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Germination Project 3rd Annual Draft Day GalaThe Germination Project announces its third class of Student Fellows at the 3rd Annual Draft Day Gala at the Union League, Tuesday, September 19, 2017.
Rooftop Fundraiser For East PassyunkMore than a dozen of East Passyunk's award-winning chefs participated in th 2nd annual fundraiser “Up On The Roof"at Bok Bar to support neighborhood projects.
PHOTOS: Les Dames D'Esoffier Philadelphia Farm DinnerLes Dames d'Esoffier Philadelphia Farm Dinner honoring Ann Karlen at the Inn at Grace Winery. Proceeds support the Les Dames d'Escoffier Scholarship program.
PHOTOS: Ambassador Honored At Komen Philadelphia's Welcome DinnerCBS3's Natasha Brown was mistress of ceremonies at Komen Philadelphia's Welcome Dinner for Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker.
PHOTOS: Relive The Highlights Of The Emmy AwardsAn epic night at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
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One Comment

  1. Hoda says:

    I have to agree with you. I went to the store simply ubeacse I ran out of something that we really need. OMG, it was like a mad house! I had to get gas ubeacse I was almost on E WELL, another fiasco . I couldn’t get INTO the gas station ubeacse of the line. I know it’s good to be prepared, but they sent everyone into a panicked frenzy!

  2. Infant says:

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  3. paul moore says:

    earthquakemoore paul moore
    Check this video out — RevEarthquarkMoore via @youtube

  4. Dan Hoyt says:

    Considering the Delaware will be near or at record high water there will be an awesome photo opp at the Wing Dam just south of New Hope.

    In ’96 when the snow melted, the PA side of the dam created a huge hydraulic that tumbled large trees like tooth picks. It was quite a site!

    Best vantage point is at the condo.s on the PA side that were converted from the old paper mill on River Rd., PA Rte. 32. (Rte. 32, just south of where Rte. 232 joins Rte.32) The condo complex has a walkway/balcony facing the river.
    If you have any interest, questions, you’re welcome to call or email.
    Dan Hoyt 215-237-3855

  5. Rachel Condo says:

    My neighbor’s front yard is now a stream.

  6. Sean says:

    Someday a storm with real destructive forces will hit this area and the people who were forced to leave there homes and business will remain. The tri-state media has whipped everyone into such a frenzy about a storm that made landfall as a cat.1 storm!! Cat 1!!!
    The Saffir-Simpson wind scale(1-5) incorporates all the aspects of a storm, gusts, storm surge (both salt and fresh), flooding etc. What is the new push to disregard this recognizable scale and freak people out over a category 1 storm that @ it’s height was nothing more than a strong thunderstorm with heavy winds. You ( the media) should be ashamed. Everyones patting each other on the back, good job wrangling in that Cat 1 storm! See you next time when no one believes you. Category 1!!!

    1. john ohara says:

      i agree,a strong nor easter,

    2. Manish says:

      Hopefully, before Irene hit you asiedvd your neighbor about their fence being put up improperly; this would put them on notice that there was a problem. This would strengthen your claim against your neighbor. I would try to file a claim through their homeowner’s coverage first (so it doesn’t affect your rates); I’d also try to establish absolute proof that the fence was definitely on their property before the storm hit. Now if is possible that the carrier may consider this incident an act of God not pay then you would need to go after your neighbor directly (or your own homeowner’s).Good luck! Hopefully no one got hurt in your home!

  7. Adrea says:

    Where are the videos posted?

  8. Narlou Compare Ordelt says:

    I like a guy who talks the talk….

  9. bob says:

    hope it flushes all the pieces of human trash out to sea……….

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