Child Misses First Day Of Kindergarten After Being Left On School Bus

BIRDSBORO, Pa. (CBS) — Michelle Oquendo is holding her son Prince a little tighter after a scary bus mishap, on what was supposed to be his first day of kindergarten.

“He was so excited. So excited,” said Oquendo. I have pictures of him. He was ready to go.”

The 5-year-old ended up spending four and a half hours alone on the school bus in 85-degree temperatures after his bus driver neglected to drop him off at Monocacy Elementary Center.

“I cried myself to sleep,” Prince said. No one knew he was still on the bus until Oquendo called the school when the bus did not drop him off at noon. New Rhoads Transportation staff then checked the bus, which was sitting in the company lot.

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“It was traumatizing to me. He was hot, sweaty. He didn’t even know who I was at first,” she said.

Daniel Boone Area School District Superintendent James Harris says the transportation company, contracted by the school district, immediately terminated the bus driver.

“Generally, the drivers check for backpacks, water bottles. The driver didn’t do that,” said Harris.

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He adds that the district dropped the ball as well by not calling Oquendo when her son was marked as absent.

“It just goes to show how important our procedures are and transportations everyday in the safety of our kids.” Harris said. “We don’t need to be doing anything new. We just need to do what we are supposed to be doing.”

Little Prince will not be riding the bus anytime soon. “I’m going to be driving him back and forth to school. I don’t want him on any buses at all,” Oquendo said.

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One Comment

  1. pianodancer says:

    Plenty of lawsuits to go around on this one. And youngster should get back on the horse, so to speak – not coddled.

  2. Joseph Guzman says:

    Schools nationwide are full of Top Heavy management making 100’s thousands a year they hire drivers that barely speak English and pay the minimum amount possible to them, is disgusting and Americans should put an end to this abuses

  3. Dr A says:

    Fire the little guy and protect the teachers and the administrators… how liberal of you all…

  4. Kid learned more in those four hours on the bus than four months in a public school.

  5. WagTheDog says:

    I was five once and sure as hell would have laid on that horn until someone arrived to get me off that damned hot bus.

  6. Marie Joy says:

    Most of the comments, here, say more about the commenters than they do about mother and child.

  7. Joe in JT says:

    From 4 hours on a hot school bus back to his moms single wide trailer with no air. Later the kid said… “think I can go back to that school bus”?

  8. Mr Farts says:

    Maybe put some more metal and glitter all over your face.

  9. JR Wirth says:

    The kid is an idiot. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  10. Kevin Adama says:

    Prince doesn’t need Kindergarten. Based on his mother, and the haircut she gave him, he won’t be working for a living. He doesn’t even qualify for affirmative action, so he’s competing against non-white trash white kids. Good luck with that.

  11. dave sche says:

    I’ll up that. We rode a rural bus route in Michigan. One wicked winter morning, the driver got us stuck in drifts, about -15 F real temp, blowing stink. He said he was going for help, and left about a dozen of us, all 5-9 years old, for about 3 hours with no heat out among the farm fields, no houses around. Some farmer in a Jeep found us and drove us a few at a time to neighbors. The driver had gone home and never called anyone. Of course, we all thought it was cool because we had a death defying adventure for show and tell, but that was 1960.

    1. Vicky Bevis says:

      We had an incident like that here just last yr. Same situation. Driver was fired immediately. What morons. How hard is it to ck. a bus each time you deliver kids to school or home?

  12. jaz says:

    their trying to win the ghetto lottery. Somebody notify Mensa and tell them they can scratch little Prince off of their list of candidates.

  13. billrow says:

    How much you want to bet all involved are black?

    1. ScottyGunn says:

      Not taking that bet. It is a sucker’s bet. The last name and the kid’s name give it away.

    2. Mike Smith says:

      The baby momma was pure white trash. The baby daddy was probably Rican.

  14. varangia says:

    Most kids are smart enough to get off the bus when it stops at school. just sayin

  15. D A HICK says:


  16. This ticks me off. This happened to me when I was in elementary school. I fell asleep on the bus and woke up at the bus depot. I didn’t know where I was and no one was around, and ended up crying myself back to sleep. I was finally found when the bus went to a high school and high schoolers got on the bus. The high school had to figure out what school I was from and got me back. Thankfully, it wasn’t too hot or too cold outside, and the bus driver was fired.

    We entrust you to safely transport our children to and from school. Do your damn job right. And be damn happy this news story didn’t end worse.

  17. Andy Howe says:

    You would think that those involved in our education system would know that. “We don’t need to be doing anything new.” Like maybe hiring competent employees and contractors.

  18. Hey, give the poor driver a break. He just saw the sign “BE A SCHOOL BUS DRIVER. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED”. What did they think would happen?

  19. Peter York says:

    the mother is was so excited to be sending the little prince off to a dysfunctional institution of higher propaganda taught by know-nothing left wing charlatans…

    the little prince was so excited about going off to his first day at (see above) that he had that famous winning smile…

    the administrator was so excited to go into CYA mode, which administrators study their whole lives to do…

    the clerk was so excited to work in a socialized environment, where nothing is really real…

    I remember a number of years when the front office sent crude slips of paper with student runners to actually collect the first day attendance, rather than relying on the union-run system, but they were all excited, and they all had winning smiles.

  20. Sagesteve says:

    This WILL haunt this poor guy all of his life UNLESS you start doing something right now. Get professional help and guide him for many years. This is the TRAUMATIC “thing” that can either make you or break you.

    1. Charly Gordon says:

      Self-fulfilling prophecy. “This will haunt you for the rest of your life! Nothing will heal the scars this has cut into your soul, except maybe years and years of psychotherapy at $120 an hour! Lucky for you, I can squeeze you in on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3PM….”

  21. Sam G says:

    Glad this didn’t end up badly. Had this happened in say Florida or California this poor kid may have ended up as a statistic. This would have never happened to me as a kid.

    My home was 1.99 miles from the school, the bus only picks up kids that lived 2 miles from school.

  22. T.A. says:

    Welcome to government run indoctrination camp management!

  23. Rudy Katt says:

    Did mom fall into a tackle box?

    1. djcringo says:

      “did mom fall in a tacklebox?” so much win..

  24. Bill Williams says:

    Government ‘schools’ are just child abuse.

  25. John Oakman says:

    wanna bet on the race of the driver??

    1. Brian Pan says:

      Want to bet on the no. of IQ points you have?

  26. c says:

    Mom looks like a $100 an hour escort.

  27. Scotty says:

    It’s unfortunate that this happened to the child, but the mother’s reaction shows why a child needs both a mother and a father. The mother’s instinct to comfort her child after something scary happens is essential to help the child get over it incident. A father’s instinct to send the boy back on the bus the following day, is equally important to help the child overcome his fears. The longer the mother refuses to let him back on the school bus, the greater that fear will be for the boy.

    There’s a saying about falling off a horse, which too many people have forgotten about.

  28. Fabelhaft says:

    As far as staying on the bus … .

    My first day of first grade, was fifty-years ago, yesterday. We were a NW IN rural family. I.e., God fearing wholesome folk. The first thing I remember was sitting in the first seat I could find, beside someone I didn’t know. We were a small school, and the Bus contained kids from 1-12. It wasn’t too bad at first, as we got on near the beginning of the route. But by journeys end; roar, laughing, screaming, pop-radio over the bus speakers, and ‘words’ from big kids in the back … . My mind had never been so disoriented. I thought, “Is this what school is like”? I very soon found out, it was.

    The second day Grandma woke me up to get dressed, I told her I already went to school, yesterday. That was the first time I remember making her laugh; I was serious.

    If the kid stays on the bus again, I’ll understand.

  29. Princess says:

    Between the name “prince” and the last name Oquendo…..I’m guessing a GIANT settlement.

    1. Bob Johnson says:

      I hope they do get a large settlement no matter what his name is

      1. Scotty says:

        Why? Why should innocent taxpayers pay money for this. Fire the driver, send the kid back on the school bus tomorrow. I was in kindergarten when I go off the bus (at the end of the day) in the wrong neighborhood. I was lost and scared, but a girl from my class helped me call my parents. No lawsuit needed. I was better for it.

  30. David Swartz says:

    …how did the kid not know to get off the bus when all the other kids got off?

  31. Kaptain Krunch says:

    Mom, it’s YOUR job. The damn government does not own the children. Nobody will care for your child the way you do. Don’t expect it. Driver should be canned by the school district and banned from driving children. Plenty of bad management on both sides here.

  32. Mimi says:

    I was a school bus driver for 20 years. This is definitely the driver’s fault. Not all children know what to do the first few days. Many just wait for the driver to tell them it’s time to go into the school. Driver’s are reminded over and over to always check their bus before they get off but obviously some don’t take that seriously and they need to be terminated. The newer buses have a warning buzzer that sounds as soon as the motor is turned off, and to turn the buzzer off, the driver HAS to walk to the back door and do it.

  33. Jon says:

    The bus driver should be brought up on child endangerment charges. It is the responsiblity of the driver to ensure all are off the bus. Total NEGLECT on their part.

  34. Joey says:

    I agree with others that this mother should be imprisoned for child endangerment. How dare she send her child to school on a school bus. What kind of mother would do that? CPS should take the kid away from her and give him to new parents.

  35. Browndogohio says:

    My kid did a similar thing in kindergarten. The bus driver dropped him off at the wrong elementary school on the route. He went inside and started eating breakfast with the other kids until someone figured out that he was at the wrong school. The principal drove him to the correct school and no one from either school called us to tell us what had happened. We found out when our kid started talking about having breakfast at a different school.

  36. Mr. Drysdale says:

    No Mom it’s your fault that the kid didn’t get off the bus like all of the other children on the bus. You didn’t educate your child prior to the child getting on the bus,

    1. TD Smooth says:

      Drydale, Could you possibly be a bigger moron? You sound like the school bus driver that is PAID to do a simple job even an idiot can perform. Check your bus, before your climb your fat lazy arse off of it!

  37. John Euin says:

    What kind of parent doesn’t take their child to school on their first day of kindergarten? Glad he is safe, mistakes were made, but good grief.

  38. Jan Vones says:

    He should have cell-phoned for help, or pushed the doors open.

    Was he asleep when everyone else left? Yes, the driver was negligent, but a six-year old girl just attacked an axe-wielding robber in India, and my nephew was directing traffic when he was five, so his friend could retrieve a ball.

  39. Muleas says:

    I am very happy the child is safe, so scary when you entrust others with your children.

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