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Four Charged In Last Week’s Execution Murder Of North Philadelphia Store Clerk

By Mark Abrams and Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– Philadelphia police today announced pending charges in the murder of a witness to a fatal shooting last week outside the North Philadelphia mini-market where she worked.

Police say 17-year-old Shawn Poindexter and 20-year-old Raymond Soto are charged with murder and related offenses in the fatal shooting of 33-year-old Rosemary Fernandez-Rivera, also known as Reyna Aguirre Alonso, inside the Caribe Mini Market, on Mutter Street near Westmoreland, on January 23rd (see related story).

Nineteen-year-old Eliana Vazquez, also of North Philadelphia, is charged with conspiracy and related offenses, but police aren’t saying what connection she has to the woman’s murder.

Despite Poindexter’s age, he will be charged as an adult.

Investigators say the trio were taken into custody on Monday night.

Authorities allege the victim was gunned down by Poindexter inside the market because she witnessed the November 25th murder of Louis Chevere outside the market.

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aguirre alonso murder scene2 dl cbs3 Four Charged In Last Weeks Execution Murder Of North Philadelphia Store Clerk

(The Caribe mini-market, where the victim -- a witness to an earlier murder -- was slain. File photo by Steve Tawa)


Police in the Bronx arrested 23-year-old Jorge Aldea last Friday night on a murder warrant issued by Philadelphia police in connection with the Chevere murder (see related story). Aldea, who is being called the mastermind of the grocery store shooting, is also charged in connection to the murder of Reyna Aguirre Alonso.

Meanwhile, Mayor Michael Nutter is criticizing court authorities for agreeing to a bail reduction for Aldea on a gun charge early in January despite his history of offenses involving shootings and gun violations.

Homicide detectives issued a warrant for Aldea’s arrest in the November murder hours after he was released.

Investigators theorize that Poindexter shot the woman inside the market to prevent her from testifying in the November murder.  Police won’t comment on reports that Soto and Aldea were close associates.

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  • M

    Put them to death before 2013! Why keep them around??? All 4 of them.

  • tmstr929

    the answer is simple as to protecting witnesses, DEMAND THE GOVERNOR CARRY OUT ALL THE EXECUTIONS ON HIS PLATE, we can’t keep electing politicians who oppose the death penalty, oppose harsh penalties, support early release, and then complain about the results of OUR OWN actions, the fact of the matter is WE ARE TO BLAME for the current state of our city, this is what we wanted, this is what we refused to accept as a result of our actions (voting) in the booth.
    now that you see what you have done, come november, will you be responsible for change or for the escalating problem?

  • Wise One

    The savage Poindexter will be tried as an adult but won’t face the death penalty because minors can’t be put to death in Killadelphia. 60 years of Dem and black Dem rule and what has it wrought? A city, in the main, of murdering mooching savages and their ilk, and worsening by the hour.

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  • Francis Graff

    Yes, I agree. Mayor Nutter said he wants our help. Yet, if we give it, we are dead. Well, Michael you are stupid, if you think this case helps your cause, I once guarded the “Dubrow” witnesses for two weeks, for fear of retaliation. When the security was lifter, several more of the store employee’s got killed. I got to know those people while on detail on South St. in the sixth district back in 1970, and was so upset at that decision, I quit. I would gladly volunteer myself to guard anyone today, and I am licensed to carry.



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