by KYW’s Kim Glovas

Two memorial services, one private, one public, were held at Independence Seaport Museum Saturday for the two victims who died in the Duck Boat accident on Wednesday.07 10 10 12412 Ceremonies Held for Victims of Duck Boat TragedyThe stage at the Seaport Museum had five wreaths on display and two photographs of Sahbolch Prem and Dora Schwendter, the two young people who were pulled from the Delaware River on Friday (see previous story).

One of those honoring the two was Hungarian Ambassador Bela Szombati. He said later, the young adults who survived the accident are struggling with the tragedy:

“Every loss of life, every loss of a loved one is difficult to understand and difficult to accept, when it’s a young person, and two young people, in this case, it’s almost unbearable, it’s almost impossible to comprehend.”

The students came to the US as part of an exchange between Hungarian and American churches. He says the young people were happy to come here, and he hopes despite the tragedy, the exchange program continues.

(Photo by KYW’s Kim Glovas)