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Adora at the CBS Broadcast Center with her painting. (Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Adora

She wants to turn her interest in art and fashion into a career some day. And she’d like to share her creative skills with a forever family.


18-year-old Tahkem (credit: Tim Jimenez)

Wednesday’s Child: Tahkem

Tahkem is a self-starter. This 18-year-old just graduated from high school, wants to go to college to be a sports broadcaster.


(credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Julian

Julian is a quiet 16-year-old who comes alive on stage.


Shantell at the CBS Broadcast Center (credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Shantell

Sixteen-year-old Shantell loves reading, camping and playing games on her cell phone.


9-year-old LeBron (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: LeBron

Nine-year-old LeBron is a daredevil.


16-year-old Symar (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Symar

Symar is a 16-year-old who loves performing.


Thirteen-year-old Gianna visits the KYW Newsradio studios.(credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Gianna

Gianna may be 13, but she is very serious about her dreams for her career.


Ten-year-old Neilek at the CBS Broadcast Center in Philadelphia. (credit: Tim Jimenez)

Wednesday’s Child: Neilek

Ten-year-old Neilek is into sports, especially football.


10-year-old Akeisha (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Akeisha

Ten-year-old Akeisha loves fashion, especially when it means giving someone a makeover.


Eighteen-Year-old Loretta (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Loretta

Eighteen-year-old Loretta says she hasn’t given up hope of finding a forever family.


Ecila at the CBS Broadcast Center Weather Deck. (Credit: Timothy J. McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Ecila

By Larry Kane Produced by Timothy McLaughlin PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Ecila is 16. She loves to express herself, where it’s through photography or poetry: “I write about my experience in foster care. And the difficult […]


13-year-old Muhammad (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Muhammad

By Larry Kane Produced by Timothy McLaughlin PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Thirteen-year-old Muhammad loves watching basketball — and wants to go pro some day. “(I want to) either play sports,” he says, “or (be an) engineer.” […]


Talibah with baby Gabriella (credit: National Adoption Center)

Wednesday’s Child: Talibah and Baby Gabriella

Talibah says she is not just looking for a forever family for herself.


(Michael : Photo by Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Michael

13-year-old Michael says he appreciates hard work in the face of adversity.


(credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Jordan

15-year-old Jordan loves competition and he’s serious about his education.


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