‘Lay Off The Hamburgers’: North Carolina Santa Accused Of Fat-Shaming Young Boy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This Santa will be getting coal for Christmas.

A Santa in North Carolina is accused of fat-shaming a young boy.

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Anthony Mayse, 9, was excited to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him about the iPod Touch and drone he wanted for Christmas.

However, the rude St. Nick told Anthony to “lay off the hamburgers.”

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“And when I got done, he said, ‘Just lay off the hamburgers and French fries,’ and that really just disrespected me and I feel awful,” Anthony said.

Santa apologized to the family later, but Anthony’s mom says she’d like to see him fired.

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One Comment

  1. On one hand the child is overweight, however not Santa’s place to bring that up. His job is to indulge the fantasy of the children, and push the lie. It’s very weird that a santa is telling anyone about their weight, because you know… Santa, also the irony of that Santa having health issues days later, palpable. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/santa-fat-shamed-9-year-old-boy-hospitalized-blood-clot-article-1.2905077

  2. Why? Santa’s got a point here.

  3. Nine years old is too old for Santa. Santa should NOT have let him on his lap, if he did. Explaining the child is too big and santas knees cant take it. Now this would be funny and keep the Santa out of trouble have a weight limit sign with a scale like theme park rides and height limits. lol Maybe mom will get the idea that maybe porky here is a little to old and fat.

  4. Didn’t Michelle Obama say the same thing?

  5. Well obviously mom’s not doing her job. Good for Santa, someone’s got to have some responsibility for the fatty.

  6. JP Ell says:

    Here’s a news flash to parents of these delicate snowflakes: No one is questioning that an overweight child or teen is worthy of love, attention, and it deserving of all opportunities that life can present for them. However, the issue of child obesity is a HEALTH issue. Yes, every child should experience the unconditional love of their parents/guardians. But “love” means you will do what is necessary for the best interest of your child. Stop buying them game systems and new cell phones when what they really need is a baseball glove, a basketball, a tennis racket, some good running shoes, and a treadmill! Today’s parenting is incredibly short-sighted. Here’s a good parenting lesson: take them to a local Walmart. Point out this common fact: all of the severely obese people that they see there, or anywhere, are under 50. Why? Because they die by 50 in most cases. Love them enough to show them the reality of the choice of not exercising and not adopting healthier eating options. Life will deal them enough health curve balls (cancer, genetic/familial diseases, diabetes, etc). They don’t need to add more issues by not being at a health weight their whole lives!!!

  7. Moe Zarella says:

    You better watch out, you better not cry,
    You better cut down on burgers and fries,
    Santa Claus is counting your pounds.

  8. Bud Sage says:

    The PC era is dead. Get over it and get ready to hear the truth. If the truth hurts, then change the situation.

  9. Damn, when I was a kid, I was happy with a GI Joe and some Matchbox cars……oh yeah anyway, yeah the kid is looking at a lifetime of health issues, way to go mom! And Merry Christmas Santa!

  10. Fire the mother for neglect and endangering the health of her child. Not Santa!

  11. “Santa only said what Michelle Obama has been saying for the past eight years. Heck, she even tells schools what they should have on their menu.

    This Santa says something to one kid is bad, but Michelle’s impact on millions for basically the same thing is to be praised.

    Go figure.

  12. Margie James says:

    The mother should have taken the young boy to an obesity clinic instead, she punishes Santa’s knee caps with her portly son. How inconsiderate.

  13. So giving the kid some encouraging healthful advice is wrong? So I suppose he should have said, now go stuff yourself full of cookies and candies. I doubt seriously he 9-year old was offended in any way. But the mother heard ‘caching’ as she attempts to sue for deep pocket change if Santa isn’t fired. Ooh look mommy, that woman got Santa fired. Will there be Christmas this year?

  14. Arrest the mother for child abuse / neglect.

  15. Cam Kirmser says:

    “…that really just disrespected me[.]”

    Yeah, that’s how 9-yr olds speak.

    Now, I question whether or not the Santa said what he’s accused of saying.

  16. Ra Williams says:

    He apologized for the truthful advice, and the Mom still wants him fired at Christmas time. So much for turning the other cheek.

  17. Santa was right, the kid is 9 and obese and SHOULD lay off the junk food. The parents should be fired for letting the kid lead an unhealthy life. An obese 9-year-old probably crushed Santa’s lap. Did the parent not yet tell him that Santa is not exactly, well . . . Santa.

    1. Number one a normal 9 year old child no longer believes in Santa. Unless his natural development has been stunted most probably by his mother. Number two “just disrespected me and I feel awful” are not the words of this child. He is parroting his mother. Number three the mother is requesting the wrong person to be fired. She should be firing herself for being a deplorable mother.

  18. Kid, if not already, will be diabetic and morbidly obese. Then the taxpayers will have to take care of him.

  19. Grizz Mann says:

    Was Michelle Obama moonlighting as Santa? Telling kids what to eat is Obomainal.

  20. The question is does the kid feel terrible enough about this incident to change his ways? Will the parents make the appropriate changes in his diet? Sick and tired of smokers being treated like garbage when this kid, his parents, and others like them are far far worse.

    1. Grizz Mann says:

      Being a victim is his lot in life. His parents have raised a good Democrat.

  21. Anthony could do a few laps around the block too.

  22. The truth hurts. The boy shouldn’t be sitting on Santa’s lap at 9 years old. The Santa SHOULD not be fired,

  23. Michael Ross says:

    When will you stupid liberals get it through your empty heads: We conservatives LIKE being fat. Stop telling us how to live our lives. Go eat your kale and quinoa, and go exercise and leave our fat lazy a$$es alone!

  24. It’s not Santa’s job to be a ball buster. That aside isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? If I were Santa I wouldn’t be throwing snowballs around my glass toy factory!

  25. When I was nine years old I was reading purloined Playboy magazines and jerking off in the shower (and everywhere else…)
    What was this kid doing sitting on Santy’s lap anyway?

    1. riosam77 says:

      The mothers of today are raising a bunch of femininized men. Constantly trying to change the natural order of things and to too many boys being raised without fathers is at the crux of the problem. Women can’t turn boys into men, only male influence can achieve that. We see the results of this ill-advised logic in the streets of any big city….and the femininized men that do make it to college… never really grow up…..boys in the bodies of so-called men!

      1. He’s 9 and not a man, puberty hasn’t even hit yet.

  26. Kurt Smith says:

    Whatever that kid eats regularly, you can bet he just tripled it that day after that injurious insult.

  27. Was anything that Santa said, untrue or unwise ???

  28. What about the mom being fired for shoveling the big macs down his throat? What a genius.



  30. Bob Jackson says:

    The kid is fat and white! Perfect. The only thing more acceptable to white bashing is fat white bashing!

  31. I wondered if she wanted Michelle Obama fired for dictating school lunches. I feel bad for the kid, but he needs to lose weight because life is not going to get any better as he grows older.

  32. Chicky Dee says:

    It sounds like the advice fell on Snowflake ears. “Oh don’t offend me by giving me some good advice. I’ll sue you.” Typical Snowflake response.
    Lady take some responisiblity and recognize good advice when you hear it. Lashing out at someone trying to help only damages yourself.

  33. Larry Carnes says:

    It does seem that the boy could stand to lose some weight but ‘Santa’ was wrong to bring this up, If he is 9 there is still plenty of time to get this under control, get the kid involved in a rec league sport and the weight will melt right off.

  34. How would like this chubba-bubba on your lap! The family is lucky Santa didn’t just run screaming!

  35. Snowflake mom, rushes out to buy son 5 hamburgers after Santa visit, to comfort him….

  36. Bobby Bonds says:

    Santa should have kept his mouth shut – but what the hell is with these parents who see their child is obese and they do nothing about it???? My guess is the mother is obese also – but now just runs around and calls herself a BBW or “Curvy”.

  37. blenderrecipes says:

    Not Santa’s fault, not the kid’s fault, it’s the parents.

  38. Instead of a IPAD Touch, how about a football, basketball, and baseball to help him lose some of his pounds? The weight he is carrying WILL lead to diabetes and other health issues. Sometimes Santa has to be the “good parent”.

  39. St. Nick 1 || 0 Little Fat Fock

  40. Another snowflake and his mom offended. Shock

  41. Tom Nichol says:

    Notice two things: 1) The ‘tut-tut” virtue signalling of the TV new team, but their station would never hire a morbidly obese person to anchor the news. 2) They did NOT show the mother up close because if they did, it would be easy to spot the primary enabler for this kids current and future health and social problems.

  42. Andy Howe says:

    Momma probably mad because if they cut out the Big Macs and fries she might have to start fixing dinner.

  43. It might have been good advice. Something his mother should have been doing.

  44. John Oakman says:

    I see Fat moms waddling down the isle with their Fat kids filling the cart with chips and soft drinks.

  45. Sounds like he is well on the way to becoming a big fat snowflake.

  46. Yirmin Snipe says:

    I’ve seen “stocky” kids… I’ve seen “heavy” kids… But lets be honest this kid is a f*&^ing lard ass… Probably weights 150 or more and he is only 9 years old. Feel bad for Santa cause that little lump of lard probably crushed his leg when he sat on his lap.

  47. Not just fat, but a cry baby too. oops… can I say that?

  48. Kim A Kirk says:

    Not even Santa knows this boy’s situation. He may eat healthy and have low thyroid. This was a bad Santa.

  49. Maybe he should have asked for Bubble Wrap instead of a drone. I’m certain that was insignificant compared to the ridicule he gets at school.

  50. That fat little turd does need to lay off the fries. I guess Santa had to step in and do the job his mom refused to do.

  51. craniumlogos says:

    Yes by all means, let’s just keep shielding kids from the truth – surely they will benefit from that. The kid needs to get up off the couch and away from the video games, and go outside to play. Or, he will die prematurely from diabetes. What is his mother doing to help this to happen? Instead, she is criticizing the Santa who told him the honest truth.

  52. Is it wrong for Santa to be honest too?

  53. Isn’t that what Michelle O has been preaching for nearly 8 years, and no one is upset about that? They actually heap praise on her for her anti-obesity stand. But for Santa to say it, that’s bad.

  54. “The BUTTHURT is STRONG with this one.”

  55. Bill Carter says:

    Damn, I guess the truth hurts, doesn’t it!

  56. Don Huber says:

    or just switch to diet coke

  57. The kid is bloody fat. Santa is doing him a favor.

  58. Wait until someone tells this chubby little snowflake there is no Santa Claus…

    1. Aaron Storch says:

      they’ll just call for that person to be fired too

    2. Some people believe in Santa their entire lives.

  59. Jns Eq says:

    Maybe mom should be fired.

  60. They need to lay off the hamburger helper.

  61. Fat kid. Call Social Services on the mom for endangering the kid with heart disease.

  62. Joe Hurley says:

    Has the kid cut back on the burgers and fries?

  63. John Beball says:

    As a kid I was thin-shamed. So i ate and worked out. Now i am strong and healthy. Thank you to all of those people that thin-shamed me.

  64. Santa is doing momma’s job. Being fat is unhealthy and as a child, leads to a lifetime of struggle against obesity. And fat kids are fat only because their weak, permissive parents allow it (with acknowledgement to the very tiny percent that have glandular issues).

  65. The kid is morbidly orbese. If he doesn’t have a medical condition under treatment, then mom is guilty of child endangerment.

  66. Sounds like good advice, if he doesn’t like it – tough cookies. You don’t have a right not to be offended.

    1. Did you have to say cookies?

  67. thomas says:

    The kid is fat. There is nothing wrong with a little shaming now and again. We all need it. I’m fat… and I know I’m fat.

  68. Sounds like he was coached. Sounds like a victim looking for a pay out.

    1. thomas says:

      That’s what I was thinking too.

    2. Jerry Walton says:

      Exactly. How many 9 year olds are going to say that they were “disrespected”? Coaching all the way to the bank.

  69. “…Anthony’s mom says she’d like to see him fired.” Getting Santa fired, ah, the true spirit of the holidays.

  70. Santa does have a point. If the kid and his overly sensitive mother took Santa’s command seriously it could save his life. I mean the kid is not a Santa in training so he could lose a little weight. He is too young to be so big. And I don’t believe those were the kid’s words, I think he had coaching from mama.

  71. Aaron Storch says:

    In 10 years, after a highschool life of bullying, low self esteem, depression, inability to play sports or even run during recess, no girlfriends, ugly clothes, fat kid smell, juvenile diabetes, high blood pressure, and everything else that goes along with being morbidly obese, he’ll wish that instead of coddling and diaper pin support, that someone would have told him, “Hey, Santa was a little impolite this year, but he was 100% correct. Eat better, lose some weight, and take your life back kid”. His parents should be ashamed of what they’re doing to him.

  72. Frank Muller says:

    The mother should be ashamed of herself.

  73. Admin-c says:

    Telling the truth isn’t “fat-shaming”. I would say get thicker skin, but…

  74. Dan Fleming says:

    Why are people constantly apologizing for telling the truth? Did you see what this kid looks like? He’s grossly obese. But then, I’m sure that his parents are telling him what a handsome little man he is. Probably has a room full of “participation trophy’s” too. He needs help, guidance and discipline, not sympathy. How sad.

  75. Dan English says:

    Maybe he’s doing the kid a favor.

  76. Sherry Lee says:

    Geez….. Santa needs a different job. Maybe ‘kid krusher’ or something?

  77. crankypants says:

    Cuz Santa’s known to be super buff and all, eating all those cookies.

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