Washington Police Recover Kyle Kendrick’s World Series Ring

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police in Washington have recovered Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick’s 2008 World Series ring after it was stolen from his home in April, along with other memorabilia and personal property.

According to Mt. Vernon Police, the ring was located at the bottom of a swamp in a Mentos container after a lengthy investigation.

Officials began the investigation April 1 and in the following two weeks connected 11 additional burglary victims across several counties. According to police, the ring was discovered by investigators working on an unrelated case.

Since April 12, six individuals have been arrested or taken into custody in connection with the string of crimes.

Mount Vernon Lieutenant Chris Cammock said the six suspects are being investigated in connection with burglaries, car thefts and drug offenses spanning three counties in the state.

At this time, it is unclear who is responsible for the theft of Kendrick’s World Series ring. (see related story)

According to Kendrick, his house in the suburbs of Seattle has been up for sale and fortunately no one was home at the time of the break-in.

But police say sometime between March 26th and 27, the thieves broke down a locked door and spent considerable time loading up home electronics and other valuables.

According to MLB.com, the World Series ring has 103 diamonds in a white gold setting, which is crowned with a ruby inlay topped with the franchise’s signature P.

In addition to finding the World Series ring, police found some of Kendrick’s old baseball gloves, along with autographed baseballs and jerseys.

Police say they were able to contact the Kendrick’s minutes before Kyle went out to pitch against the Colorado Rockies.

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  1. Grammar P.D. says:

    Offense: improper use of the apostrophe. Last sentence: “Kendrick’s” means “Kendrick is”. It can also convey something owned by a Kendrick (ex. “Kendrick’s ring”) “Kendricks” is plural for Kendrick. They meant to say that police contacted the Kendricks, meaning the Kendrick family.

  2. Chris says:

    Wonder if the Mentos were still edible.

  3. kelprod says:

    They found it at the bottom of a swamp in a Mentos container? Uh, how exactly do you find a world series ring at the bottom of a swamp in a Mentos container? And the folks that stole thing cleary were not real bright…why not just break down the diamonds and seel them individually?? Idiots..no wonder they are criminals!

  4. Jim says:


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