Police: Motorist Tried To Run Over Ex As He Put Up Lights

CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. (CBS/AP) — State police say holiday music was blaring from a western Pennsylvania woman’s car as she tore up the yard of her ex-boyfriend’s home, nearly running the man and his family over.

Forty-seven-year-old Mary Jo Smith was charged Tuesday with multiple offenses stemming from Monday’s incident.

Alan McCutcheon says he was setting up a Christmas light display outside of his Fayette County home when Smith yelled “Merry Christmas” and made several passes through his yard.

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“She proceeded to do a pretty significant amount of damage to the outside of the residence,” Tpr. Stefani Lucas with Pennsylvania State Police told CBS Pittsburgh.

All one needs to do is follow the tracks to see what Smith was aiming at.

“The Christmas decorations were damaged, the vehicle was damaged, property was damaged, the home itself [was damaged],” Lucas said.

But state police say Smith was targeting more than just inanimate objects.

“The ex-boyfriend did attempt to make contact with her at one point by coming out of the residence,” Lucas said. “At that point, she attempted to drive the vehicle at him. He had to use the tree that was in the yard for cover.”

State police say Smith attempted to hit the 64-year-old along with his wife and adult daughter. No one was injured.

The joyride caused more than $500 in damage, leaving behind tire tracks and a trail of broken lights and decorations.

It’s unclear if Smith has an attorney who could comment.

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  1. …..What is “holiday music”? This must be an anti Christian media ….

  2. It’s not “holiday music” you idjit lefties, it’s CHRISTMAS music. Sheesh.

  3. Vox Veritas says:

    “It’s unclear if Smith has an attorney who could comment.”

    It’s rather more certain that she has an attorney who shouldn’t comment.

  4. While Mary Jo Smith is in prison, Alan McCutcheon would probably seriously consider moving out of state.

  5. Hoof Harted says:

    This ain’t my mama’s broken heart.

  6. Ed Cole says:

    “…Later we’ll kill some phuggin’ guy, and we’ll do some caroling.”

  7. WAIT – she is 47 he is 64 and married with an adult daughter – HOW LONG AGO was she his “girlfriend?!?” There is a LOT of missing backstory here which I am sure the neighbors know…

    1. Robert Smith says:

      And the neighbors aren’t talking, at least here. It sounds like the backstory might be just as interesting as what’s already been reported. And would probably cause several innocent people to, maybe, die of shame?

  8. There be crazy b.i.t.c.h.e.s in Pa…….lol

  9. Jack Inmanz says:

    We all know that crazy women are the best in bed, but don’t ask Santa for one.

  10. Jim Wolfson says:

    “holiday music”? Which holiday, I wonder?

    1. It must be Lincoln’s Birthday; you know everyone loves good Lincoln’s Birthday music.

  11. The holidays can be stressful….

  12. “Boyfriend got run over by his girlfriend, walking home from his house, that Christmas Eve…

  13. Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!

  14. In her defense, it was the part of “O Holy Night” where they sing “fall on your knees/oh hear the angels’ voices”…

  15. No place like jail for the holidays.

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