Mayor Nutter Calls On Hip-Hop Artists To Help Battle Flash Mobs

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Promising to stop flash mob violence, Mayor Nutter is clamping down, with a temporary 9 p.m. curfew on Fridays and Saturdays for those under 18 in Center City and University City (see previous story). However, he is also looking for what he calls a more ‘holistic approach.’

Part of the strategy centers on bolstering the city’s police presence, but also on extending hours at recreation centers so young people would have a place to gather. City Hall is also enlisting the help of hip-hop artists to deliver a strong message against the violent outbreaks.

“Being as though they follow us, we’re going to redirect the flash mobs so they follow us in a positive direction,” said Corey Marks, better known as C.Y.

Another artist said one possible issue with the new approach is authorities pulling kids aside who were not causing trouble.

“Honestly, I think there might be some casualties. There might be some young kids with a job, walking home,” said Jamar Izzard or Izzo Ya’Know, of 100.3 The Beat. “The mayor says officers might ask where you’ve been, where you going, hopefully they let it be known, ‘I’m coming from work.’ Hopefully, they’ll be able to walk home.”

They agreed to address flash mob mentality on their shows and appearances in various Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Reported by Steve Tawa, KYW Newsradio 1060

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    At least this mayor has the guts to speak out to his own black people and tell them they are tarnishing the image of good black people. This is rare among blacks and I’m sure they will call him an Uncle Tom mother you know what for speaking the truth. Pull up your pants, get a job, learn to speak proper English like everyone else who was raised here, take responsibility for your actions and your children’s actions, stop draining our economy dry by suckling on the taxpayers teat, and be an American first and an African American second. Then we would be proud to have you as a neighbor, instead of being disgusted at your mere presence. Sad but true

  • Liberty Meteor


    • Edward Boothe

      A two year old with a box of crayons is about as much an artist as these so called “Hip Hop artistis”

      • Ben

        I think you’re being too kind……….at least the 2 year old ‘creates’ something that makes people smile…..the mumbling buffoons do not……….

  • Tamara Kreisler

    Kudos to Nutter for at least trying. It’s a shame more black leaders to not speech out to the young black and older population of blacks who seems to think the world owes them because of the skin color. It’s shame the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world are not out preaching to the blacks about responsibility, integrity, etc… instead they preach hate, unfair, the world owes you, and social justice.

  • OneDay

    Stupid is as stupid does! Ask for help from the group of people that promote “CHE”.(with out the education of knowing that CHE hated black people) sing about killing police,beating down ho’s! Yeah, that’s the positive influence these uneducated thugs need!

  • that is not it

    For the last time. STOP calling these rioting animals “flash mobs.” No matter how many times you people write these stories and try to convince people that they are “flash mobs,” they aren’t. Flash mobs are people that go out and dance and do goofy stuff in public. What these “urban youth,” are doing is called RIOTING.

    • jeff b

      I wouldn’t even call them urban youth. They are simply “thugs”

    • antonio

      A flash mob (or flashmob) is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.

  • VokMan Rishad

    lol, like hip hop idiots ahsm I mean “artists” and I use the term losely, are going to care.

    • Whispering Squash

      So, the good mayour is asking the help of the rappers? That’s like asking the pyromaniacs to help out the arsonists. I don’t guess the citizens will admit it yet or don’t want to face reality, but the rappers and hip hoppers are a major part of the problem..

  • cb

    Where are the poverty pimps Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? If it were a group of white marauding teens rampaging the black community and beating up on African Americans, they would be on national TV chanting “No justice, No peace!” There is no accountability in the African American community. Look at what happened in Chicago and Milwaukee this year. Look at the videos on You tube of black females rioting in stores and restaurants. Who on the national level is holding blacks accountable for such behavior? As long as this type of behavior exists, no one will hire them, no one will take them seriously, no one will give them credibility.

  • sickandtired

    I wonder if there is a way for these comments to beemailed directly to mayor nutter, so he can see how stupid he looks to the city of philadelphia. KYW1060.COM, Would you do us the honors?

  • SailorV

    Brilliant! Coddle the rioters with the same poison they were brought up on. Absolutely brilliant on so many levels.

  • Marmaduke

    This article reminds me of what Sam Kinnison said about the “Rock Against Drugs” campaign in the 80’s.
    He said “Rock against drugs?!…ROCK CREATED DRUGS!! That’s like saying Christians against Christ!!

    Thug mentality…”F*(K the Police”, remember that? Disrespect for women and the family unit. Violence, Drug and Money loving…Entitilement and anger with no sense of responsibility Hip Hop along with the Black Commuinty has been and will continue to be the scourge on ANY free society!

    • Brady

      Liberals call themselves Christians but look at their actions and they are “Christians” agains Christ.

    • fishtaco

      Hip Hop artists glorify the things you mention because it makes them money. It also makes money for people around them, including management, record companies, promoters, venues, etc, etc… It is likely that we are all invested in corporations that profit, in some way, from Hip Hop artists.

      So, blaming Hip Hop artists for this behavior is like singling out cows, ranchers and potato farmers for the obesity epidemic.

      • Marmaduke

        Your logic is so off base it is almost scary. I can tell you WITHOUT a DOUBT that I nor any company I invest in profits from ANY hip-hop ANYTHING. Your failure to legitimately deal with the problem (and the black COMMUNITY is loaded with them) continues to point fingers at others rather than PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! A VAST MAJORITY of hip-hop music does nothing but poison any society that listens to it. How many examples do you need? And you are right, Hip Hop music CONTIRBUTES mightily to what negatives are in said community but without personal responsibility; which blacks have very little of, this is the end result. If you would like thousands of examples then go talk to the 66% of black children born out of wedlock!

    • Roger

      I agree that the whole hip hop, cop hating, women hating culture, has been a major cause of these kids mentality. But i do think that it is wise of leaders in the black community like the Mayor, to ask that these entertainers change the message. Some will help out. Some will become more violent to sell more records. But it still doesnt hurt to ask.

    • tj1776

      Truer words were never spoken!

  • ff1980ff

    The insanity of it all is that this is the result of liberalism breaking down the black family unit. The hip hop culture and rap glorify the appalling lack of standards in the black community. Now same people are being asked to send a positive message? That is like asking a bank robber to guard the vault. The black community is finished as a civilized part of humanity as long as it depends on liberal Democrats to support their existence. The black male as the head of the family unit has been replaced by big daddy government and the younger males are out of control with no role models.

    • Red

      Well stated. I wrote a paper about this in college (one parent families) in the late 1980s, at it was NOT very popular among my classmates as I had to read it out-loud.

  • sickandtired

    You’s need to stop gang bangin and flesh mobbin and stuffs, cause yall could bees successfuls like us rapperrs oh I mead Hip Hop artests, just quits school like wees did and start poppin lyricsses and yall be able to buy all the guns and drugs and porn biatches thats yall need…Was that a good speech Mr. Mayor, I rapped it to my own beats

    • wade

      You need. At least one profane word to each five nonprofane words for that to be convincing.

  • georgeisn6

    Proof positive DARWIN was wrong, There is no such thing as evolution.

  • Regulas

    Yes, lets get the same people who put lyrics in their trash music like kill white crackers and the pigs. That will surly help, stupid liberals.

  • The Cryptojournalist
  • teaj

    find a way to pin this on whitey? what else is hip hop about?

  • Linda D Bryant

    While I do not condone this behavior– I do understand where it is coming from—

    Mayor Nutman needs to consider the funding that has been removed from most of the summer youth programs and other recreational outlets which would give
    these kids something constructive to do!

    An idle mind–is the PLAYGROUND OF THE DEVIL!!!

    iT is also the responsiblity of the PARENTS to know where their kids are and
    what they are doing!!!

    Children do not come with an instruction booklet. Parents must invest time
    and a great deal of energy to raise decent kids. Our children are behaving
    worse than animals–and they will be treated as such until they wake-up and
    realize that their violent actions will not be tollerated!!!!

    • wade

      I had no community recreational center at all when I was a kid. I am a well behaved adult now regardless. Good parenting and grandparenting is where the credit is due. If you think money will solve all this then please use your money.

    • rufus levin


    • natb1

      Nothing can fix that either.

    • Regulas

      spoken like a true liberal. I say summer job programs like chain gangs is more in order here.

    • PVS

      RESTLESSNESS!!! I feel that way too, I think I will rob, steal, hurt people, intimidate, hate, did I mention steal? Yah, they owe me. The judge will let me off because I am RESTLESS!!!!
      Decades of failed social programs are the reason for this, not RESTLESSNESS!!!

    • SailorV

      Twang. Twang. The wayward wind is a restless wind. A restless wind that years to wanter. Really? “Restless” is not the word you’re looking for when describing heartless marauding rioters.

  • NooYawkah

    I’m not even from Philly, know nothing about city politics, and even I can guess that the difference between Rendell and the others is that he was white.

  • kilroyjc

    Isn’t the hip-hop lifestyle responsible for this type of behavior? pants falling down, thuggery, etc?

    And now he is asking the same people who fill these youths heads with garbage to HELP???!?!??!

    • hadenough

      I agree. Listen to the words of these people -Kanye West, etc. They are inciting young black African American males especially to riot.

      • klownselor

        This is what happens to the uneducated…they become followers. Just ponder this for a moment: If listening to music can make you poison your body or kill your own race, what possible contribution to society could you make?

    • DrOC

      Yes to both questions….I think we should look at this as placing the onus of responsibility to the same individuals who have filled the vacant minds of these youths with social impopriaties. They must help these kids realize that their music is art and not a guide to proper social behavior. Who knows maybe they themselves can see the impact of their so called art and how it has been the hitchthiker’s guide to the galaxy for these individuals. The nuclear family in many Black American societies have been minute and an exteny maybe obselete…which really is the root of most of these problems. Their so called leaders are not doing enough and to some degree promote the garbage dumped on these vacant minds. I fear that they are lost and govt intervention is all we can do…We must learn from this and start over with the future generations…

    • OneDay

      The thugs doing this are 100% responsible. The junk jams are just a part of the issue. When weak minds listen to music that instigates anger and hate, and society down plays and just ignores the real issues, and black youth get a pass on everything because of color, this is the result. The attitude of entitlement is a real killer! Then again, I’m sure people can’t help but notice, Africa, Haiti, and any country that is dominate black. they hold no accountability. If this has anything to do with racism, what is they know that the rest of us don’t? A black teen has no more issues with “racism” then does the rest of America.

    • Jesse James

      %1000 dead on. No politician has the guts to call it what i is .

    • Ben Roosevelt

      wow are you serious? whats next asking game writers to make a game to teach kid how to stop violence and flash mobs. Is he that dumb to think that writing song will make a differences? Does he have a bunch of monkeys thinking of these idea… sorry but that will just an insist to monkeys

    • natb1

      They certainly provided heavy contributions to their delinquency!

      By the time children are in their double digit years….there character is SET and FIXED.

    • sickandtired


    • DetritusScreener

      Exactly, it’s the culture that is causing this idiot behavior. Now he is asking the perpetratures to help solve the prblem. Isn’t this giving in to terrorism?

      • wade

        Wow! Brilliant! Terrorism is exactly what it is. If the tea party can be call terrorists without a huge whining lawsuit then this certainly can be called with accuracy what it appears to be.

    • rangerrebew

      Fill their heads now? No. They are already filled with the hip hop garbage.

    • curtis

      Hey, you are absolutely right.

      Hip-hop, rap, “political correctness,” multiculturalism, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, stupid, thuggish behavior by professional athletes, anti-education attitude, are all part of the cultural package that cripple blacks and make them despised by other races.

      Why are blacks the only group in the world who think being a pimp or gangster is something to be proud of?

      Blacks need a total clean-up of their dysfunctional culture.

    • taipan

      No this is reverting to TRIBAL behavior as ANY color people will do who remain unevolved and unassimilated into modern society. Poverty and the trap that it provides keeps them from evolving. The answer is not to GIVE them anything, but to TEACH them everything.

  • mike

    Yea, maybe Snoop or NWA could make appeals to the rioting youths, that should be effective

  • What the!?

    Asked a rapper for help? Who do they think is partially responsible for the decade of deterioration of the African America Family and ethics has gone through.

  • no artists

    Hip Hop artists are a major part of the big problem. These kids don’t listen to their parents, their preachers, their teachers, their grandpa, or the police. They listen to “artists” who spew violence and hatred and having these same “artists” say good things is ridiculous because when the leave the studio to record the good message, they are the same people as before and continue sprewing the same old message. Many young people are dead or crippled by trying to live the life these “artists” promote.
    You are just giving the “artists”more publicity and more ways to recruit followers.

    • Jon

      Yup. You basically stole my thunder. Couldn’t agree more.

    • blackup

      yes because ALL rap acts are violent and misogynistic and only rap about violence. your blanket opinions only cause to amplify the problems in todays society.

    • taipan

      Well if their preacher is Al Sharpton or Rev. Wright I hope to HECK they don’t listen to them. These “leaders” should be drawn and quartered for what they do to their OWN race and it’s potential future.

      Obama as POTUS has set race relations in the US back 50 years or more, and our economy back 30 or 40.

      HOPE it CHANGES in ’12. That was the REAL message in ’08.

  • georgeisn6

    We have a hip hop president why is he not out in the streets hip hoping?

    • rufus levin


    • SailorV

      There is a big difference between hip hopping and hip hoping. By jove, I think you got it right in the President’s case!

    • taipan

      Cuz he’s hip hopping to the BANK.

  • HaveSome

    While you’re at it why not as Muslim Terrorists to teach tolerance and love for your fellow man.

    Do the math. Rendell was the last good mayor in Philadelphia. John Street and Nutter have driven this city into a sesspool. Wilson Goode (before Street) virtually wrecked Philadelphia. Are you seeing the connection? What is different between Rendell and the other three mayors? And they are all Democrats so that’s not it.
    I’ll give you two guesses.

  • LOL

    what a joke……

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