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Philadelphia City Council Approves 3.85-Percent Property Tax Hike; Mayor Vetoes DROP

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia City Council was rocketing toward its summer break today by dealing with a flurry of legislation, including passage of a new city budget.

There were no theatrics, secret meetings, or behind-the-scenes dealmaking in evidence this time around.  All three were certainly evident last week amid critical meetings during which Council opted for a 3.85-percent  temporary property tax hike as the best of the bad options with which they had to deal.

City Council last week passed, by a 14-3 vote, a bill modifying the widely criticized “DROP” city pension program, but the mayor — as he had promised — vetoed that measure today (see related stories).  Twelve City Council votes would be necessary to override the mayor’s veto of DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan).

Proceeds from that property tax bump — combined with a meter rate increase for street parking and some city surplus funds — will give the school district an extra $53 million.

City Council also approved an overall city budget, by a unanimous 17-0 vote, although the property tax increase passed by a lesser margin of 11-6, with councilmembers Blackwell, DiCicco, Krajewski, O’Neill, Rizzo, and Verna voting “no.”

Councilmember Blackwell, for example, says this 3.85-percent increase on top of a 9.9-percent property tax hike last year (see related story) is just too much of a burden on taxpayers.

Critics of the city funding help for the school district say the school district has not proved its need — that it could have made cuts elsewhere to restore the basic essentials, which include funding yellow bus transportation, reducing classroom size, restoring accelerated school programs for students at risk for dropping out, as well as early education funding (see related story).

Reported by Steve Tawa, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Betty says:

    The poor needs to stop having kids. This is the root of the problem with 5 baby daddies and one crack mother. Have you seen all the recent HS coverage with graduations? They all look the same on TV…

    Poor having Poor kids who are mostly renters or have low properties taxes in the ghetto.

  2. Linda D Bryant says:

    What the Nutman should have done to generate $$$ is to disallow five and ten
    year tax abatements to the affluent who move into predominately minority

    I don’t appreciate paying for others to live in the neighborhood.

    In addition, this tax increase will continue long after Nutman is gone from office.
    He needs to tell the truth about this issue–oops he’s a POLITICIAN—
    most of them would not know the truth if it hit them upside their head!!!!

    1. Betty says:

      Yea we should just let it be a vacant LOT for drug dealers. The Transfer tax on a new home pays more then what ANY of them poor folks pay in 10 years.

      It’s all about the roof decking yuppies and 10 year tax abatements that causes this issue. Quick to blame the rich, when most poor schools are filled with monorities… we send our kids to private school anyways.

      And you call yourself minority. This city is %75 black anyways. Damm the minority white man in this city.

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