New Jersey Governor: ‘Get The Hell Off The Beach’


TRENTON, NJ (CBS) — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie urged everyone to get off of the barrier islands and away from the shore points. He’s telling people the earlier they leave, the better off they will be.

Hundreds of thousands of people were ordered to evacuate. Residents and tourists alike are fleeing the Jersey beach resorts up and down the coast. Many of the evacuees are vacation-goers, spending the last week of the season soaking up the summer rays.

“Get the hell off the beach … and get out,” Governor Christie said during a late Friday afternoon news conference. “Get in your cars and get out of those areas.”

PHOTOS: Hurricane Irene

“We have the possibility of record flooding,” said Christie. “So just by awful luck, this thing is hitting New Jersey at a time when we’re at high tide, so the likelihood of flooding along the coast is overwhelming – and serious flooding along the coast – not just like you’re feet are getting wet.”

HISTORY: Major Storms To Hit The Jersey Shore

The Governor is advising everyone in the Garden State to make sure they are prepared and their families are safe.

“The most important advice I can give … is think, don’t react,” said Christie.

NOTE: The Garden State Parkway will be closed to southbound traffic south of Exit 98 beginning at 8pm and traffic will be rerouted to I-195 west.

Routes 47 and 347 in Cape May will be closed to eastbound traffic. All routes will be directed westward beginning at 6 p.m. Friday.

All gaming in Atlantic City has been suspended as of noon Saturday and there is no eastbound flow into Atlantic City after 6 p.m. Friday.

Web Extra: Governor Christie’s Irene Update Guide To Hurricane Irene

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One Comment

  1. Mike Alright says:

    He is fat, and listens to much to what women think.
    Much like most US moron politicians, which is why the US will soon fail.

    1. Jennifer says:

      Are you imposing women have no important opinions. According to you, only men’s opinions matter?

  2. maddogdean says:

    He is such a mean Republican. Why isn’t he more sensitive and compassionate like Bloomberg who is ordering people to leave.

  3. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan says:

    Neocons Love Chris Christie!
    obey your government orders

  4. yes we can't says:

    I am in the middle of this storm right now, ya all have fun up north.

  5. Brag fike says:

    I never trust obese people.

    1. maddogdean says:

      Like Santa Claus?

  6. Jerry Irwin says:

    Hey Jeffrey hope your not still mad. I did apologise. Have fun
    I am outta here. Gotta go. Bye.

  7. Jerry Irwin says:

    Hey Jeffrey i’m outta here have fun hope you are not still mad.

  8. bill says:

    someone needs to yell at him to put those donuts down! lol shut up fat boy!

  9. Susy says:

    quote from article: “you’re feet are getting wet”.

    Who transcribed this news conference, a 12 year old? where is the editor who proofs this stuff?

    “your feet” would be correct, btw

  10. Humpy Brown says:

    Why doesn’t Mooch Chelle take the whole family on “safari” in Noo Joisey this weekend?

    Hope Irene can visit “the Vineyard”, too.

    Hope and change. Hope and change. All we can do is “hope there’s change”. SOON!

    1. Jerry Irwin says:

      Hey Humpy getting any? I am surprized Owebummer didn’t just order it to stay away. After all he is KING isn’t he?

  11. HurricaneMyButt says:

    For the record “Hurricane Irene” was a big fat joke here in NC. People walking on the beach in the 30 mph winds on Wrightsville Beach. Only 1 inch of rain and barely noticeable hear in Raleigh. A big fat over hyped joke.

    1. Red in Denver says:

      It does seem like the media, and some of our ‘leaders’, have, once again, helped to perpetrate a hoax! I haven’t seen anything which has made it appear this is dangerous…. maybe they’re just not covering the areas where it’s really bad???

      It looks like they’ve done their best to terrify people; and this thing is going to turn out to me nothing more than a tropical storm.

      There have, so far, been, I believe, 2 deaths reported: One person was hit by a falling tree branch and another person died from a heart attack while working to protect his property. I know you need to do whatever is necessary to stay safe, but maybe this last person didn’t even NEED to be out there nailing up plywood over his windows, etc. He just believed the hype.

      1. Dan Kreppel says:

        Hey, I understand the hype. Remember Katrina? Noone believed the hype. All those school buses by the stadium. Everybody was ordered to leave. Then guess what? Bush didn’t like people. Looting, deaths. Let the leaders overblow everything. People will overreact and hopefully all will be safe.

    2. Jerry Irwin says:

      Like the big fat ill tempered slob that some people think should run for president. Chris Christie for president ? Give me a break!!! You must be Joking!!!

      1. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr. says:

        I suppose you would be better, Mr. Irwin. I don’t know your size but you are arrogant and presumptuous; you brought up the run for president then ridiculed your own idea.

  12. rebeldrum says:

    There “oughtta be a law”: Once your governor, mayor, police chief, or other person in proper authority gives the warning and you do not abide by it, and IF you are in trouble because of your decision, and IF firemen, military, local cops, or whoever have to risk their lives to save you, you will face a fine. IF any of these same people should die as a result of trying to save you, you will be charged with homicide. No ands, ifs, or buts about it, you go to jail.

    1. darrad says:

      Funny, you state no ands, ifs or buts, but your post is full of ifs…

      1. Humpy Brown says:

        I’m not sure we can post the word describing what YOU are full of, Mr. Jibber Jabber.

    2. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr. says:

      Great we don’t need courts or laws, we just need governors, police chifs or other persons with proper credentials warning us.
      If it is me and I do stupid, don’t save me, Mr. Mother rebeldrum. Just let me die cause I wouldn’t want thoes poor people who risk their lives to save a purpose to waste their energy on a lowely human, especially because I have the choice to be stupid or not. Right? u r pompous.

      1. Jerry Irwin says:

        Ya that is what we need police chifs warning us. If the next one was real we would all drown because we would be laughing too hard be able to swim.
        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    3. Jerry Irwin says:

      If they keep crying WOLF!!! No one will abide by it. I knew it was going to be a dud and so did a lot of other people. It never got above a class 3 and i have serious doubts if it even got that high.

    4. Jerry Irwin says:

      Ya Owebummer is busy right now writing that law while he is on vacation in his $50,000 per. week shack in Martha’s Vinyard.

  13. Red in Denver says:

    I have like Christie since he happened upon the national stage. And I’m a fiscal conservative. But I think he might want to tone down the abrasiveness a bit. It’s beginning to wear a little thin with me, and I wonder if others are feeling the same way.

    1. Dee Win says:


      Compared to BO’s elitist and monotanous cadence, Big C is always refreshing.

      1. Red in Denver says:

        I’m DEFINITELY not for BO! I’m for limited government and slashing government spending. But to me, a large part of limited government boils down to: STOP DICTATING TO ME WHAT TO DO AND WHEN TO DO IT!!

        So, political partisanship aside: You don’t mind the dictatorial quality of the way he is speaking?

    2. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr. says:

      Yes I am too. He is acting like they are children to be yelled at. I am guessing he is yelling at grown up humans, who can live or die as they chose. At least that is true till 11-2012. After that who knows?

      1. Red in Denver says:

        I’ve never been crazy about people who like to feel “large and in charge” — and he’s beginning to look like one of those (and I’m NOT talking about his physical size, here people, so don’t take it like that).

        I’m for SMALLER government, and having someone dictate to the people what to do, even in instances such as this, is not very appealing to me.

      2. JDoe says:

        I believe I might be able to shed some light here….the two of you are coming from the perspective of ADULTS, real men and women who take responsibility for themselves and their family/friends….but in the last 50+ years the Dems have brainwashed people into believing that the govt. must take care of them, (hence, the results of Katrina, where people relied on the govt. to take care of them, and when they didn’t take care of themselves, people died.) …so now, we have to hold grown “adults” hands as they stumble through life, at least until we can wean them off of the govt nanny state.That change in mentality isn’t going to occur overnight.

      3. Susan Dupree Keller says:

        That is exactly what happened with Katrina people thought they knew better and then cried when they didn’t.. As much as you can believe weather men and the government can “control” an act of God, you truly never know what is going to happen, so Chrisite telling all the drunken dimwits that seen to inhabit The Jersey Shore” to leave is appropriate.

    3. Jerry Irwin says:

      How can he tone it down? It is his personality. It wore a bit thin on me when he first hit the national news.

  14. iRENE says:


    1. Projphet2525 says:

      Another lib who bit the dust.

  15. Gatyle says:

    New Jersey is lucky to have this guy for their Governor..wish there were more like him.

    1. Jerry Irwin says:

      They can have him. He is an ill tempered fat slob.

      1. jschm says:

        It is not PC to comment on his weight. On that’s right he;s a republican so it is OK. Some people are too dense to listen. So Christie is right to yell and some idiot who doesn’t listen and then the police or fire dept have to try and rescue.

  16. kathy Fleishman says:

    Love this guy!! Says it like it should be said. Love the common sense! He should be our next President!!

    1. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr. says:

      What guy? Christi? He is acting authoritarian because those on the beach are acting irresponsible with their lives. But it is not his responsibility. He is acting like a mother hen. His position, like all elected officials is for a specific purpose. He is an administrator not the beach patrol.
      Consider this that people do dumb things for excitement daily and some even pay to do it. Budgie cord jumping, hoping the cord is not too long or the jumper is not too heavy and that the guy in charge is clear headed. How about when we hop aboard the ol’ roller coaster, hoping the thing holds together till we get off. How is being on the beach during a 100 mile an hour grade 1or 2 hurricane different? Christi is acting like lots of us writers, pompous and authoritarian. In the past we advised adults, now we yell at them and put them behind bars if they disturbing the safety patrol.

      You know what this is about; it is assuming authority without responsibility. A present generation malady

      1. Jerry Irwin says:

        3 foot waves and 30 MPH wind? ya really irresponsible.

      2. Jerry Irwin says:

        budgie parakeet jumping? What is that? Oh you mean bungie cord jumping.

      3. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr. says:

        Jerry Irwin, I am sick because I ddin’t spell bungie or bundgie correctly? You got the damned point and that is the point. My spelling or lack of is not on trial nor is proper spelling required in the rules of ingagement here. We try that is all. You on the other hand are still a pompous liberal.

      4. artemis133 says:

        “Budgie cord jumping”? LOL, I just got a mental picture of a parakeet with a bungie cord strapped to its foot, jumping from a high bridge! LOL!

    2. Jerry Irwin says:

      You are a sick person!!!!

      1. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr. says:

        I believe my comment states Budgie cord jumping…….not parakeet jumping. And my point is well taken if you could read, troll.

      2. Jerry Irwin says:

        Relax Jeffrey I was just rattling your bird cage. Ha Ha
        Really I am sorry if i offened you and I apologise. Have fun.

  17. Humpy says:

    If a hurricane actually wiped New Jersey off the map, it would be analogous to Mother Nature simply wiping her butt to cleanse it. Listen to these imbeciles. That’s from generations of inhaling those chemical plant fumes.

    You go “Nu Joisey”!!! You do it your way, hammerheads.

    1. SJ says:

      Hi, I’m Humpy. I’m an idiot and I want everyone to know.

      1. Humpy says:

        That’s not wut ya mutha sayed, Suck Joint.

    2. Jerry Irwin says:

      True but it would take a lot more paper to wipe Christie’s butt that wipe New Jersey off the map.

  18. drew says:

    Sure, stay in your houses and called it your “Freedom to Choose”. And when the time comes to rescue your self-righteous butts, all you “I’ll take care of myself, thank you very much” folks will be the first to cry for help, putting further strain on under-manned rescue and police resources. Puh-leeze.

    1. Jerry Irwin says:

      Naw stay on your roof like the guy in New Orleans during Katrina. A boat came by and asked him if he wanted to be rescued and he said, ” No I am waiting for the lord to rescue me.” Then a helicopter hovered over head and they asked him if he wanted to be rescued and he said. ” No I am waiting for the Lord to rescue me.” He is finally getting impatient and he looks up and says, ” Lord Lord why have you forsaken me? ” A deep voice comes down out of the heavens and says. I sent you a boat and then I sent you a helicopter. What the
      hell do you want?”

  19. alanwillingham says:

    Crossing the line from concern to dictating the loss of Freedom to Choose seems very close. We appreciate government advising us in an official capacity, but as Americans we insist that making our own choices to remain in our own homes must never become illegal

    1. Steve says:

      Just don’t scream for help when you feel trapped. You’ll be on your own.

      1. James says:

        Don’t allow for medical assistance with lung cancers and HIV.

    2. bobs says:

      “We appreciate government advising us in an official capacity, but as Americans we insist that making our own choices to remain in our own homes must never become illegal”
      Hey, no-one said it’s illegal but when they have to spend thousands of dollars of tax payer dollars to rescue your azz, it becomes apparent what you should have done in the first place. Common Sense.

      1. Red in Denver says:

        Evidently, it IS illegal, at least in some places here:

        Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged those who needed to leave to do so right away Saturday morning.

        “Staying behind is dangerous, staying behind is foolish, and it’s against the law, and we urge everyone in the evacuation zones not to wait until gale-force winds,” he said in a news conference from Coney Island.

    3. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr. says:

      Steve what is your problem? Have you never helped a stupid dog cross a street? Have you never held a baby when it hurt itself? Have you never donated to the poor. All who are in need have done something they shouldn’t have done. Some more stupid than others, but to say if you don’t obey the ruler of the land don’t come to me for help, is accepting your chains before they even bring ’em out.

  20. YankeeI says:

    Love the guy! No politically correct bs for him! Imagine this guy in a debate with Obama! Priceless!!

  21. Féabar Mac Maoláin says:

    Bernadette: Stop being the grammar police. Go get a job as an English teacher. You are no help to the dialogue.

    1. Michael F Gibson says:

      It gives her something to do besides look at facts, she’s harmless.

  22. seem1968 says:

    I’m normally a fan of Chris Christie, but I’M EVEN MORE OF ONE NOW!! Pardon the southern colloquialism, but y’all have no idea what’s headed your way. I’m from Florida and I lived on the Gulf coast after that. I’ve probably sat through about 10 or so hurricanes. You now have one earthquake up on me, so if one happens here, y’all can proselytise to your heart’s content.

    A cat I hurricane is nothing to sneeze at if you’re coastal, the surge on about the 12-3 o’clock side of the storm’s path pushes water ahead of it, which sends the sea level up anywhere from a mean 2-7 feet…now that I think of it, that’s when the storm’s in open water…it falls off the other side, but the other side (9-12) is, in this case, the eastern seaboard. I’m not sure how that affects things, but it can’t be good. A big chunk of the beach is going to be gone, as are the less hardy structures sitting on it.

    The important thing is to NOT BE THERE. It ain’t that hard to go a few miles inland and hole up. No offense, but if you’re too stupid to leave, then you deserve what you get

    1. seem1968 says:

      btw: 12-o’clock for this storm would appear to be more or less northeast.

    2. seem1968 says:

      a last bit of not being there: if you’re not gone and all you have is your beach house….GET OUT. break into the McDonald’s across the street and pay for the window later.

  23. Alan G Phillips says:

    Sad 7o witness the bully and his language.

    1. Dee Win says:

      Oh my, aren’t you too, too . . . ?

      I think elitist would describe you.

      Go pound sand. On a NJ beach. Maybe that will adjust your attitude.

  24. craig says:

    do like the sheriff did in Galveston county.If you don’t leave please put your SS number on your arm so we can identify you later. here’s a Sharpie…..

    1. Zelda says:

      I remember that. Scared the living daylights out of me.

  25. THX1138 says:

    This is how it should be done. Like Christy, I would say the exact same thing except add: Be aware if you do not take a proactive approach in regards to this storm and all hell does break loose, we will not allow our rescue sources to come in and save you. You and everyone else that assumes this is a purely political move and/or think that the storm has been hyped — up you have been warned, and there will be no rescue efforts made to the ones that stay behind.

  26. Bernadette says:

    Please proofread before publishing.

    “You’re done, its 4:30, you’ve maximized your tan.” Should be ““You’re done, it’s 4:30, you’ve maximized your tan.”
    In this case, its should be it’s, as in the contraction for “it is” rather than the posessive.


    “not just like you’re feet are getting wet.” Should read “not like your feet are getting wet.” the word “your” in this case shows posessive, rather than the contraction you’re, which means “you are.”

    1. Michael F Gibson says:

      Exactly the right thing to do, let’s tear the article and concentrate on spelling and grammar. Ignore the message. The spelling and grammar are the important things to worry about, not the message.

    2. don says:

      Who cares?

    3. blupill says:

      ever been laid Bernadette? didnt think so. I wonder why?(sarcasticccally)

      1. JDoe says:

        Bernie is going to kill your ass not capitalizing a new sentence, leaving off an apostrophe and for the way you spelled “sarcastically .” ;-)

      2. Jerry Irwin says:

        She would probably criticise the guy the whole time he was doing her.

  27. hempstead1944 says:

    Didn’t realize he was KING of New Jersey……thought he was Govenor….

    1. Mt Holly says:

      Didn’t realize you were the court jester. Why do you guys insist on showing everybody how stupid you are?

  28. Michael F Gibson says:

    It’s a simple case of natural selection. If they want to stay and the hurricane hits and kills them, that’s the way it is. If they’re smart enough to get out of the way of a hurricane, that’s a good thing. They should have never needed a warning in the first place to do something smart.

  29. coast2co says:

    Katrina syndrome: If you don’t over react and something bad happens your finished politically.

    1. blupill says:

      lol, so funny, so sad, so true

  30. diana says:

    most of u are talking from your ass!!! all the governors are trying to do is keep people safe!!!! you would probably be the one they would have to rescue!!!! there are way to many irresponsible people in the world!!! i think a few of them are on this site. go back and have another beer!!!

    1. jackhole says:

      yay! support our public officials! I trust them too! They are soooo great! we love them! three cheers for our elected officials! they are soooo cooool! i aspire to be like them!


  31. Clint says:

    Ah. Whenever you see the phrases “nanny state” or “liberal leftists” in the comments, you know that Drudge has linked to it. It’s sad that people can’t just display some humanity with a simple note of concern. Instead, it has to be some jab about Obama or Christie fat jokes. These comments speak more about the people making them than the subject of them.

    1. JDoe says:

      Well, thank goodness you have come along Clint to set us straight …I know I’m going to sleep a little easier tonight knowing that we, the “simple” people, have YOU, Clint, to teach us right from wrong. (sarc)

    2. crooklyn yo mama says:

      Christie is falling into the “people fear and respect my sense of conviction and bluntness ego trap”. Hence, he is becoming a bombastic and self-indulgent fool. Stick to policy buddy and keep your holier than thou attitude to yourself.

  32. Howard Lee says:

    The world would be better off if most of the East Coast vermin were dead. Most are parasitic, brain dead Democrats, especially NJ, New York , Taxitussits, etc. Fifty Million Dead Democrats would balance the budget

    1. Michael says:

      Those so called “brain dead democrats” on the east coast pay a hell lot more in federal taxes than they use in federal services.

      1. jumping jimminy says:

        totally agree. i say privatize everything! why have regulation when you can fling the doors open to unmitigated corporate rule! I don’t see any reason why we should help the less fortunate; even though unemployment rates among blacks are twice that of whites, I don’t see any connection between slavery and racial segregation have any connection with current economic and geographic segregation, drug addiction, and lack of education (on a generational level) being a significant issue. I don’t see why we need to create a better social welfare system that is more streamlined. I think the current fragmented and insanely bureaucratic system to be brilliantly convoluted. I think that is great! Why should we make it easier for these people?

        Howard and Michael, your brilliance astounds me. Thank you for your great compassion and magnanimity. The world is a better place because of you and all of your other brethren!

    2. Jerry Irwin says:

      I agree but if Owebummer hadn’t been on vacation he could have just said Irene stay away from my beach. After all he is KING isn’t he? Or God? Yeah
      thats it. God.

  33. Realistic says:

    Agree with the Governor on this one – as we know, the NjJ residents are not to swift,

    1. len says:


      not TOO swift.

      1. John B says:

        Easy there len, he’s a product of public edchewmication.

  34. Charles Austin Miller says:

    Chris Christie is just one more nanny in the Nanny State. It’s not Christie’s JOB to tell you where or when to do ANYTHING. Use your common sense, but don’t take ANY Executive official’s word as the Truth.

    1. Steve says:

      Darn right. It’s our beach. We pay his salary. I dont need any politician acting like my nanny.

      1. JDoe says:

        Fine…but be prepared to pay the BILLS if someone has to rescue you and yours….but I’m SURE you’ll EXPECT 911 to rescue your infantile backside. …and don’t give me this..”I pay taxes” nonsense, because it costs tens of thousands to rescue someone via helicopter, search and rescue, etc., and I’m sure you don’t PAY that much in taxes (maybe TAKE that much…but PAY that much…not so much ;-)

      2. John B says:

        Right Doe – the problem with people who hang around until they get trapped is that they jeopardize the rescuers’ lives unnecessarily. High tides + storm surge + idiots who didn’t leave = risky rescues. Personally, I’d like to see anyone rescued after being told, charged for the rescue mission (crews, aircraft, fuel, insurance premiums, etc). Tack on fines and surcharges for creating a hazard.

      3. hempstead1944 says:

        How about your KING ?

    2. JDoe says:

      What he’s trying to say is “Get the F off the beach, because people with normal IQ’s are NOT going to risk their lives to save yours when you call 911”
      Of course, he can’t actually say that because it’s not politically correct and the Dems have turned normal adults into cry babies that can’t provide for themselves or even have the sense God gave a ant and find safety on their own.
      Can you imagine the Pilgrims having to BEG people to get AWAY from a storm…My God, we have turned into the ultimate NANNY state when we have to tell “GROWN UPS”….”see big storm…big storm bad…go to another place where there is no big storm” LOL

      1. Charlie Brown says:

        A lot of politicians — governors and such — learned from Katrina that it is a lot easier to apologise for overreacting than explain why they didn’t react.


      2. PowerPC says:

        The only people that did not react to Katrina in a responsible and timely manner are the state and local officials of New Orleans and Louisiana. They all stood around with their thumbs up their @#$es waiting for Superman to fly in and tell them what to do. Then they stood around and waited for their $2500 prepaid Visa cards and then they stood around waiting for a trailer and being assigned a new town they can trash and turn into an image of their home. After all that they still had people to blame because they were inconvenienced for a few days. Look at Joplin Mo. I have not heard one complaint from those people. They are taking responsibility and rebuilding their town. Sure they will need financial aid but they are not going to expect it to be handed to them on a silver platter, or expect it to be some kind of reparation.

      3. Charles Austin Miller says:

        JDoe & John B, wake up and smell the propaganda. American citizens shouldn’t HAVE to trust the government to make their decisions for them. Particularly when the government is pursuing its own agenda, crying WOLF when there IS NO wolf, okay?

        No, and we don’t have to JUMP every time the Executive branch yells “frog,” either. See, your mistake is in thinking that the government is IN CHARGE. It’s not.

        No, the citizens of the USA do NOT have to obey badly informed and questionably intentioned government officials. Stop worrying about rescue efforts. It’s not the government’s JOB to “rescue us” from misadventure. You just pay attention to the job we PAY YOU to do, and we’ll assume the responsibility for our own actions.

        Are we clear?

    3. Roger Dowd says:

      He’s turned into a caricature of himself. If he has presidential aspirations, he’s in for a big surprise. Outside of the Northeast his blunt manner doesn’t go over well, to put it mildly.

      1. JDoe says:

        Gosh, Should I move then? I live on the West coast and he plays GREAT in my circle…but then again, the majority of my group are uneducated doctors and lawyers, who have all had to actually WORK to get win where we are in life…you know the “rednecks” you call when you want a divorce or will or you need an operation, etc….so what the heck do we know, right?
        Christie 2012

      2. JDoe says:

        Damn… just found my typo…thank God I have a secretary at work….but I know the sleeping and grammar police are going to write me up…I am a repeat offender !

  35. James hubbard says:

    Just because our ‘president’ is a facist doesn’t mean that all the states can be as well.

    1. John B says:

      What does fascism have to do with temporary evacuation orders?! States have laws to evacuate or close off areas of the state in emergencies. More so if martial law is declared to ward off looters (who take advantage of the crisis). Courts turn judgment of such actions over to the executive branch officials in emergencies where loss of life may happen.

  36. M.J.B. says:

    LOVE this guy. Perfect for New Jersey. He could’ve been an actor on the Sopranos…but instead he’s leading the state. ANY day listen to him over melba-toast-comatose Bloomberg

    1. gus says:

      BINGO ! Reminds me of Tony”s brother – in – law BOBBY …..

  37. John Steele says:

    Big Difference between New Jersey and ” Chocolate City” — and I live in Arizona

  38. John says:

    Difference between a REAL leader and a simply a political leader.

    Bloomberg goes and says in a measured tone: The city has decided that you all should evacuate the cities. etc.


    haha love the guy.

  39. Mike Alright says:

    Get off being feminized. Never mind-there is NO hope for this formerly free nation.

  40. David Conard says:

    I hope he runs for president. He is exactly what we need right now. Someone who will tell it like it is and do what need to be done.

    1. Vive LAmerican says:

      Spare us, please. What we need is real leadership, not some blow-hard.
      He’s a huge phony. I do mean huge.

      1. Joe Petner says:

        Yes where is Obama? GOLFING.. He is worse then bush.

      2. John B says:

        There’s nothing phony about what he said. It’s called straight talk. And your personal attack on his weight gets no traction – no one cares. I hope he becomes the next president and shuts down the flow of illegals with his crass “in your face” style.
        VIVE LChristie!

  41. Jerry says:

    And where’s Obama? Oh yeah….golfing.

  42. mabelee says:

    And stop eating so many hamburgers!!!

    1. mojo9 says:

      Id prefer him to your Dumb ass messiah Obama

      1. JDoe says:

        PLEASE bring on the fat guy jokes….I believe that’s one of the things that helped put him in the Governor’s seat, if I remember my political history correctly…So, please continue, mabelee

      2. Paula Sacco says:

        I would prefer my cat to Obama!Paula

    2. ViveLAmerican says:

      Spare us, please. What we need is real leadership, not some blow-hard.

      He’s a huge phony. I do mean huge.

    3. Jerry Irwin says:

      I wish he would eat Big Macs for every breakfast, lunch and dinner and we would not have to worry about him in 2012.

  43. BobSmith says:

    It is smart of Christie to state the issue in no uncertain terms NOW, because there will be idiots who will say they weren’t warned.

    1. WhoDatMan says:

      This coming from a man who has no business being anywhere near a beach.

      1. Bachmama says:

        haha. very good. maybe there is some psychological defense mechanism going on here? pretty obvious.

      2. whodat1 says:

        Sure he does. He has the Sea Shepard’s to protect him.

      3. Jerry Irwin says:

        I don’t know, Whales beach themselves all the time.

  44. Theshamisover says:

    We can stay on the beaches if we want!!! We are not scared of a little wind!!! Quit with your fear mongering!!! Why do you really want people out of that area? Staged earthquake, generated hurricane… What are you hiding from the people. We want to see. We are awake now.

    1. Josie says:

      Yeah numbskull, remember Katrina? The National weather service was breaking into the news for FIVE DAYS with their eyes bugging out of their heads saying GET OUT and what happened? People like you. But, of course, it was the government’s fault.

      1. YouDude60 says:

        Have you forgotten? It was BUSH’s fault!

    2. Jennifer says:

      As Ron White says, “It’s not that the wind is a blown. It is WHAT the wind is a blown.” Have you ever been through a hurricane?

      1. WhoDatMan says:

        Yes. They’re fun.

    3. Jerry says:

      You are a fool. A little wind? A category 1 hurricane is not “a little wind.” 80mph will cause damage and beach erosion and storm surge. Not to mention 8-12 inches of rain. I hope you stupid left-wing freaks stay on the beach. Let mother nature wipe your stupidity from our civilization.

      1. Ben says:

        riiiight. anyone who remains on the beach is leftwing. Jerry, you are such a sophisticated individual. I totally agree with you. there is either republican or democrat. why should there be anything else? you are either with me, or against me. This is the kind of logic that will bring people together and promote dialogue. Thank you Jerry. I will make sure to educate my children with this dictum in mind. We are here to promote a black or white society. my way, or the highway.

        Thank you for your wisdom. The world is now a better place because of your generosity and genius.


    4. readmylips says:

      It’s always best to be safe than sorry. Even if the weather persons are wrong…this is a good drill in evacuation. There’s always some good to be derived. When we care about others, we want them to choose on the side of safety and prevent even one casualty. It’s difficult to understand postings like Theshamisover. Perhaps it is a way of being defiant.

    5. BigBoa says:

      The mighty Boa, who is also an ordained minister by the way, says you are right! Stay there! Just don’t be whining and crying for help like your moronic pals did after Katrina. THEY also refused to leave, insisting nothing “serious” was going to happen….

      By the way, you must be one of the people who blames Katrina on George Bush and his hurricane machine right? He sent Rove and Cheney in a row boat to blow the levees too right? All because “George Bush hates black people”…..right?

      AH HAHAHA!! Incredible….

    6. Jennifer says:

      Please explain, how exactly do you stage a earthquake or generate a hurricane?

  45. TicTacToe says:

    Why do they have to get off the beach 1.5 days before they need to? It might take them, hmmm… about 45 minutes to get home from there. It’s not a tsunami that’s coming, ya know.

    1. Mojo9 says:

      Yeah real smart,acouple 100 thousand leaving at the last minute,are you from New Orleans

      1. TicTacToe says:

        But there aren’t a couple hundred thousand people hanging around the beach. And this place is nothing like New Orleans, which is already some 10 feet below sea level, protected by levies even at the best of times, at the mouth of a river that has collected water from upland rains over half the country for about 10 days straight. Geeze let’s be real here.

    2. Angry Revolutionary says:

      @ TicTacToe….put down the drugs

    3. stan says:

      As the time approaches roads, flood, traffic increases and emergency crews evacuate.

    4. Charlemayne says:

      Because normal intelligent people would be home and out and about getting their essential needs together when a catastrophe is imminent. That’s why….1 1/2 days ahead of time? Normal people would need more than that. You got your food, shelter hunkered down, pets inside, water supply, candles, batteries, first aid, generator, gasoline, cars tanked up, all that UNNECESSARY STUFF DONE? Took me 2 1/2 days to do it right and properly care for my family. Take care of loved ones? How about elderly parents and relatives alone? After an earthquake and now impending hurricane in areas that never get this stuff, what’s next, locusts? You people are insane!

  46. Abby says:

    Give up Christie, you can’t fix stupid.

  47. gale says:

    Re: Where you gonna poop? As every good hurricane survivor knows, you always fill up your bathtub before the storm and have a bucket nearby. After you flush the toilet the 1st time the tank will be empty. For all subsequent flushes, once you have finished your business, fill the bucket and dump it into the toilet bowl. This will flush the toilet.

    1. JDoe says:

      I did not know that !
      See, I came here to praise Christie and I learned something ! Win-Win, as it always seems to be whenever Christie is evolved !
      Thanks, Gale

      1. JDoe says:

        ” involved ” lol

  48. Bill says:

    When it comes to this he is Churchill 1940. When it comes to the Port Authority this guy is a house of cards

  49. Kate says:

    People wish to be stupid, then they will pay the consequences. With that said, Christi sounds like a real class act. .

    1. greenbean says:

      I’m assuming this comment is laced with sarcasm???

  50. Kristyn says:

    Here come the looters!

  51. eanmdphd says:

    There should be an announcement that there will be no 911 responses to evacuated areas to rescue people who have not evacuated … EMS personnel need not put their lives at risk.

    Also, given your food, radios, batteries, etc, where are you going to poop if the plumbing goes out? Poop can only wait so long.

    1. hahah says:

      Go Poop In Your Neighbors Home. They Won’t Be There.

  52. JB says:

    Gotta love the man. He does tell it like it is. Get the hell off the beach, you have maximised your tan- perfect :)

    1. Jerry Irwin says:

      Ya. GET THE HELL OFF THE BEACH!!! So we can stake out Christie on the beach. He takes up most of it!!

  53. Caustic_Commoner says:

    Everyone EXCEPT the cast of Jersey Shore should leave the beach!
    Jersey Shore cast and crew should disregard weather warnings as they do all other rules they believe don’t apply to them and spend the weekend surfing.

    1. Jerry Irwin says:

      Your right and they should be buried up to their necks in the sand.

  54. Texas Greg says:

    Christie for president.

    1. 51Phantom says:

      You can’t really be from Texas Greg. Christie only looks conservative to people stuck in a socialist paradise like NJ. To us, he looks like a RINO.

      1. JDoe says:

        @Texas Greg…pay no mind to51 Phantom, s/he is just a far left troll making a feeble attempt to drive a wedge between the differing opinions in the GOP, because the leftists fear no one more than Christie.
        Conservatives DO support Christie…is he perfect? …no, but no one candidate is going to be perfect on every issue

      2. Jerry Irwin says:

        Christie a RINO? His horn isn’t big enough.

    2. Jerry Irwin says:

      President of the Sani-Can Cleaners Union.

  55. nuisance207 says:

    It’ll be Bush’s fault. Bush hates Guidos.

  56. Paul Begala says:

    Notice the difference in responses between Christie, a real leader, and Nagin. Dopey liberal leftists don’t know how to lead, and Odumbo is a perfect example!

    1. buckbamboo says:

      Are you always so stupid,or is today a special occasion?

    2. 51Phantom says:

      Hey, give Nagin a break. He had to respond back over his shoulder as he was running away.

    3. Jerry Irwin says:

      Paul i am a conservative and not a leftist but still can’t stand Christie.

Comments are closed.

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