Police Say Man Shot Over French Fry Argument

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A man was shot after an apparent argument over fast food in the city’s Northern Liberties section early Monday morning.

The two men were in a parked car near the intersection of 2nd and Callowhill Streets, eating fast food when an argument broke out over french fries, according to police.

The two men got out of the car, started fighting, and investigators say that’s when one of them pulled a gun and shot the other.

The victim was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital in critical condition.

Witnesses tell police the shooter drove off in a silver Mercedes.  The hunt continues for that car.

No word on what started the argument over the fries.

Reported by Jim Melwert and Al Novack, KYW Newsradio


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  • Mark Matis

    Dontcha wonder what they demographics of this case are? No pictures, so it probably means the perpetrators were Caucasian…

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  • Guess Who

    Just more TNB in celebration of MLK day.

  • tomas


  • Jmac5280

    Only POT could make a man that hungry…. This along with the AZ shooter are just more proof that POT KILLS ;)

    • Tom Penn

      Funny how the same people that want to say “guns don’t kill, people do”. Want to say “pot kills”.

      • Ward Tipton

        I would agree with you to the extent that the law may be questionable … but your logic is flawed … by the same logic, how does someone decry the ability of someone to smoke “killer” cigarettes in bars or in their homes while demanding the right to smoke weed anywhere they please? How can a plastic bag be evil but (oil/petroleum) based condoms should be handed out freely only to be disposed of in the same landfills those plastic bags are “destroying” … and on and on?

  • Zed Manna

    French fries!
    Freedom fries!

    • Lew


  • russf

    oh hell yes touch my fry, and you die drink my shake and you break touch my burger and well that’s not cool man
    baa daa baa baa baa i’m shoot’n him

  • MoochElle

    Where was MoochElle Obama? She’s always looking for another freebie handout she hasn’t earned.

    • Jason

      Dude – you think Moochelle cares? She’s probably on vacation or jet-setting with her entourage of freeloaders, courtesy of the American taxpayer. And when she goes shopping, it’s not in the US.


      YEA….But it’s gotta be LOBSTER baby!!!!

  • In Da Hood

    Blacks killing blacks – when not for drugs, for shoes and now french fries. I’m sure this upstanding citizen bought the Mercedes with clean money as well.


      Ain’t it the “TRUTH”!!!! LOL!!!

  • Tom P.


  • Faye

    I wonder if Sarah Palin ever targeted French Fries? No wait. It was Michelle Obama who targeted fast food. And the City of San Francisco.

  • Pat W.

    Quick…..blame Palin!!!!

  • mike m

    No doubt they were serving those vitriolic style french fries; you know, the kind Sarah Palin and Tea Partiiers like to eat. The next time someone asks “Do you want fries with that?”, be careful how you answer because there really is a vast right-wing conspiracy going on here.

  • sean patriot

    “I’m WIC’n it”

  • Bob Roberts

    My ex-girlfriend lives within 3/4 mile of that spot. She is always talking about how great the neighborhood is… around the time of one of my last visits Sabina O’Donnell was murdered, for her bicycle, even closer to her place but the other direction, to the north, near Girard.

  • Seaknight

    We should pass a law to ban french fries, this violence has to stop.

  • Off Duty

    ….and then they bad-mouthed “The Bell Curve”.

  • peterwoohoo

    Probably a friendly healthcare discussion gone bad when the gunman realized McDonald’s was one of over 250 Companies, plus Unions, Federal workers including Congress & illegal aliens exempted from ObamaCare.

    • Marsh

      Peter, I think you nailed it! Well done.

  • atomic

    It wasn’t french fries….it was a bag of chitterlings.

  • Barry Is King

    Where was Barry Obama? Was he sneaking out for fries behind the Wookies back again?

    • tom

      This is the funniest stuff on the web since yahoo took down our ability to comment on their news stories.

  • Gary

    I’ve heard that fast food is bad for your health….

  • Is it 2012 yet

    People get shot for sun glass’s, coats and shoes so why not French Fries? or maybe the guy was trying to prevent the other guy from getting FAT so he would not have to pay higher taxes for the other guys medical coverage.

    • mmmmKay

      Ahhh, so they are searching for the shooter to award him a Peoples Commendation for cost sutting measures.

  • Zipper

    >McDonalds French Fries. They’re really that good.

    Not since they eliminated trans-fats.

  • Kevin Stowell

    I’m sure they were very good fries.

  • Lee A. Heilig

    McDonalds French Fries. They’re really that good.

    • Eagle35

      Lee, watch the hate speech. Media may be watching.

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