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World Series Ring Stolen From Phillies Pitcher Kyle Kendrick’s Seattle Home

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It has happened again. Another Phillies World Series ring goes missing!

Police are now searching for it and the thieves who stole it from a home in Washington State belonging to pitcher Kyle Kendrick.

According to Kendrick, his house in the suburbs of Seattle has been up for sale and fortunately no one was home at the time of the break-in.

But police say some time between March 26th and 27, the thieves defeated a locked door and spent considerable time loading up home electronics and other valuables.

Kendrick said, “My World Series ring, National League ring. I mean, all my rookie year stuff, I had some World Series balls, some bats, all that stuff’s gone, my memorabilia.”

106163578 World Series Ring Stolen From Phillies Pitcher Kyle Kendricks Seattle Home

Kyle Kendrick of the Philadelphia Phillies pitching against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on August 31, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

A number of additional unique items considered priceless to Kendrick were taken including about eight jerseys signed by Ken Griffey Jr. and others.

“They also took TVs. I had five or six flat screen TVs in there. They took all my theatre stuff, my surround sound, speakers all that. Clothes in our closet, I mean they took almost everything. It was pretty bad,” Kendrick added.

Mount Vernon Police investigated a similar style burglary that occurred during the same time frame to a home about a mile from Kendrick’s. Electronic items were also taken.

Kendrick calls the ordeal frustrating, but he maintains his fans have no reason to worry.

“Definitely not going to take this on the ball field, right now, I just hope the cops can do their work and find these guys,” Kendrick said.

Mount Vernon Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Detective Brandon Young at (360) 336-6255 or police dispatch at (360) 428-3211.

According to, the World Series ring has 103 diamonds in a white gold setting which is crowned with a ruby inlay topped with the franchise’s signature P.

Kendrick thinks the ring is worth about $40,000. He does have insurance but some of his stolen valuables are irreplaceable including the World Series ring.

That is why he’s turning to his fans in Philadelphia, asking them to be on the lookout just in case some of the stolen items turn up online for sale.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Paul says:

    Thank God it didn’t happen in Philly. The national media would be all over us.

  2. Mikey says:

    6 or 7 flat screen TVs? no wonder these guys end up broke.

  3. Olney Falcon says:

    Life’s lessons often get learned the hard way, and that’s a darned shame… Let’s hope Mr. Kendrick has learned to ensure his future homes are protected by a good alarm system that would at least alert the police whiled the crime is in progress next time… It wouldn’t hurt to have some kind of video surveillance system, as well…

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