Uber Introduces New Rules For The Road

by Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Uber riders can rate their drivers on a five-star scale, but the assessment works the other way, too.

And now, the ride-hailing app has released new rules of the road, including five infractions that could get you banned.

Most of Uber’s guidelines are common-sense: be on time, buckle up, don’t leave trash behind.

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It’s when your good judgement goes out the window — sometimes when Uber comes in handiest — that you can get in trouble.

Damaging drivers’ or other passengers’ property will do it, including throwing up in the car after too much booze.

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Uber doesn’t want anyone having physical contact in the car — certainly no sex, but also no flirting.

Fine if the ride serves as a meet-cute for a future date; not OK if there’s unwanted after-trip communication.

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Abusive language or gestures could leave you looking for a taxi.

And Uber says it does not abide lawbreakers: the company makes note of those who might try to use the service for drug or human trafficking, but also things like bringing drugs or open containers of alcohol in the car, having more riders than there are seatbelts, even asking the driver to go faster than the speed limit.

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One Comment

  1. Uber shouldn’t EVEN be legal! These are NOT professional drivers folk! Is that who you want to trust your very life with? NOT THIS KID!

    1. Actually, some uber drivers ARE professional. I used to drive both taxi and limo, have a permit that allows me to drive police, ambulance and fire vehicles, and mini-coach (24 pax). So, depending on what local requirements are, passengers are just as safe. That being said, some taxi drivers are hacks.

    2. Have you ever wondered about the “professionalism” of taxi drivers?? I drive for Uber and am an ex-cabbie. I have seen instances of people who couldn’t find their butt with both hands go into a cab company and after getting their city permit get a taxi and start hauling people around. Your comment is just plain stupid!

  2. Hoof Harted says:

    Hey. I get it. Not everybody gets it.

  3. Jeff Weber says:

    How does uber plan to enforce that rule?

    1. Read the article, it clearly states one can be banned from further use of the service if the rules are not obeyed. You’re a fine example of the public education system.

  4. bobby says:

    they are getting only 41% of the cost of the ride – this wont help…cabs are better – way more versatile – drivers take good with bad – drivers are knowledgeable not as flakey

    1. This is not London we’re talking about. There are no “Professional” taxi drivers in the US. I would venture to guess the turnover rate among cab companies is around 75%. Plus Uber only takes 25%.

  5. Doreen Self says:

    sieg heil ube!!!!

  6. One would assume those rules would already be in effect. Are these ‘rules’ really going to stop the problems? Do drivers all follow the posted speed limit because they are the rules? If you feel UBER is a problem don’t use it. These ‘rules’ are not going to make anyone safer. Just as they wouldn’t make you any safer getting into a Taxi with a driver you don’t know. People with an agenda to do harm don’t follow the rules.

  7. Mark Meyer says:

    Typical liberal response. Essentially Uber has decided to take the opinion of drunks over their drivers. Yes, over 50% of Uber riders are partying and need a ride. How about vetting your drivers a little better….or would that make them seem more like employees who need benefits, insurance, 401K,etc. Uber is going to find itself in a pickle shortly.

    1. Sarah Cole says:

      “Yes, over 50% of Uber riders are partying and need a ride” This is blatantly incorrect. Uber is most used in cities where people don’t own cars like New York. The percentage of partying Uber riders pale in comparison to the those who cities like New York use it for day to day errands, trips to and from work, or to meet people for dinner.

      1. Funny, I thought that’s what subways were for.

  8. Another reason why Uber is better than government taxi cartels, where you don’t have any recourse against bad drivers, and where drivers aren’t safe because the person hailing the taxi is a mugger looking for a quick buck.

  9. Rusty Harris says:

    Boy, the NEXT thing you know, they’ll want you to install a bullet resistant screen between the front & back seat, no smoking signs, a big lit sign on top of your car, and a drop flag meter!
    Wonder what they will call it then? Oh yeah…a taxi! I guess yellow will be the next big thing they make them do?

  10. So, now I cannot sit next to my wife, holding hands and have her head on my shoulders while we drive home so as not to offend my muslim driver? FUK THAT!

  11. Barry Howell says:

    If you don’t want people in your car who smoke, stink, eat, are dirty, talk too much, or do anything that you don’t like… DON’T BE AN UBER DRIVER! Morons.

    1. Well, THIS moron would love to educate you on a few things. Uber drivers, such as myself, are rated by our riders in a 5 star system. If I carry a drunk smelly person who reeks of tobacco and my next 5 riders smell it then my ratings would plunge dramatically.

  12. Bill Loyal says:

    UGH, Sounds like more BS rules and regs. No thanks, rules for me while drivers are doing as they please? I am sure the millennials will just love it.

  13. I can assure you that during Coachella and Stagecoach there were lots of opportunities to play after the ride.

  14. Not tipping — is that an “offense,” too?

    1. Yes it is to the driver. No tip = one star.

  15. Starin’ at jugs while rubbing my pole…what’s wrong with that?

  16. Art Carney says:

    no flirting.define firting?

  17. Rick Meyer says:

    Hey Uber have you made a profit yet??

  18. I guess there won’t be an HBO show called Uber Confessions.

  19. Larry Smith says:

    As an uber driver, here are some other rules;… No Pets… No, I’m not going in into the school to get your kid to drive them home… No I will not cart your 9 year old to your ex-spouses home… No you cannot eat pizza in the back seat. I don’t let my kids do that, why would I let you? … please stay seated forward with both feet on the floor and not across your boyfriends lap… Please bathe before you get in my car, you smell like a locker room…or a goat… no you cannot connect your iphone to my bluetooth for a 7 minute ride… please don’t touch the volume… let me adjust the air and yes, that is a camera recording everything that happens in my vehicle for your protection and mine.

  20. Have a great idea for uber……..kiss my ass.

    1. That is flirting with uber

  21. Nota Newsa says:

    No flirting? That’s absurd!

  22. Ra Williams says:

    I’m going to turn back around if you kids don’t shut up! I bet my rating is 5 stars because I tip!

  23. Cam Kirmser says:

    One more reason why I will never be without my own vehicle.

  24. Best thing that could have happened to the Taxi Business. it will boom again. Bye Uber! Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on your way out…..

  25. Feminism 101. No perfume at work, no flirting, everyone walk on eggshells or the uglies/freak bullies will report you for punishment.

  26. I rather take a cab and pay cash than to deal with this commie BS.

  27. Larry Adams says:

    This is creepy. I always try to make the cabbies job easier by engaging in conversation, though I would not see it turning physical. If I were to attempt to engage in conversation, and the cabbie said now, I would refuse to continue to use that service. How horrible. “Please don’t be human to your customers. Take this blue pill, and you will be fine”.

    1. mjazzguitar says:

      If the cabbie said “now’, I’d say “Now what?”

  28. eventually uber and lyft will fail. after the first big murder trial and it is found out the background checks on drivers are a joke or not done at all, they will be bankrupted

  29. Cindy Dial says:

    So the drivers are employees not contractors after all. Case closed. That was easy.

  30. Andy Alford says:

    Good luck enforcing that. Not your car, not your business.

  31. Karl Driver says:

    Sounds like a going out of business plan.

  32. good luck with that Uber…It’s not your car, you have no control over what the passengers do..Is there any wonder more and more people are calling LYFT?

  33. Warren Rose says:

    They’ll be none of that in this car!!!

  34. Uber should allow rating for passengers too. Only makes sense.

  35. Look for a Taxi. ‘Uber’ is ‘under’.

  36. You are also not supposed to carry a gun (as a driver), but I’d rather be alive and fired from Uber then dead!

    1. James T Doe says:

      Yea they also say drivers aren’t allowed to except tips and should pass out water, candy and gum. But uber pays for nothing and so I do what I want in my car and gas and tires and gun. Oh and if she’s really cute and not drunk I might comment on how nice she looks or smells…hmmm, is that flirting?

  37. Lib Serum says:

    Do they mean between driver and passenger, passenger and passenger, or robot driver and passenger?

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