PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Gerome lights up a room with his sense of humor. He’s intelligent, creative, and he loves comics.

“My favorite thing in life is whenever I read certain comics or Japanese comics, it takes me to a whole other world and it gives me motivation to start my own cartoon,” he says.

(Larry Kane:)  “Do you draw a lot?”
(Gerome:)  “I do draw here and there.”

“He’s a kid who is really optimistic about his future despite the difficulties that he’s had in his life, and that’s really inspiring to me,” says Ben Magnussen, Gerome’s social worker.

Even at 16 years old, Gerome says he still wants a permanent family.

“People that are very outgoing, respectful also, (who) pretty much will be a good support team,” he says hopefully.

For more information, go to the web site of the Adoption Center of Delaware Valley,

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio 1060
Produced by Tim McLaughlin

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