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By Larry Kane
Produced by Timothy McLaughlin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Thirteen-year-old Robert might tell you he’s just like any other teenager.  But he’s anything but average.

He loves computers and he plays the piano, even writes his own songs.  And he has quite sophisticated tastes.

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(KYW’s Larry Kane)

“Well, Beethoven is one of my favorites,” he says.  “Beethoven has been like an inspiration. I would listen to his music sometimes and I would get an idea for my music.”

Robert wants a permanent family that can help foster his talents.

“There’s always room for a lot of things in this world, and the best thing you could ever give is love,” he says.

Gloria Hochman, of the National Adoption Center, based in Philadelphia, says Robert needs a family that can ensure he has a bright future.

“Robert is a 13-year-old, I think, going on 20.  He is very thoughtful, more so than most 13-year-olds.  And he said it best: a family means everything.”

For more information about adopting Robert or any other child, go to the National Adoption Center’s  web site, www.adopt.org, or call 215-735-9988.

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