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Share Your Thoughts: Happy Anniversary Ukee!

Ukee Washington is celebrating 25 years with Eyewitness News. Many of you have been waking up to Ukee and starting your day with him for years. Now’s you chance to share your love and thoughts. Happy 25th Anniversary Ukee!!! We love you!

Ukee Through The Years

Share your thoughts below and they may air on TV.

  • Tina

    I remember when Ukee first came to this area I engraved a braclet with Kelly on it at Sears I thought what a wonderful man He is my favorite news anchorman I am so happy for him Congrats Ukee!

  • Beth Soligo

    Happy, Happy Anniversary Ukee! You and your team are the only ones I will alllow to deliver my local news. I enjoy you emmensely. Thanks for sharing the day with me. God Bless!

  • Rose

    Happy Anniversary Ukee, I only watch Channel 3 when you and Pat Ciarrocchi are on. You make a great team.

    Thanks for making us part of your “family”

    Good luck and God Bless

    • Yvette

      From: Anthony & Yvette

      Happy Anniversay Ukee. My husband & I LOVE you. We will not watch any other news program and that has to do with you and your wonderful personality.

      Have a blessed day and continued success.

  • mark spinelli

    Happy 25th Ukee…and many more…it’s great to see a hometown Philly guy be such a success.

    I met you once at a all star b ball game my daughter was playing in several years ago you were covering with the mayor–you are a true gentleman.

    BTW, when I watch you with chef Walter it’s obvious you’re another food lover!

    Thanks for the great job.

  • Andrew

    Hey Now always remember being in Cooperstown the day The Philadelphia Phillies took over the town and me and my wife was standing near our car near the school as you were walking by and i yelled out to you and you turned and said hello like you knew who you where waving and talking too..and it has always made my wife and myself feel like we have been a personal friend of yours and our family…..hope you have enjoyed your mornings for the past 25 as we have enjoyed them being informed by you and Pat, Gary, Carol and the many other you have worked with over the years in the morning

  • Angel

    UKEE!!!! I am 25 years old and spent almost a while watching you on CBS on channel 3 (or channel 10 when it was on there.) Happy Anniversary, Ukee!! I never knew you were a sports reporter, it explains a lot about you knowledge about sports while doing to morning news. I LOVE Talk Philly and you and Pat together. Here’s to 25 more years!!


  • kate

    true profession. wishing you much happiness in the future, good health and here’s to another 25!

  • Tracey

    UKEE, always watch you starting at 4:30 until 6:55, I do so because you are so professional, with a nice sense of humor too. Enjoyed Pat’s tribute to you it was great seeing different segments of you over the years. Cheers to you on your 25th anniversary with CBS and many more!!

  • Audrey

    Happy Anniversary Ukee. I really enjoy watching you every morning and I hope to continue to watch you for another 25 years.

  • Lynn Webb

    Happy, Happy 25th, Ukee! You and your terrific sense of humor are the only reason for rising so early in the morning. Always the eternal professional and true gentleman. DVR’ing your 4:30-7am show today so I don’t miss a minute of your celebration when I get home. Thanks for a wonderful 25 years…and here’s to 25 more! See you at the Brandywine Regal!
    Lynn & Retired Upper Chichester Police Sgt. Jack Webb (Just the fax ma’am…)

  • Rev. Robert Scott

    Happy Anniversary,Ukee Be blessed,And be a blessing as you have been over the years.Keep up the good work

  • Ruby L. COPPADGE


    CONGRATULATIONS UKEE! I am proud of your accomplishments over the past 25 years.Keep up the good work.May God continue to bless you.

    The Copoadge Family

  • jo

    Your a bum

    • mark spin

      If you’re going to leave a disrespectful comment, at least take a moment to learn English. Third graders know the difference between your & you’re.

  • Valerie Herring

    Congrats on 25 years Ukee! Love watching you on t.v. You are such a down to earth, lovable guy. Rainy days are brighter with your smile and sense of humor. I always have to hear you say, “Now stay tune for the Young and the Restless.” I’m glad you love your job, because your audience will never let you retire! Ha! Ha! : )
    Valerie Herring

  • Maria of Hatboro

    Hi UKee, Here’s to another 25. Years. CBS wouldn’t be the same without your smiling face. You are always such a gentleman. Keep up the great work.

  • Helen Shepperson

    Happy anniversity, Ukie!
    I have wanted to send a mssg. to you for so long, and now, I have the chance:
    Your are a wonderful anchor for CBS3, and I love seeing Pat and you, everyday. You are easy, fun, funny, talented and just plain great guy.
    Please don’t ever leave.

  • wallyhorse

    Happy anniversary. Hard to believe it has been 25 years.

    I’m sure at the same time, today is a bittersweet day because as I’m sure you know by now, former Channel 3 anchor and longtime CNBC anchor Mark Haines passed away last night (that news was announced on CNBC just before 10:00 this morning).

  • Thea Ann Flores

    Happy 25th Anniversary Ukee! You have been my favorite for years. Always a gentleman and always professional. I met you twice and you always took the time to take a quick picture with me. You will have many more years of pleased viewers. CBS is Blessed to have you. Go Ukee! Go!

  • Carolyn

    Congratulations Ukee, on your anniversary of 25 years and many more to come!
    You deserve a lot of praise for a job well done at CBS 3!!!

  • Sharon

    Happy Anniversary Ukee!! I’ve watched you “grow up” as I’ve done the same (just celebrated 25 year reunion from college) : ) Your broadcasting demonstrates the best of Philadelphia!! Luv ya!!

  • Elease Heyward

    Happy Anniversay, Ukee you deserve it. I hope you have many more anniversary with KYW 3.

    Elease Heyward

  • Toni

    Happy Anniversary Ukee! I am pleased to be a part of your viewing family. I hope you continue to wake me up in the morning for the next 25 years. Congrats.

  • Norma

    Congratulations on 25 years!! And you still look so young. Continue onward and upward! Here’s to 25 more! Happy Anniversary!

  • Paul Lucci

    Happy Anniversary Ukee. Wow 25 years. I have been watching you for all those years! You have truly entertained me over the years. You are the man and the reason I enjoy CBS 3 / KYW. Thanks and hope you stick around for a lot longer.

  • Stephanie Patterson

    Happy Anniversary, Ukee! You have consistently represented yourself and KYW with class. Your news reporting and interviews demonstrate a wealth of knowledge, sensitivity, and passion. I wonder how many kids at this moment are saying, “I want to do what Ukee does when I grow up.” BRAVO!

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