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Nutter Sets 9 PM Weekend Curfew For Minors In Center City, University City

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Michael Nutter today announced a tighter weekend curfew in the Center City and University City regions of the city, as he continues grappling with the threat of “flash mobs” in Philadelphia.

Nutter today described those engaging in flash mob rampages (see previous story) as “a tiny minority of ignorant, reckless fools.”

Then, flanked by dozens of law enforcement and community leaders, he spelled out a substantive (though temporary) change in the city’s curfew for two key areas — Center City and University City — on Friday and Saturday nights.

Anyone under 18 in those areas must now be off the streets by 9 PM.

And when parents come to pick up curfew violators, the mayor said, they’ll be told to keep track of the child.

“If you don’t even bother to pick up your child, we are immediately calling the Department of Human Services, and you can then be taken to court for other violations including neglect of your child,” he warned.

Hear Mayor Nutter’s full comments in this CBS Philly “In The Raw” podcast…

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curfew map Nutter Sets 9 PM Weekend Curfew For Minors In Center City, University City

(Map provided by City of Phila.)


And Nutter asked for the public’s help.

“We need the community to be our eyes and ears on the ground,” he said. “This is not just a policing problem. This is not just a Philadelphia Police Department challenge. This is a challenge for all of us as community members and community leaders.”

In addition, Nutter said 20 city recreation centers will be open later — until 10 PM — on Friday and Saturday nights (see list below).

Twelve minors were cited for curfew violations this past weekend. The temporary 9 PM curfew, Nutter said, will be reevaluated when the school year starts.

Reported by KYW City Hall bureau chief Mike Dunn

             Philadelphia Parks & Recreation
             20 Sites for Extended Hours
Facility Address
Northern Liberties Recreation Center 321 Fairmount Avenue
Murphy Recreation Center 300 Shunk Street
Vare Recreation Center 2600 Morris Street
Myers Recreation Center 5800 Kingsessing Avenue
Christy Recreation Center 728 S. 55th Street
Kingsessing Recreation Center 5000 Chester Avenue
Shepard Recreation Center 5700 Haverford Avenue
Gustine Lake Recreation Center 4863 Ridge Avenue
Hank Gathers Recreation Center 2501-19 W. Diamond Street
Athletic Recreation Center 1401-27 North 27th Street
Vogt Recreation center 4131 Unruh Street
Samuel Recreation Center 3539 Gaul Street
McVeigh Recreation Center 400-64 D Street
Feltonville Recreation Center 231-31 E. Wyoming Avenue
Lonnie Young Recreation Center 1100 E. Chelten Avenue
Happy Hollow Recreation center 4740 Wayne Avenue
Olney Recreation Center 100 E. Godfrey Avenue
Lawncrest Recreation Center 6000 Rising Sun Avenue
Simons Recreation Center 7200 Woolston Street
Fox Chase Recreation Center 7901 Ridgeway Street

(List provided by City of Philadelphia)

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One Comment

  1. diana says:

    i really don’t care what color these kids are but we have to stop this. curfew for 2 neighborhoods please!! curfew shold be in effect for all philadelphia. there is nothing on the streets for kids at late hours of the night. they should be home inless with an adult. when i was growing up we had curfew and it was enforced not like today. we need to stop letting underaged children get away with a slap on the wrist. let’s start get back to laws from years ago they worked. a curfew is not against a childs civil liberties!!!!

    1. lauri b says:

      In our age, parents set the curfew and kids followed it. The gov. shouldn’t have to play the role of parent and police. These black kids are coddled by their black leaders and communities and it’s time to stop.

      These kids should be chaged with race crimes because they are not beating up black people. They are going to “white” areas and randomly stealing and beating up people senselessly.

      And these kids should not be rewarded with more perks but with some hard time in jail or at work in some of the businesses they trashed. Black leaders complain that blacks have no jobs. There are plenty enough jobs for Africans, Middle Easterners, Asians and Latinos to come from thousands of miles away to work here and support their families. Yet these thugs beat up people who are working for peanuts, including poor whites. When I was a kid, I worked for anything I wanted that was not a need. If I wanted new jeans, tapes, or a new stereo, I worked for it. When I wanted a car, I had to get a job to pay for it. These black kids just grab whateve they want. They have been stealihg from Penn kids for decades and now they randomly show up anywhere and just take what they want. I say for everyone downtown to carry tasers and give them a little taste of people standing up for themselves.

  2. Stinky Pete says:

    you understand it’s because these angry, young men are so viciously oppressed, hounded and otherwise hectored by ‘the man’, right? Poverty, blight, unemployment, Oprah, ADC checks and malt liquor–it’s too much for one young man to bear without losing it. A riot (flashmob, if you’re so inclined) is the natural byproduct.

  3. Rowdy Boots says:


    Your Black “Leaders” have damaged the teens that are flashmobbing!

    You, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and yes, President Obama have damaged the black children of this country by posing as leaders and leading the black community down a path of PESSIMISM, ENTITLEMENT AND HOPELESSNESS.






    1. Rowdy Boots says:


    2. ma67 says:

      No, you have it all wrong. Sounds like a bunch of bs excuses. You Blacks have a problem at HOME. There are too many single parent homes that lack a father figure which is so important to a child’s development. If there is a stable household, then one may be less likely to stray to the dark side of life.

  4. morton says:

    You think it is bad now? Wait till the election of 2012 when Obama gets his butt kicked back to his communist onclave. There will be rioting on a scale never seen before in this country. Arm yourself now!

  5. John says:

    lol….I bet the [m]ayor’s lame comments are making these low-IQ, feral beast shake in their high-tops and baggy shorts. I wish Ben Franklin were around to see his dear old city. Well, I wish Abe Lincoln were around too, to see what all those nice freed slaves have done to the USA. What is going on in London will be here soon enough…as soon as the economy slides down a few more levels and the welfare checks are cut off.

    1. EarthOhio says:

      You may have a point!

  6. GunfighterTX says:

    I have the solution(s). Remington 44 cal. One in each hand.The first 12 contestants get a 180 grain gut shredder. After that who cares. Maybe the 12 gauge loaded with the fletchett rounds.

  7. Yooperjo says:

    Isn’t it funny that we have not heard one word from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,
    Barack Obama, and others about the breakdown in this segment of our society?

    1. Barry the LibMarxist says:

      You won’t hear from these knuckleheads because the thugs are Barry’s civilian army.

    2. John says:

      Yes, true, but behind closed doors, you know that Jesse, Al, and their good budy Louis Farrakan, are all smiling about it. I bet they love all the looting and violence in London too.

  8. Eric P Turner says:

    heres how you deal with it send in the national guard and just give the shoot first ask questions later command, end of flash mob and save on welfare and food stamps.

    1. Susystin says:

      The National Guard works for the government. If they want their paychecks, they will do as the Messiah says. And they will. These mobs can do just about anything they want to do. In the 50’s and 60’s most towns had a curfew for those under 18 of 9:00pm. If you gripe about it then that is what is wrong with society. Kids have no rights except to food, shelter and an education. Think about or research when society started going to heck. Yep, kids “rights” and less parenting. (baby boomers)

      1. Sean Distefano says:

        Wrong. The national guard works for the state governor. As a soldier I can tell you that any order to fire upon unarmed civilians is unlawful and will not be followed.

  9. whatsup says:

    it has been reported on the conservative talk program. I agree the liberal shows like vile Rachel Madcow would never broach this topic, it looks too bad for obama and his black youth unemployment rate being double that for white.

  10. goeagles says:

    I’m waiting for one of these flash mobs to show up at an Eagles game. Bingo.. end of mob

    1. lauri says:

      these kids are violent, not stupid. they only show up where they can get in, get out fast.

  11. Mama Wati says:

    They COULD use social networks, but as good Union men and women they do the bare minimum asked of them then take a break for coffee, donuts and socializing. In their spare time, they fool around with their calendars- counting and calculating the years months and days to retierment and do the heavy math of figuring out how to load up their retirement package by trading uniform allowances, training pay and the like for additional pay equivalents to game the retirement system. You actually are foolish enough to think that they give a rats behind about being proactive about this stuff? Just survive with the most benefits and call it a career.

    1. Angry Revolutionary says:

      Next time you need help be sure not to call 911

  12. OHMY SAK says:

    How about we just reopen Eastern State Penitentiary and imprison all rioters there until their hearing. Make sure it takes two weeks, and turn the lights off in the cells at night.

  13. Tim Parker says:

    Is there a reason that these “mobs” happen to always be negroes?

    1. laurib says:

      Well, if you read wht the black leaders say: These young black people have no opportunities, no jobs, and deep, deep sociological issues that white and others just can’t seem to grasp. or as one black lady said, “they just don’t know no better.

  14. Jeff says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t recommend spending more money on midnight basketball.

    But at least he’s admitting the the government is, once again, impotent.

    1. Boo says:

      Or they could do what the cops and national guard did after Katrina while the naughty “community” was running wild.
      Go into the peaceful white suburbs, cuff them behind their backs, and search their middle class homes for guns.

      Hassle “the man” because it is always his fault, isn’t that official gov’ment policy?

  15. jrey762 says:

    How many of the punks involved were/are raised by single black mothers?

    If unemployment is so bad for blacks, how some so many of them are wearing $200 basketball shoes?

    1. steve says:

      THEY ROB!

    2. ha says:

      They stole those shoes

  16. contrarian says:

    Any word from the Mayor’s office on how the 9 p.m. curfew will impact the black-on-white violence happening in the middle of the day?

  17. wade says:

    I was witness to these kind of mob attacks every weekend when I worked at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolos Minnesota in the earlier ‘nineties. The black teens would gather to fifty to a hundred and block the sidewalk. When a white couple would happen along the teens would open a path and then close in beating ripping their clothes off and robbing them. I am not exaggerating. The police would show up long after the incident and we would all talk. I was chastised by one of the officers for calling 911 and reporting the potential for one of these about to happen. He said I was wasting theor time on a busy saturday night.

    1. What goes around... says:

      Big difference, those where just average middle class folk you speak off, gov’ment don’t care about them.

      What is happening now involves rich people, the chosen people ‘our’ gov’ment is sworn to protect.

      Hassle some rich ‘people’ and watch how fast the gov’ment react, even the ACLU is on board this time.

      These kids had the nerve to go to the swank sections where the money and lack of brains resides. It was cool to force the average person to live in fear or escape to the burbs. Cool to bus average kids all over town. But these ACLU types never thought it would happen to them. They have the money to live apart. They have money to protect them.

      Still feel superior?

      1. Susystin says:

        These thugs cannot tell the difference between your so called rich people and the middle class of which both work for a living. Maybe these middle class rich people would like to live in peace and with people like themselves that work for a living, have morals and honor. Maybe these thugs should try it sometime instead being handed everything and getting away with what they do. Or, maybe the progressives can rule in another country since they like power over others so much and take the thugs with them – all of them though.

    2. Jeff Stoops says:

      You know what stops it ? A person carrying a CCW and knows how to use it.

    3. diondrey says:

      90% of them

  18. John says:

    Maybe the local govt can send out a mass text on those free cell phones Pennsylvania is giving out. Everyone please return to your homes!!!!

    1. Guest1984 says:

      like in George Orwell’s 1984?

  19. Guest 101 says:

    Flash mobs started in England, and were done to jack up the CCTV systems and over all police presence (now with guns).

    Now it’s happening here.

    It’s not a coincidence.

    We’re being played, and they are counting on the most ignorant in society to help their agenda along.

  20. glenp says:

    9PM??? but what about ALGORE’S MIDNIGHT BASKETBALL programs??

  21. Jim says:

    Solution for flash mob violence: flash shotgun justice.

    1. Nicky says:

      my thoughts exactly. Mossberg for the win.. lets see a flashmob stand up to my buckshots

  22. patches12 says:

    How is that Hope and Change working out? Keep voting in Democrats – it seems to be working out well…

    Obama will still get 90% of the Black vote…

    1. Armed Texan says:

      Wrong! He will get 98%, minimum.

  23. bikertrash says:

    Where is barack Obama,Al Sharpton,Jessie Jackson and Rev.Wright telling their people to cool it and start acting like rational decent citizens.They are Nowhere but probably quietly hoping it escaltes into full scale race war so they can take political advantage of the crisis and use it to promote their radical agenda.In plain english,they want this to happen and may even be promoting it.If white people were doing this they would be screaming for the national guard to get the crackers under control

    1. patches12 says:

      Biketrash… didn’t you get the MEMO.. everything is still Bush’s fault..

    2. *sigh* says:

      On the contrary when Obama actually said stuff along the lines of black men need to step up and take responsibility, etc, the Sharptons and Jacksons all chastised him.

  24. VokMan Rishad says:

    Oh wow, welcome to the new Regime!

  25. Randall Stephens says:

    I doubt this will happen in Texas for one reason…. “Concealed Carry”.

    1. Cormac says:

      Texas has more regressive firearm policies than you may think…
      Honestly, give me OH, VA, NH…heck, even CT has better laws for self-protection (with the exception of castle doctrine…they need to get to work on that)

      1. KB says:

        Yet these flash mobs are happening in OH, and VA. Why? Can’t one of you gun nuts man up and do something about it? The laws are on your side, right?

        Nevermind, you internet commenters are all in Whitestown, USA, directed here by Drudge to unleash your BS. If you pulled out a gun against a flash mob you would get shot so fast you wouldn’t have time to aim. God bless the wild, wild west!

      2. Susystin says:

        AZ has the best!

      3. KB says:

        Yeah, AZ sure made it easy for Jared Laughner. And all those armed citizens did such a great job at shooting him.

      4. lauri says:

        The whities defending themselves would survive the mobs, even those with guns but be convicted for shooting a black kids. Even defending yourself, if you are white, you ain’t right. Even if the law says you are.

        It’s the same thing with tv, music groups, everything. We have no problems with blacks running cities that are actually, majority white (DC, Philly, NY, and many others). We have no problem with all black music groups, singing groups, and videos. No problem with all black tv shows. BUT IF WE EVER SEE AN ALL WHITE GROUP ANYWHERE, THE FEDERAL COMMIES HAVE BRAINWASHED US TO SAY, HMMM, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG HERE. WE HAVE TO ADD SOME COLOR HERE.

  26. Lisa Cacciatore says:

    I have a feeling maybe not “flash mob” and maybe the government itself is doing this to set these laws for “protection”….cause yea really funny they can not catch these people just like osama…please I just do not trust my government at all…I LOVE MY COUNTRY THOUGH!!!!

  27. JiminGA says:

    These events, as well as those in the UK and other EU countries, represent the beginning of the end of our societies, brought on by institutionalized unemployment and economic collapse. Black youth unemployment stands at about 50%. It’s only going to get worse and the only solutions will be personal preparations.

    1. Sharinlite says:

      Look deeper…if it is the end of Western Civilization, be prepared to return to the woodlands to live off the land…it is about totalitarianism, plain and simple…the bogeymen called Progressives have worked tirelessly throughout the world for over 100 years…SEIU’s ex pres says it is his goal to control the “workers” throughout the planet….remember the Brown Shirts…you can’t even say these are the poor or disenfranchised because the vast majority of this country is not behaving like deranged animals in their destruction of their own homes and businesses. This is the result of nannyism: tell the kids they can have anything, they are better than anyone else, they are entitled to whatever they want, they can throw tantrums, destroy and hurt….then, they are thrown out to try and survive in the real world and this is the result. They get angry and behave worse than any two-year old….we need to get tough or we will lose them permanently!
      And at the expense of being thrown off the net, President Obama has gone all over the Middle East and look what is happening there. He has gone to these cities and played the rich vs. poor line and thrown race in for good measure. No one listened in 2007/08…now we live with the consequences!! Welcome to the Progressive Era.

      1. Sandy Whitlow says:

        Thank you for this comment. I totally agree!

  28. steamboat says:

    This is similar to what I saw with the 1992 race riots in LA after Rodney King. King, who was high, led police on a long wild vehicle chase, sometimes over 100 mph & through residencial areas endangering many. He was too high to obey police instructions when the chase ended. No wonder he got a beating. After the officers were aquitted, a few protestors turned over a car and started a fire. The media was present, and no police showed up. They were embolden and it grew out of control. Mayor “Uncle” Tom Bradley didn’t help by going on TV and saying that the aquital was a travisty of justice. In the end, there was a billion dollars worth of damage. 53 were dead and thousands injured. King got over a million dollar settlement from the taxpayers of LA. Liberal Justice ?

    Now we have a pathetic black president, and black Holder, head of the Dept of Justice. Holder so much has said the DOJ will not prosecute blacks. No wonder black trash are embolden. They must be dealt with harshly to send a message. Violence will not be tolerated.

    1. Susystin says:

      They will not listen nor will they do the will of the people. They have an agenda and it involves more than just our govt. World leaders and the ultra rich (mostly progressives/liberals) that want global rule. They have been at it for a long time, many years. Unless our military and police are on the right side, they globalists will win.

    2. Rowdy Boots says:

      Maybe the Black Panthers can be called by Mayor Nutjob and he can ask them to help.

      Blaming these ignorant, brain washed, gangsta wannabees is a bad idea…it is definitely the SO CALLED BLACK LEADERSHIP THAT CAUSES THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR…


  29. steamboat says:

    I find it hard to believe that with all our technology and the social network, that law enforcement can’t be tipped off in advance as to where these flash mobs are going to appear.

    1. Ben Roosevelt says:

      Wow this has been going on for years now but just because it happen in city center he decides to do something. How about the rest of the city? Do we get any rest from this. We have parents that think their children are angels, and cant see through that big picture that they are not. Now these kids think that they can do whatever they want and get away with it but cant owe up to whatever they do. The only thing that they can say is “My child was at the wont place at the wrong time.” Oh give me a break and START RISING YOUR CHILD AND TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. We need to start by putting bigger punishments and enforcing a lot harder. That is the only way to put it in kids head that its not okay.

    2. StaticKlingon says:

      One small problem. No crime has yet been committed. The police are under NO obligation to prevent crime or protect people. Supreme Court said so. They are good at doing the paperwork afterwards, but during the commission of a crime, you’re on your own. Deal with it.

    3. StaticKlingon says:

      And then the sport du jour would be spoofing the Keystone Kops. What fun!

    4. PhillyIsALostCause says:

      steamboat, as an evacuee of Philadelphia I will explain the role of the PPD. The police in Philadelphia have been forced to become as an auxiliary revenue collection agency. 4 seconds after you parking meter expires a boot is on your bumper writing a ticket. No energy is used for advance warning systems to protect the public or businesses because it simply doesn’t return an immediate profit to the city. Basically it cost money to put miscreants in jail and protect the public. Anyway these rioters are future democrat voters. The democrat’s base must be protected.

      1. DIO says:


    5. mamawati says:

      They COULD, but as good Union men and women they do the bare minimum asked of them then take a break for coffee, donuts and socializing. In their spare time, they fool around with their calendars- counting and calculating the years months and days to retierment and do the heavy math of figuring out how to load up their retirement package by trading uniform allowances, training pay and the like for additional pay equivalents to game the retirement system. You actually are foolish enough to think that they give a rats behind about being proactive about this stuff? Just survive with the most benefits and call it a career.

    6. steve white says:

      You will see more and more curfews in the US. there is more to this story its setting the stage for more control of the people . You will see Marsal Law in 2012.

      1. Cormac says:

        No…you really won’t.
        I don’t think there’s a heavy enough concentration of people (outside of Chicago) stupid enough to try that…
        Suspension of rights worked in NOLA after Katrina only because the communications infrastructure was so horribly damaged.

      2. Susystin says:

        Yep and that way the Messiah can call for no elections and appoint himself leader for life. You know, like Chavez and Castro. Only our Messiah is not that smart -so, it must be Soros or someone like him. Uhmmm, Gates? Buffett?

    7. Ray says:

      Yes its a no brainer,

    8. Doc Mac says:

      At the very least, you’d think that when they catch a few of them they could use their accounts to trace the messages back to the source.

    9. Bob Dobbs says:

      Sure, they’d just have to have everyone under constant surveillance. We’re almost there anyway. When we get to have as much surveillance as the UK does I bet the problem will go away completely.

    10. Stinky Pete says:

      Sounds rather Orwellion in nature, Steamboat. Should local law enforcement maintaian a full-blown “cyber” Division who’s only goal is to peruse the mostly mundane day-to-day drivel of its town’s citizens on Faebook in the hopes that a FlashMob ‘invite’ is discovered? Why stop there? Might as well have real-time access to all wireless devices and their text, just to be sure. I believe that putting a bigger bite in the ‘penalties’ of those participating is called for.

  30. Vic Livingston says:

    Is Phila. Mayor Nutter naive? He’s calling for a crackdown on “flash mobs” who have been terrorizing sections of Philadelphia, saying his police force is the “baddest gang in town” — in effect, giving rogue cops a green light to abuse and brutalize those they hate — or have been told to target.
    But what if these flash mobs are under the direction of a military contractor “black op,” a false flag operation intended to provide a justification for police repression of civil liberties, a pretext for a crackdown on those who have been extrajudicially, unjustly targeted for reasons of politics and/or hate? The Mayor should find out who’s issuing those text mob messages; he may be surprised at what he learns.

    1. AndThenWhat says:

      Thank you. You have demonstrated a complete disregard for reality.

      1. Susystin says:

        No, I believe you have.

    2. real life says:

      Oh please. It is you and your comrades that have created this mess over the years. It’s now time for the silent majority to take back the streets of the towns, cities, and the entire nation. I’m not a Nutter supporter but it looks like he may start pushing PC under the rug and begin relying on good old common sense.

      People need to start cracking heads, and maybe you should be one of the first. Not because of you thoug.hts and opinions, only because you enjoy stirring the pot and refuse to contribute feasible solutions to these REAL problems

      1. Vic Livingston says:

        Spoken like a paid military contractor cyberNazi. Am I getting warm — or is that your radio frequency cell tower directed energy weapon cooking my innards again?

      2. fedup says:

        Good post … Vic is a nut-whack … people get sucked into the conspiracy vortex and can’t give it up. Ironically, there are real conspiracies like the one between Obama and Holder, but they ignore those preferring to look for space aliens.

      3. Susystin says:


    3. glenp says:

      is “VIC” some sort of acronym meaning “a-hole”??

      1. Vic Livingston says:

        No, it means “Vanquishing Incompetent CyberNazis.”

      2. RampagingNegro says:

        No, it means “conflicted about my need for gay sex and the difficulty of hiding it from my mother, with whom I live, because SSI will only go so far.

    4. Jrey762 says:

      Maybe we should get a pool account together to offer philly cops $100 for every beating they administer on these punks provided it isn’t proven to be criminal. We can call it a scholarship fund for something or other…

      Beat the stupids and they will either quit being stupid or start being dead. Win win.

    5. StaticKlingon says:

      Even paranoid people have enemies. You could be onto something.
      Mr. Big will want to hear about this. Do you still have your decoder ring?
      Code V for vigilance. Carry on.

  31. Dave Shaffer says:

    Give those who want to leave Philly one hour to GTFO. Wall it in and bulldoze the entire town to the ground. Then let the kiddies do what they want.

  32. stop2think says:

    Yea, mobers will obey this law just like they obey the laws that says 1) you shall not riot 2) you shall not assault, and 3) you shall not rob. Saying it won;t make it so. Once victims start shooting back problem will be solved.

    1. Michael says:

      The point is to give the police an excuse to detain young people out after 9PM, even if they don’t witness a crime being committed (other than curfew violation). This gives police an extra tool.

    2. David says:

      He’s right. If victims start shooting back, it will end real fast.

      1. Doctorbob says:

        Having been to Philly many times, I can tell you the best thing for that hellhole is a 20 megaton nuke. And lets hope the wind is blowing towards Camden.

      2. KB says:

        You think no one in the flash mob has a gun? You have one gun, they probably have at least three. Do the math, cowboy. Or go spend a night in Philly, Vigilante, and show us how it’s done. All bark. NO bite.

  33. ED357 says:


    If the curfew for the under 18 crowd starts at 9 PM………..

    why do the community recreation centers need to be open until 10 PM?

    Are you authorizing the “yutes” to break curfew if they’re in the community centers?

    Shouldn’t the community centers close at 8:30 PM so the “yutes” can get home before curfew?

    1. Roger says:

      Did you read the article? The curfews are just in certain neighborhoods, not city wide. There are plenty of rec centers not in the effected neighborhoods.

  34. jasper says:

    What a joke…don’t these flash mobs take place during daytime?

    1. Victoria Jurado says:

      Ype, Pittsburgh just had one. Theyl left a Baptist church picnic in the park to do so. What flippn animals.

  35. time2wakeup says:

    It’s time to OUTSOURCE our prison system to a country like Turkey. The threat of prisoners living their days in the land of “Midnight Express” would be an excellent deterent to crime.

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      Go Sheriff Joe on these feral humans. Fence them off and put them to work
      maintaining themselves. No work, no eat. Go back to the basics. Feral humans who roam in savage packs taking down the weak must be dealt with on those terms. Not the ones civilized people understand.

    2. ironman says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Televise the first load of thugs in prison in Turkey, and live webcams there. After that, and when some civilized, law abiding citizens defend themselves, then you’ll see this foolishness cease.

  36. Greg B says:

    THERE IS PROBABLY ONLY ONE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM, and I don’t know what it is. But no one will find it, and this will end badly. Why? Because we have a totally distorted view of ‘rights’ in this country, and it’s all dictated from DC. Meaningful, actual rights – freedom of speech, association, personal defense – are shat upon, while people have a right to riot and send 60- people to the hospital. What? It’s against the ‘law’? You mean the law only law abiding people care about? We used to shoot rioters in this country. Too harsh? Then Don’t Riot, genius. If you find yourself in one, lay down or exit the street, pronto. Let the cops shoot the animals who gather around you to stomp you to death.
    That may or may not be the solution, but it won’t be tried because this is a nanny state, where the central government requires stifling, crushing uniformity from every state, city, and town.
    The useless POS feds should do only what the states cannot, and all the rest should be returned to the states. Shooting rioters is not unconstitutional, our system is unconstitutional, and doomed. Unfortunately, it is run by gangster psychopaths, who know they’re going to solitary confinement forever if the people win, so they are pulling out all the stops. Wake up at infowars dot com, Drudge links to them regularly.

  37. bobby says:

    you people should take a break

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      And you should poke your head back in the sand with your butt hanging in the wind.

  38. downsouth says:

    I prefer concealed carry, which obviously Phil. doesn’t have the sense to realize.

  39. Bill says:

    It wont help, bring in the national guard.

  40. GoRangers2011 says:

    Why does everybody assume that all these kids are black? I’ve had a lot of good Christian friends from the hood. Yeah they might have voted for Obama but they would never do anything like this (not outside a club setting anyways). It’s more likely to be a bunch of white kids from the suburbs looking for cheap thrills. I highly suspect that most of these racist comments are being left by liberal trolls who are just trying to make conservatives look bad…

    1. Victoria says:

      Take one look and oh yeah there are so many suburban whites coming in to cities for cheap thrilss doing this, Wake up take a look around at all the incidents of this. Look at London, look at Milwaukee just this past weekend, Its everwhere and they aren’t white.

      1. GoRangers2011 says:

        And yet some poor lady was attacked and had her leg broke outside a GOP convention, police reports said she was attacked by some long haired college-ages hippie. Here’s a link.
        Stuff like this happens all the time, leading me to believe that (in America at least) this kind of behavior is particular to liberals regardless of race, not to blacks regardless of their political views. Not to mention, in this instance it looks like the blacks are the concerned citizens. Theyre trying to protect their community, and you’re saying that it’s their fault?

    2. Susystin says:

      Do you have color tv? Or a color monitor? Or even read the reported news?

  41. Red One says:

    All youths have been acting like crazed animals lately, not just Black youths. So stop with the racist vitriol! With that said, I am a licensed conceal carry citizen. If any one of these punks threatens me or my family when out and about, there will be hell to pay by them.

    1. Casher O says:

      Victoria, look at the pictures in the London papers (the Daily Telegraph, etc.). The rioters are from all different races. There are many so-called white “anarchists” who are basically thugs involved. in the rioting in London.

      And why don’t any of you get so upset at the riots in Greece, Syria, and Vancouver? Is it because these rioters were mostly white?

      Sorry, the bad guys aren’t always black.

  42. GoRangers2011 says:

    Vice president Joe Biden: “They (the tea party) have acted like terrorists.”
    Take it to the bank. Whenever a liberal accuses conservatives of acting like terrorists, that means that mobs of liberals are about to start attacking innocent people.

  43. shepster says:

    yada yada yada. you guys whine like a bunch of chumps. keep votin’ dem.

  44. ThisGuyovaEre says:

    Best policy enacted by a Democrat in the past century.

  45. 160BARRY says:


    1. NOAMSAYN? says:

      160BARRY is apparently another quality product of our “skoo” system who can’t spell RESPONSIBLE or BREAK.


      1. bunky says:

        Danger: Danger; Danger; Danger;
        The Spelling SS are about.

      2. PeterG says:

        Since when does spelling trump good ideas ?

    2. anon513 says:

      I totally agree with you 160Barry. I also think that some kind of Boot Camp might give these thugs something to think about. And the Parents …. hurt their pockets. Make them pay for their children’s damages and hospital bills from people that they’ve hurt. And it should be mandatory for them to have to pay all funeral payments for those that they kill in the process of their flash mobbings. P.S.: Don’t pay attention to ‘noamsayn’. He/she can’t spell ‘school’. LOL

    3. StaticKlingon says:

      Hold them responsible? How?
      They don’t understand the concept of responsibility. That is something that is imparted from an early age throughout childhood by responsible parents. You think they’re going to walk into a court room and suck it up by osmosis? That’s effing funny, man!

      1. Doc Mac says:

        Isn’t that the truth. This what making welfare life too comfortable gets us. Generations of people who don’t have to work, pay their own bills for cell phones, housing, food, etc. An entitled, totally irresponsible, cultural mindset that is now evolving into anarchy. Take the free cell phones away, land-lines only, and only give subsudies to people who work. A parent who is tired after a day of work at the Super Store is going to knock their kids head if they have to go down to the police department to pick them up. A parent that got up at noon and has knocked back a few 40 oz malt liquor beverages and a couple of joints will just pick the kid up when they make their munchy and beer run.

  46. lamchops says:

    “Flash Mobs” is politically correct term used by Democratic politicians and their shills in the mainstream media. It refers to gangs of young black people attacking individual white people and/or robbing businesses.

  47. SteveThomas says:

    Once again, a liberal’s solution is to punish everyone for the inability of liberal governments’ to handle the consequences of their idiotic liberal policies. Is it any wonder that sensible law abiding citizens are stockpiling arms and ammunition?

  48. squally says:

    Where’s Rev. Sharples, now?

    1. Guest says:

      There’s no $$$ in holding his people to task so he’s not around.

  49. Rednano74 says:

    So according to this curfew, flash mobs are okay before 9pm? If you are over 18 and it’s after 9pm, it’s okay too?

    How about telling these people to respect private property which includes human beings? Oh yea that’s right, Democrats believe in collectivism. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine mentality.

    I visit CC often and was planning another weekend trip soon with a friend flying in. Not anymore!!!

    This is what you get with 50 years of Democrat control.

    1. dan says:

      I am really beginning to hate the word “community”. I think it was used three times by the mayor in that statement. Why does it seem to be used more by liberals than conservatives. Really irritates me!

      1. AndThenWhat says:

        When they declare problems “community problems” it deflects and spreads the responsibility so that no one is responsible, and therefor, no one is to blame, and so no one has to do anything about it. It’s a liberal staple, you know; it takes a village and all that pap.

  50. Suntan555 says:

    You can call us all the names you want to: spoonies, apes, monkey, gorilla, and all the other insulting names you call us. But, one thing is for sure: GOD put us on this planet just like He put you on this planet. And there’s not a D@MNED thing you can do about it. And do us a favor: stop laying on the beach cooking yourselves …. basting yourselves with suntan oil. Please STOP IT!! WE DON’T WANT YOU LOOKING LIKE US!!

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      Perhaps you didn’t get the memo. It’s about content of character, not skin tone.
      Go look in that mirror!

    2. charle says:

      we can look like you as long as we don’t act like you

      1. Susystin says:

        AMEN AGAIN!

  51. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

    how’s that “diversity” and “tolerance” nonsense working out for you folks in Philly???

  52. Maninevans says:

    If I see an innocent being attacked by a mob, I will try to help. I may get beaten, but I will try. Principled individuals of all colors – those with honor and courage – need to take a stand, whenever and wherever this madness occurs, and do the right thing. The LAST thing we need is a new kind of mob to battle this wave of mob activity…mobs are crazy (and have zero courage), individuals are generally sane (and have the capacity for courage). And to hell with the political correctness that unwittingly adds to this problem. Watch…it will most assuredly get far worse before it gets better.

  53. Tomaspain says:

    Where is the ACLU?This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Oh, of course, another anarchist uses the law as a bludgeon against law enforcement.

      So what is your solution? Put up with it? Allow terrorists free reign? Midnight basketball?

      1. Zentura says:

        Arm the lawful citizens.

    2. shooter says:

      How do you come up with that?

  54. Kathleen3 says:

    When those we most entrust to uphold and enforce our laws are the same most guilty of violating our laws the anarchy we are witnessing is the end result. We have a mayor, D.A. and police chief who blatantly protect illegal aliens, elected and appointed officials (Babette Josephs, Brady, Fattah, W. Curtis Thomas, etc.) who march side by side with illegal aliens and those who profit from the presence of illegal aliens, and a cadre of politicians who attempt to thwart every attempt to restore law and order in the city and state.

    Nutter, Ramsey and 99.9% of elected/appointed officials in PHL can not demand respect; rather, they must earn it. When they are guilty of violating laws what would lead them to believe they have the right to demand others do what they refuse to do?

    1. BigBoa says:

      You are one smart woman.

  55. GunsSaveLives says:

    We all know how well the curfew worked in Chester. Murders went down from 5 a day to 4! haha… sad really

    Arm yourselves and protect yourselves, police are not able to do it. This issue is not about color or age or demographic. These are ruthless criminals, thugs and persons with no conscience or mercy for others. Philadelphia needs to better train their police force to STOP harassing, beating and arresting its citizens that choose to LAWFULLY and responsibly carry firearms to protect themselves. PPD, focus your energy on the real criminals. That’s the answer.

    1. Zentura says:

      Meanwhile cops were harassing that kid that was asserting his open-carry right! Open carry would fix some problems real quick!

    2. Archie Bunker says:

      This is exactly what Obama’s good friend, Van Jones, is good at: instigating mob violence.

    3. Cartman says:

      Dig up former Chief Rizzo, clip a fingernail, and CLONE him. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  56. AgKay says:

    K your six figure income obviously does not include a propensity for correct spelling. Let me conjecture here. Government job?

    1. changomango says:

      No, ILLEGAL activity!


        Another 5 letter word for fraud… OBAMA.

      2. Anonymous says:

        @ kenyan steals the white house: You’re forgetting …. Our President is HALF WHITE, raised by his WHITE Mother and WHITE Grandmother. He’s only HALF Black. But, you’d rather attack the Black side of him, forgetting his White side.

      3. K says:

        Sorry, changomango to bust your little stereotype myth. I actually get paid the legal way, once again, what do you do? You people are hilarious

    2. changomango says:

      Another 5 letter word for fecal matter… OBAMA

    3. K says:

      No AgKay I am actually a Project Manager for a very big software company..What do you do? make racist leaflets to pass out at the trailer park convention?

  57. John USA says:

    Hey isn’t Pennsylvania the state thats going to give everyone that can’t afford a cell phone, one for free? Why not send out a mass text telling everyone its time to go home!!

  58. changomango says:

    Criminals who murder, rob, rape, assault, etc…etc…don’t give a rats rear end about a 9 p.m. curfew! Nutter, like Obama, has the mental capacity of a dried turd.

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      And no matter how hard they may try to convince us, you can’t pick one up by the “clean” end!

  59. Susan says:

    Voluntarily destroyed from within; willingly elected the enemy; God save America from the left.

    1. threechoices says:

      You get what you pay for.

    2. MGC says:

      God Save America from Nazis

      1. GeniusFreddie says:

        Where are the nazis? Pretty sure they’re not around, unless you’re just another exaggerating idiot who thinks not confiscating all the money of wealthy people is the moral equivalent of loading Jews into gas chambers. Moron.

  60. john oakman says:

    all dem odummers bee runnin’ wild—just like what de bees.

  61. Tom C. says:

    Liberals must be very proud right now. Take a minute to reflect on the road to he!! that was paved with your good intentions. Vote.

  62. johnnyspot says:

    How about enforcing the law? How about enforcing societal norms in school.
    How about jobs not welfare. How about consequences for your actions. How about you repair or pay for any damage you do. How about it…

    1. Stugsaritaville says:

      How about enforcing societal norms at home? No matter how many programs or how much money your throw at a problem, if change is not enforced at home it won’t matter.

      1. johnnyspot says:

        How are they going to learn it at home? They have to be taught tit until it is a societal norm for them too. comeon stop the moronic stat\ements and lets do what we know must be done. No more of this pretend, feelgood we tried stuff. We don’t enforce change at home. We don’t throw money at it. Comeon stop it.

  63. Lawrence D. Wood says:

    Oh, and, a good knife is good.
    If the cops won’t, then you must protect yourselves.
    Do not let the animals carry the day.
    They have already learned that the system will not do much.
    Soon, it will get worse.
    Protect yourselves and your family.

  64. H. Huey says:

    Ah yes, land of the free..unless that is of course you cannot control the thugs and criminals. This type of thug activity should be stopped in its tracks. So let me see if I got this straight, normal everyday people now have to sit in thier houses because thugs are being allowed to terrorize the streets. It’s one thing for someone to voice thier opinion, a totally other thing for yutes to be out beating on people. Shame on the people of Philly for not demanding that thier city be safe. Yep, it can be done, but I don’t think many Americans have the stomach for it, so we will just continue to allow thuggery.

  65. tdrag says:

    The silence from Barack, Jesse, and Al is deafening.

  66. RJ O'Guillory says:

    ….town-by-town,…neighborhood-by-neighborhood,…clan-by-clan,…it is all unraveling….how are all those “conspiracy theorists”…looking right now,…?

    Ha, ha, he, he, ha, ha, he, he, he, he, he!


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  67. Spanky says:

    Time for a beer summit?

    1. changomango says:

      A Colt 45 summit?

      1. Armyof1 says:

        IT’S ****MILLER**** TIME!!

      2. Consultofactus says:

        I prefer my cut-down 20″ 12GA Remington 5 shot loaded: 00 buck- deer slug – 00 buck – deer slug – 00 buck. The buck shot knocks ’em down, the deer slug keeps ’em down. I am always sure to wear ear protection, that shortened barrel lets out a deafening blast. The .45ACP makes a nice back-up though.

  68. rufus levin says:

    Detroit and Newark in 1967…..coming to Philadelphia….starts with New Black Panthers at polling places….and Eric Holder protecting these lawbreakers….makes the race baiters feel powerful….and if any police action sets them off, you are going to see looting, burning, murder, and beating at the hands of that racial group.

    1. Lawrence D. Wood says:

      Only if the response is to let the rioters riot with impunity.
      We used to shoot rioters.
      We need to start shooting them again.
      Either the cops do the hard thing, or lose your city.

    2. lauri says:

      I’d like to see any black panther try to keep me out of a voting place.

  69. Estelle LaTour Tuggle Sago says:

    NOT CENTER CITY!!!!! I hope Donna is OK

  70. Retired combat vet says:

    Carry a gun, use it in self defense. Problem will clear itself up after the other rioters realize dead is not a condition a dead rioter can weasel out of.

    Oh, and charge the parent of the dead rioter with the price of the body wagon used to haul his body away.

    Honestly, coddling rioters never works, coddling rioters because of skin color is criminal and I hope some of the injured set on by the rioters sues the city to bankruptcy.

    1. changomango says:

      You protect yourself and/or your property against these “po-folks” will get you in a lot of trouble with Boorat Hooinsane Osama and his attorney general, Erot Scolder.

    2. Brandon says:

      Philadelphia you have the right to carry…..hasnt done anything to stop the crime rate.

      1. Lawrence D. Wood says:

        Then fix the ‘castle doctrine’ to cover any assault wherever you might be. Alaska did that this last legislative session.
        Sounds like law abiding citizens who carry are in the right places, and not where there is high crime.
        Too, carry is good, but in a crowded downtown area?
        Carry, yes, but also carry pepper spray and a stun gun.

      2. cb says:

        Because they don’t have the balls to use their guns!!

      3. cb says:

        pepper spray my ass! that won’t STOP them.

      4. SteveT says:

        That’s because in Philly, the victim will be prosecuted for defending himself. It’s all fine and good to have carry rights, but when you know that you will be further victimized for excersizing those rights it has a somewhat dampening effect.

  71. CW says:

    Ya, this is going to help because the parental control of the black kids that are doing this is so apparent. And yes I said of the black kids doing this. Truth is not equal to racism.

    1. changomango says:

      @otheranony–Flash mobs, assaults, murders, rapes, burglaries, etc….etc…etc…aren’t much of a problem in Des Moines or Bismark, and if it is, it’s probably cause by a black interloper.

  72. plusonemore says:

    I question the effectiveness of calling DHS if a parent fails to pick up their child who is caught out after curfew. Does that really qualify as “neglect”? What purpose will it serve other than overburdening an already-barely-effective DHS?

  73. TrueColours says:

    Why not cut to the chase and declare Marshall Law on just this particular “community” that buries it’s collective head in the sand every time their “youth” go on a rampage. Why should the rest of society suffer?

    1. Lou says:

      Martial Law.

      1. joewest666 says:

        Marital law?

      2. Mikey says:

        Martian Law?

  74. The 'other' Annonymous says:

    Re-open Eastern State Pen. Make more room for trouble makers. They say there’s no room in the prison system. Clean up and re-open Eastern State Pen. There’s plenty of room. Re-open those closed prisons. We need them again.

  75. sickandtired says:

    Lets just start to cut off a finger for every violation, eventually they will be mobbing with stubbs

    1. ladysforest says:

      hehehehehe……oh, sorry. Ahem, I meant to say, Shame On You For Saying Such A Thing!

  76. forthechildren says:

    Amish flash-mobs?

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      Amish rake fight!!!! It’s on!!!!!

  77. jmclmc says:

    The article fails to describe the race of the small minority guilty of the criminal acts. Racial problems are increasing and the minority groups should be concerned. Send in the National Guard. Look what is happening at the Wisconsin State Fair – black on white attacks.

    1. StanSki says:

      WHITES are the minority in Philthy now, right?

  78. LibwithIQ says:

    Implement a CHL permit for citizens there. The punks will think twice of beating up someone who can blow them away.

    1. rufus levin says:

      not if they are carrying assault rifles…

  79. phillysmart says:

    While I applaud the mayors action the steps tken do not address the problem because innocent kids (which is the majority) will be forced to live in a virtual police state. Why do we have a problem addressing the real source of issues. the problem is large numbers of African American teen agers are breaking the law and beating people up, destroying property and causin mayham just for the fun of it. Our actions should address that problem. Unfortunately many innocent kids will find themselves in court because they happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.This city is totally done

    1. sickandtired says:

      He’s not gonna beat down his own peeps…wake up!

  80. Earl Lutz says:

    Its NOT a “Flash MOB” — its JUST a RIOT

  81. Auric Maston says:

    But a curfew that only addresses the age of these rioting “youths” seems inappropriate since the time of night isn’t the common factor in these various attacks.

    Why should white and Asian young people have to suffer because this law is overly broad and singles them out for a restriction in rights that truly deserves to be placed on a more specific subset of the population.

  82. DWH says:

    Do what they do in Chicago—fine the parents. Hit them in the pocketbook.

    1. JeromeFJ says:

      Dude…whatever they claim to be doing in Chicago, it doesn’t work. The filthy maggots do the same things here.

  83. truth says:

    here comes the police state. Problem, Reaction, Sollution. You will never see freedom in those neighbor hoods again. Then it will move to all Areas of the city. then everyone will be locked down. As soon as some of these flash mob people get blasted it will all stop.

    1. Pauli says:

      Obama’s army is forming to create anarchy in cities while our troops are gone rather then on the border. Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube lectures on the destabilization techniques that are used.

  84. Justha Truth says:

    Three Letters: T N B

  85. Old White Guy says:

    Based on the local news “coverage” I guess the flash mobs must be composed of old white tea party members. D–n troublemakers!

    1. Earl Lutz says:

      Yeah its that G’ DAMN TEAPARTY!

      1. threechoices says:

        I do find it ironic that a liberal survey found that teaparty types are by and large more informed than the rest of the population. They also have been shown to clean the area they are gathering in. They speak well and are very considerate. They are dangerous, folks. (If by dangerous you mean articulate, thoughtful, and well groomed)

  86. SailorV says:

    A band-aid on a cancer.

  87. Carolyn says:

    School will be starting in September, so why even change the curfew back to what the curfew was while school was in attendance!!! No child needs to be outside, when school reopens for the school year, they need to study their school work, otherwise, if they have a JOB after school, so be it…that’s it!!!

  88. CJ says:

    Should be 5pm

  89. JustMe says:

    There needs to be a ‘city wide’ curfew, not just a ‘center city’ curfew. What’s the matter with that NutterButter Mayor? There used to be a curfew where children under 18 had to be either in the house, or on their steps/porch WITH adult supervision. The city was much safer then than it is now. But, people don’t control their kids like they used to, and I can’t help but believe the ‘non-disciplinary law’ has a lot to do with it. You can’t spank, hit, or even ground your children without being threatened with a lawsuit. So, it’s no wonder these kids can just run amok (sp.?) like they do. Bring back the CITY WIDE CURFEW and bring back PARENTAL DISCIPLINE/CORPORAL PUNISHMENT and there could be some positive things happening with these kids. It’s not too late for the much younger children who are still able to be molded and shaped into positive citizens. But, the older ones need to be dealt with, and with harshness because they are not only hurting people, they are killing people.

  90. Samuel A. Maffei says:

    “But, you are free to rape and pillage the other neighborhoods at any hour…”

    1. Earl Lutz says:

      or THAT neighborhood any OTHER hour.

      Maybe the problem is the PRISON in that area is EMPTY and a tourist attraction

  91. charW says:

    Great plan!!!!!

Comments are closed.

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