Does Proper Grammar Matter? Study Says It Does When It Comes To Getting A Date

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In this digital age, we’re more likely to text and tweet than to talk. Are we forgetting to use proper grammar?

For years, we’ve been told that poor grammar can cost you an interview, even a job. But did you know it might also be a reason you don’t land a date?

A newly released Singles in America study by reveals that 39 percent of us consider bad grammar a deal breaker.

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When it comes to proper English, we all have our pet peeves. In this age, where the spoken word is often replaced by text and our written correspondence composed through email, we wonder, does good grammar still matter.

“Appropriate grammar matters,” said Dr. Andreea Calude. She is a senior lecturer in linguistics in New Zealand. She says that there is no such thing as bad grammar, just inappropriate usage that causes us to be subjected to judgement.

“We instantly make inferences about somebody’s education level and age and gender and so on, based on the language that they use,” Calude said.

That’s why Dr. Calude says it’s important to understand that what’s acceptable on the street or social media, doesn’t always fly in an office memo.

So, what are some common mistakes that could cost you? Dr. Calude says many people mistake “There,” and “Their.”

Subject verb agreement also trips people up and LITERALLY, using the word LITERALLY a thousand times incorrectly.

So many rules, so little time which is why some opt to keep it simple.

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