return to "The View"
Walters, no youngster at age 80, reminded her audience that it had been more than two months since her surgery and she was rarin’ to go:

“If you can hear me, two months ago today I had my surgery and I am fully recovered (audience cheers).”

She actually appeared from her New York City apartment, adding that she has received lots of get-well wishes from the likes of Hillary Clinton, Woody Allen, even the queen of Jordan.

She also encouraged  women to get a cardiogram for heart disease, which is the #1 killer of women.

Walters says she plans to return to “The View” in September.

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