Mom Makes Push For Change In Target’s Checkout Line To Help Daughter With Autism

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “When I go shopping, as a mom, ideally I’d love to not bring my three kids, but sometimes you need bananas and juice boxes and a cute shirt to go to brunch right,” said Kristin Jackowski, so that means a quick trip to Target.

The trouble, for her 6-year-old daughter Navy, is always found in the checkout aisle.

“She sees the candy, she’s going to start asking for the candy and it’s a fight many parents have,” she said.

In this case, it’s not just a fight. It’s a meltdown.

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“Sometimes parents, or other customers, or other employees at this point will make comments like just give her the candy already someone said to me before put a muzzle on that bratty kid,” Jackowski recalled.

She isn’t able to buy the candy because Navy can’t handle the sugar and buying it just once will create a concrete routine. Like one in 68 U.S. children, Navy has autism.

So, through a petition with over 1,000 signatures, Jackowski is asking Target, and other large retailers, for help in creating a “sensory friendly,” checkout lane where that last minute candy would be replaced with other small toys.

“I think it will be helpful to make it known, oh that family is going through a sensory friendly lane so maybe there is an issue there,” Jackowski explained.

She added that this could also benefit children with food allergies.

Jackowski says her local store has been receptive to the idea but, that any idea has to come from corporate.

A media spokesperson tells Eyewitness News that while they can’t make any decisions just yet, the idea has made it into the right hands. It is a small step for a family who knows the value of each one.

“There are some struggles,” Jackowski said. “But, our positive days outweigh those by a million.”


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One Comment

  1. HeywoodJablowme says:

    Another annoying liberal trying to impose their ways over everybody. Just say No lady. No candy for you kid.

  2. Brenda says:

    This petition is why children with autism keep getting the short end of the stick when it comes to REAL changes needed. We don’t need toys for kids at checkout. We need them to lower the freakin’ music so the kids are not overstimulated by noise, in ADDITION to bright lights that are necessary to see what we are buying and register noises the are needed to make sure each item is scanned once (and alerts us when items are scanned more than once by mistake) and so on. A candy free lane is available in most stores, and should not be considered a “sensory friendly” lane. This parent needs to look up “sensory friendly”… and stop throwing the term around like it applies to candy, it doesn’t. A sensory friendly lane would be one that helps control her child’s sensory system… sight, sounds, touch. Ugh. If she has a problem with candy she should not be claiming it’s because her child is autistic. What is she going to do when her “little girl” is a big girl? I don’t have a problem with a candy free checkout. Many stores in my area (NH) already have this, but calling it a sensory friendly isle is a disservice to children with autism, my son is included in this group. And BTW. He never needed a candy free isle, ever.

  3. Nonya Bidnes says:

    This is nothing that duct tape can’t handle. I believe they should print child friendly duct tape and provide it to shoppers on entry like hand sanitizer. Handy dispensers in problematic areas would be a great idea also.

  4. Jesse Peterson says:

    ~~~In the Navy
    Is where that candy wants to be.
    In the Navy
    Before that kid gets more bratty~~~

  5. What a waste of time, she wants folks to be put through changes because she cant control her kid….any wonder why kids today are so entitled?

    1. Jesse Peterson says:

      Just put a bag over the veg’s head.

      1. Any wonder why this upcoming generation is called “Generation Snowflake” with mother’s like these who think their little snowflakes are so special and everyone must conform to their “needs”.

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