Nutter Condemns Violent Flash Mob, Promises Response

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The latest ‘mob’ cut right through the heart of Center City and now the Mayor is promising changes on how the city handles the problem.
The sudden, random violence of these mobs we’ve seen in the city and Upper Darby make them hard to predict and even harder to prevent.

In all, 59 people were beaten and briefly hospitalized.
“I’m anxious to see what the Mayor’s plan is and see where he takes it from there. Hopefully they can stop them from having this happen again, because it is not something you want to come across,” said Center City resident Alex Grace.

Police say the group, numbering between 20 and 40, rampaged through Center City around 9 pm.

Four people were arrested, including an 11-year-old boy.

Mayor Michael Nutter’s plan is a new coordinated response involving police, businesses and the District Attorney.
“We have to consider sometimes prosecuting parents for the behavior of their children,” said Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.
Four people were arrested in connection to Friday’s “flash mob.” An 11-year-old boy, along with a group of teenagers ranging from 16 to 19 year old were arrested.
Mayor Nutter released a statement Monday saying “We do not tolerate violence by any individuals in our city, and we will continue to respond with the full force or our city’s justice system to kids who disrespect their city.”
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“I’m disgusted by this. This is just asinine, destructive behavior we can not tolerate,” Williams said.
So far, fortunately no one has been killed.
The details surrounding the Mayor’s plan are still being worked out. Something concrete should emerge next week.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. HopeWeChangeItBack says:

    Answer to problem…NAACP: National Association of Armed Citizen Patriots.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I had absolutely no doubts that racism was alive and well in the US–and certainly Philadelphia–but many of the comments below are undeniable proof. The disgusting, ignorant messages below truly disturb me. The irony is that I bet each and every one of you thinks you’re not racist, but you are the epitome of bigotry. The hate that fills your hearts truly saddens me; and the fact that you don’t see it devastates me even more.

    1. HopeWeChangeItBack says:

      Are you talking to us or the animals running riot in the streets?

    2. Jon says:

      Well, I mean..what is one to think? Certain groups complain about hard lives and being second class citizens and look how they act!!! It’s not difficult to get educated and be really isn’t.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am completly at a loss for words with this article and the comments left. I am currently deployed in a combat zone and happened to get an oppurtunity to check the internet and came across this article. If this is what we are fighting for back home in the US then i am comepletly ashamed that any of you would call yourselves AMERICANS!

  4. J says:

    God is not mocked. What a Nation sows,it shall reap.

  5. Noahfingwhey says:

    As much as I would like to judge people on the content of their character and rather than the color of their skin, these characters all seem to be of the same skin color. This is true in every city where this behavior is happening.

  6. Frankie McCrew says:

    Why isn’t Obama, as the effective leader of America’s black community, saying something about this, telling the kids to simmer down?

    1. Noahfingwhey says:

      Obama is on record telling his followers “if they bring a knife to the fight you bring a gun”. Surely you don’t think this type of violence occurring all across the country is just another random coincidence.

  7. Suntan555 says:

    One more thing: I was born right here in Pennsylvania …. USA. Just TRY sending me to Africa where I’ve never step foot on that continent in my life. Just TRY it. You can’t send anyone BACK to where they’ve never been. And in case you don’t know it, you are a citizen of wherever you are born. Well, I’m a natural born citizen of the USA. And I will NOT be sent to a continent I’ve never been to just because my ancestors MAY have come from there.

  8. dontpokeagrizzly says:

    Because CBS is censoring it, I will tell you the newsworthy fact: all of the unlawful, mobbing, animalistic behavior is being committed by African-Americans.

    This is the product of the liberal experiment: Generation Loser–an entire generation of useless, uncivilized parasites who can’t and won’t be productive members of society.

    What you see is what is real. This cannot continue, and it won’t.

  9. DC Handgun Info says:

    One or more of these young punks is going to get shot and killed in the foreseeeable future by a law-abiding person defending himself. Consider yourself lucky so far…

  10. Lawrence D. Wood says:

    Pepper spray, stun guns, and armed cops in body armor with shields, clubs and 12GA riot guns need to to deal with this and soon. This is not just happening in PA. It is happening in too many States. And, the authorities are so afraid of calling it what it is–racism on the part of black Amiericans–that they will cross the line and kill. That’s where it is headed. This is a challenge to authority.
    Black leaders need to be held accountable for their rhetoric, and the parent–not parents, because I doubt the mom has any idea who daddy is for which kid–need to be collected and sit in jail with their creations.
    Riots are ugly, and dangerous, and this is planned behavior. It is terrorism no matter what you want to call it.
    The cops and the FBI need to figure out the who and what and stomp them hard.
    In the mean time, pass carry laws, arm yourself, and be careful. Walk in twos at the minimum, and do not look away, or down when you see the animals. A liberal use of pepper spray–get a fogger, not a spray, and be aware of which way the wind is blowing. Use a stun gun. Don’t use a baton unless you are in good shape and prepared to have it shoved where the sun doesn’t shine.
    A baseball bat is a good tool, but again, know what you are doing and be in a group to cover each other.
    These animals run in packs, and are largely cowards feeding off the groups power.
    Know that you have to hurt them.
    And, fire your mayor and the police chief. They are fools.

    1. Just-AnotherAmerican says:

      That’s why I have a Concealed Carry Permit. Police cannot protect everyone at all times

  11. Maninevans says:

    If I see an innocent being attacked by a mob, I will try to help. I may get beaten, but I will try. Principled individuals of all colors – those with honor and courage – need to take a stand, whenever and wherever this madness occurs, and do the right thing. The last thing we need is a new kind of mob to battle this wave of mob activity…mobs are crazy (and have zero courage), individuals are generally sane (and have the capacity for courage). And to hell with the political correctness that unwittingly adds to this problem. Watch…it will most assuredly get far worse before it gets better.

  12. Ag Mines says:

    Let us always judge all people on the content of their character and these African-American Youths clearly fail that test as established by Martin Luther King.

    The Media, NAACP, and Social Justice Groups should remind people of MLK Speech and shame these youths into knowing they have failed his legacy in such ways.

    So far, theses organizations that have been on the forefront and vanguard for social justice but have remain silent on Black Teen Mobs stealing from businesses, beating people of other races and gender up, and intentionally breaking the laws in well organized attacks.

    Shame on them and President Obama would agree without a doubt and need to speak out on such crime and intentional beatings that will just foster more attacks’ until the nation speaks up against it and holds those responsible accountable.

  13. NunyaBidness says:

    So where do the white people go to report hate crime? The mayor? The police commissioner? To the DA? Seriously, where do they go?

  14. Hater says:

    Everyone has a price. Just pay a couple of these little mofos to let the police know when they’re coming. Trap them in one cleared block, turn off the cameras and teach them a well needed lesson. When their mommas come to pick them up, smack some sense into them too.

  15. Larry says:

    Okay, I think that prosecuting the parents is a good idea – and as an extra added measure, put them in the same cell as their kids. That way, they’ll know exacty where their children are. 24-7.
    Here’s what’s going to happen though: Someone with a permit to carry a handgun is going to open up on one of these violent knuckleheads. When that happens, we’ll see the outrage that the Black community should be expressing about this foolishness now. Bottom line – just know exactly where your kids are and what they’re doing. An 11-year old has virtually no business being in Center City at all without parental supervision.

  16. anon513 says:

    My biggest fear is that Mothers having young children and/or infants in strollers will get caught up in one of these flash mobs. Something really needs to be done, and it needs to happen immediately. The young people are out of control and the parents are afraid of them. So how much control can there be in a household where the parents are afraid of their own children? I feel that the parents should be fined heavily and the mobsters should have to do time in Juvie as well as community service. I would also have them do some community service in Senior Citizen facilities.

  17. Vigilante Time says:

    Prosecuting parents won’t work because these savages don’t respect their parents. You;re caught in a flashmob, an automatic thirty days in jail but doing community service such as landscaping in Fairmount, sweeping streets etc. Court set up like they had at the Vet years ago; instant trial. I find myself in a flashmob, there will be 12 shot. Rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.

  18. anon says:

    Nutter’s crime policy for the whole of his term is a failure. Why won’t the state step in and take action?

    1. Baby Daddies says:

      The state hates Philadelphia and all the low lives that brings down it’s stats. PA is actually a rural state expect for the poor who can’t control breeding.

      BREEDING the to blame & baby daddies not stepping up to the plate since they are too busy playing ball.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @ baby daddies: Boy did you miss the whole point.

    2. Jan says:

      These kids obviously were not wanted or valued since they were born. If there is nothing but hate in their hearts and their parents are inecpt or incapable of raising them, then they are a lost generation. What’s next? Obviously the crime pokicy of is a failure. The state should step in with some acute method of dealing with these mobs. They should not be allowed to exist and carry on their vicious acts. What the hell is going on that the city officials can’t get a handle on this and curb their actions. These kids shouldn’t be smarter and more clever than law enforcement. If the state has a plan. Use it!

  19. Where are the parents? says:

    How about locking up the parents of the 11 year old thug.How can you not no where your 11 year old child is,he should be in the bed or getting ready for bed.
    If someone shoots one of these thugs the parents will be the first to say he was a good boy and sue the city for case money.

  20. Thanksguy says:

    make school year round. fund after school programs. invest in volunteer programs and require more volunteer hours for students. Perhaps create a job training program for students, so they can learn a variety of traits and volunteer these skills across the city. Give them something to do. Other wise, with nothing to do, they resort to this. big surprise.

    1. Dave says:

      require volunteers?

  21. Francis Graff says:

    Yhis is the most harrowing experience any person can face. It is getting an aspirin from the City, when it needs surgery. The city’s response is a poor answer to a serious problem. Put another sign up and tell the mobs your going to dounle the fines. Good people are ready to do anything to stop the madness in city halls respomse to our safety.

    1. WelcomeGirl says:

      They would have NEVER done this in Birminham and firemen. Who needs police?? Bring the fire hoses back!

      1. Anonymous says:

        This wouldn’t have happened in Frank Rizzo’s days. We need more Mayors like him. He kept things under control and IN control.

  22. grumpy says:

    There is one sure way to stop this insanity: click click BANG!

    1. Mr.Jones says:

      in the face so its a closed casket, and their mother can wear one of them big sunday church hats saying he was a “GOOD BOY”

      1. Just-Another-American says:

        Put the kids in a military school until they are 18, fairly good chance that they will get some discipline and manners instilled into their heads that they were obviously not getting from their parents

  23. diana says:

    bring back the mounted police to center city and fairmount park!!! those horses are trained for large crowd control !!!! enforce curfew law along with fining parents. to many laws have been changed and it’s not for the better. the city of phila is a total waste, the little bit of stores that are left are going to leave if this isn’t controlled. the entire city of phila have been trashed. no one will want to visit the city of phila, wake up and do something

    1. Phil says:

      diana, you are correct. I live in Center City and can tell you first hand (as can any resident) that the cops are around during business hours. Once City Hall clears out, so do they. You want to find a cop during the day? Go to (a) City Hall, (b) Reading Terminal (where they hang out most of the day), or (c) Dunkin Dounuts (same as the Reading Terminal comment). If they would stick around past 5 pm and let the little hood rates know they are around, then most of this flash mob nonsense would stop. As much as I’d like to see their parents thrown in jail with them as an incentive that would require 2 thinks (1) parents with a conscious to raise kids, and (2) a change in the cultural mindset that it is OK to go on rampages and “beat up whitey.” Good luck with these.

  24. Dave says:

    If you don;t stop this, you will suffer such catastrophic financial losses, you may have to declare Philadelphia bankrupt.
    I know I am not alone in being very reluctant to go into the city to spend my money. Get your act together. Track them down and prosecute all of them and their parents.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I moved out of Philly because I was born and raised there and got tired of Philly. I’d outgrown Philly and wanted different surroundings, quiet, and just to live and let live. Now, you can’t pay me to go back to my birth place because of the violence. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll never forget where I came from. I just feel really sorry for Philly now, and NutterButter isn’t making things any better.

  25. gman says:

    As soon as everyone realizes that this Wolf-Pack activity is doing the city a tremendous disservice to the economy,harsh consequences will prevail.Too bad that law abiding citizens can’t defend themselves .The District Attorney will come down hard on you ,unless ,maybe if your head is a mess of jello from the beating you received.

  26. gman says:

    How about more bike patrols,plain clothes police,clubbing of heads.Is this out of line?

    1. Anonymous says:

      No, not bike patrols. They’d only get mobbed and beaten up. I say bring back police on horseback, the whipping post, public hanging, stoning, and the ever loving firing squad.

  27. gman says:

    I wanted to meet a friend and his girlfriend at a restaurant in Upper Darby.He did not want to come here because of recent MOB activities.He suggested center city.
    Where do we go now Camden?

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