by KYW’s Margie Smith

It’s time for the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain and when the bulls hit the streets over a hundred people from the area will be running in front of them.He’s a corporate lawyer from Cherry Hill by day but by night, Peter Milligan is founder of the Philadelphia Pena and Taurino group; a club dedicated to the centuries old festival known as “San Fermin.” It all got started on a dare:

“My brother and I were watching the running of the bulls on television and he said ‘I bet you wouldn’t do that’ and I said ‘I bet I would.’ Next thing I know there we were, flinching as the bulls ran by us.”

Now, 125 people from Philadelphia and South Jersey are heading to Spain with this advice:

“If you fall, don’t get up. That’s the number one way to attract the bulls.”

Milligan says it’s wildly dangerous but all worth it.

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