Police Say Man Shot Over French Fry Argument

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A man was shot after an apparent argument over fast food in the city’s Northern Liberties section early Monday morning.

The two men were in a parked car near the intersection of 2nd and Callowhill Streets, eating fast food when an argument broke out over french fries, according to police.

The two men got out of the car, started fighting, and investigators say that’s when one of them pulled a gun and shot the other.

The victim was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital in critical condition.

Witnesses tell police the shooter drove off in a silver Mercedes.  The hunt continues for that car.

No word on what started the argument over the fries.

Reported by Jim Melwert and Al Novack, KYW Newsradio


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One Comment

  1. dave_a says:

    Sarah Palin’s Fault

  2. hollow point says:

    It was a good shoot.

  3. thunderbolt says:

    Who says they argued over French fries? The victim is in critical condition & the perp is missing. I want proof!

  4. Pomme de Terre says:

    When French Fries are outlawed, only outlaws will have French Fries.

  5. Bocephus says:

    Holy schmoke !

    I done heard of peoples fightin over that box o chilcken but for FRIES, are you kidding me ?

    This done gotta be a new low for the human race dont ya’ll tink.

  6. Studley Doright says:

    Prolly one of them felt threatened by the way the other was looking at his fries. Or perhaps they was sharing and someone sprinkled some magic crystals on those fries and cause them both to flip out. There just gotta be more to this story than was reported.

  7. John says:

    Wait . . . two guys are such dimwits that there’s a SHOOTING over French fries?! And then “the shooter drove off in a silver MERCEDES”?

    Corporate VPs or drug dealers? Whaddya think?

    1. Mark Matis says:

      No pictures, so YOU decide.

  8. phlogiston says:

    Hey, one of the fellows needed his nourishment. He is reportedly 5’5″ tall and weighs approximately 250 pounds. He needs to maintain his weight.

    You can’t rely on media sources nowadays for accurate reporting. Rumor has it that the controversy concerned salt, how much should be put on the french fries. It was a health issue. Ingestion of salt can be detrimental to your health.

    Maybe they were feasting in honor of MLK’s birthday. Judge fries not by their color but by the amount of salt used. So close to MLK’s birthday, pepper should have been used rather than salt. It’s a racially based controversy. Obviously.

    When will Al Sharpton waddle in? Jesse Jackson has emeritus status now and probably won’t participate in any protest. It is, however, without question the white establishment’s fault. The failure of America to abide by Michelle Obama’s cautions has affected the psyches of these gentlemen.

    Will the fast food company be sued for serving french fries that evoke violent behavior. One way or another, we know that french fries kill people, either as a cause of controversy or by the slower method of clogging arteries.

  9. AL5000 says:

    Wow, I guess the Food Nazis were right – fast food IS hazardous to your health …

    1. And you wouldn’t listen. Tsk tsk.

  10. Jack says:

    How did they even know there was an argument over fast food? If one of the two guys is at large with the car(that supposedly has these fries) and the other is in critical condition, how do they know?

  11. TMAN says:

    Only in America! LOL

  12. Ann Monis says:

    I thought it was still called Freedom Fries.

    1. Naaah. After they started deporting gypsies and banning niqabs, we love them again. You may call them French Fries.

  13. Dave says:

    It was Sarah Palin’s fault

  14. Bobo says:

    Where’s Officer Big Mac when you need him?

  15. Hurley says:

    Two obese white girls?

  16. fshaw says:

    Looks like he didn’t get it “his way”.

  17. HUGO says:

    They probably fought over the last french fry.

  18. Greg says:

    french fries don’t kill people, people kill people

    1. Save it for the National French Fry Association.

  19. Herman says:

    it is the marxist liberals fault

    1. Hurley says:

      No it is the marxist communist liberals that are not only the anti-christ but also muslim atheists that worship the christian devil while wipping the butts with a copy of Regan’s memoirs. Get it right Herman!!!

  20. Dave Klaus says:

    Now we have to wonder how this person was incited to French Fry violence!
    Is it possible this was caused by Michelle Obama and her very verbal stance on our continued consumption of greasy fried foods?

  21. This is amazing! French fry shootout = spark for a national debate on a totally unrelated stage. haha, brilliant!

  22. Ricardo says:

    Maybe he should’nt have been eating the fries out of the bag before they got home and given the fries to his friend that he had been pilfering out of. That right there can lead to the throwing of hands.

  23. Jack Sprat says:

    Clearly, what is needed here is a French Fries Czar. I don’t know why no one here understands this. We need an overseer to monitor these incidents and determine causality, so that nothing like this ever happens again. Did this take place in a “food desert”? Were these men so hungry that one killed the other just for food? Oh, where, oh where were the Nutrition Police? So sad.

    1. gotwood says:

      You are hilarious!!! I love it!

  24. Mr. Peabody says:

    First of all, there is a logical problem with this story – McDonalds does not serve fries until 10:30 AM, and the article says “early Monday morning”. So, was this some sort of a pre-dawn incident? Second of all, the police are obviously not telling the whole story – an “argument over french fries”? What is there to argue about? Saltiness? Two men in a silver Mercedes fighting to the death over french fries? Somebody must be kidding me. You just can’t believe anything in the media anymore.

    1. crzytrukr says:

      they were really good fries

    2. John says:

      Who said anything about McDonald’s? There is a problem with YOUR logic. Please read the story………again.

    3. No One says:

      There are 24 hour McDonalds that serve fries and burgers until 3am or so. I’ve got one down the street.

      Anyway, eating fries early in the morning in a Mercedes while at least one is packing a gun. I’d be willing to bet these are just some street thugs. When you associate with trouble, you get trouble. To bad they didn’t shoot eachother.

  25. David Carlson says:

    Hey. I understand this topic well. Fresh fries beat frozen hands down. The type of potato and oil as well as the temperature of the oil are very important. Important enough to fight over!

  26. Rebecca says:

    Is it possible that the blacks you encountered were usually criminal types? I know plenty of blacks who could quite safely own a gun and only use it for self defense. I live in a community that is about 1/3 black, 1/3 white and 1/3 Mexican. Do you think being a policeman has skewed your vision since you probably spent more time with criminals than law abiding citizens? By the way, I am a conservative, not a liberal. I own a gun and I believe in gun rights. I also know, as you should, that there are lots of people who shouldn’t have guns, black, white and otherwise but if they want them, they can get them quite easily.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

  27. Hillarious Clinton says:

    It was a vast right wing conspiracy.

  28. jimmyjack says:


    Mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down?

    Best comment yet.
    “Say WHAT one more time….”

  29. JFW says:

    Until we as a society stop the hateful rhetoric and begin to take responsibillity as a whole for the nutritional rights of all Americans this sort of tragedy is bound to reoccur.

  30. clab says:

    Had there been stiffer regulation over who can purchase french fries and a reasonable waiting period, say 3 days, this never would have happened.

    1. SBC in OTown says:

      That means the establishment that sold them is criminally liable for not performing the background check before selling them.

  31. Tom says:

    I’m McKilla…

  32. Brutus Beefcake says:

    I can fully understand if these where those new Sea Salt Fries from Wendys ?

    Mmmm Mmmmm Gooood.

    To die for

  33. Larry Jeffryes says:

    French Fries are a gateway something, something, something, something, ……

  34. Yep says:

    As my three year old would say….they made “bad choices”.

  35. otethepote says:

    You’ve got to be kidding, joking, saying that with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Does personal resposibility no longer exist in this country. It seems as if there is always some sort of ” boogey man” out there to place the blame on.

    1. antisocialist_1 says:

      They all just kids: they crave for ‘liberal’ guidance. They ‘think’ people can’t live without their guidance.

  36. greatwildnorth says:

    Palin and you deserve each other…Why don’t you move to Alaska?

  37. AnotherRep says:

    You are an idiot…please do not pro-create.

    1. Troy says:

      I think they were being sarcastic. Read their user name, then read the post, while thinking “could this be sarcastic’?


    2. TruthHurts says:

      You are the idiot, you can’t even recognize obvious sarcasm. And “procreate” is not hyphenated. Moron.

  38. Marc Bryant says:

    I love it when french frys eat people

  39. Blammo says:

    First and foremost the name is FreeDumb fries.
    It appears we now need a ” War on fries”………..for yet another epic fail

  40. K says:

    We obviously need better french frie control laws…

    1. Lantz says:

      When french fries are outlawed, only outlaws will have french fries.

      1. Joe Mama says:

        Great comment. These comments here are so much better than the articles.

  41. sinbinn says:

    It’s Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin’s fault

    1. Starr says:

      Don’t forget those wild tea party people!!

    2. Taro says:

      Republicans want to keep french fries legal because they like it when innocent victims of french fry sales shoot each other over the the angst of their greasy addiction. We need french fry control, and we need it now!

      1. Dino says:

        ummm…isn’t that protected under the second ammendment?

  42. regis49 says:

    Would you like a bullet with those fries?

  43. Patrick says:

    It’s just a matter of time until this spins into a headline that reads, “Fast Food Kills”.

  44. jgreene says:

    Were they McDonald’s Fries?

    1. bob says:

      obviously! …………1 order of Mac fries..2 persons I am surprised this is not a daily thing..

    2. bob says:

      obviously! … a right wing conspiracy……………..white devils@#$%^&

    3. DBinVA says:

      I was surprised it was about fries. It seems like most of the violence of late has been over McNuggets.

  45. John says:

    They need to ban the sale of french fries at fast food places!!

    1. While we’re at it, ban onion rings. They’re overlooked….but dangerous.

  46. Julie Anne Curristan says:

    hook those guys up with the chicks from Port St Lucie, FL (McDonalds nuggets 911 call) and Fort Pierce FL (911 call for a burger from Burger King). Bet they’d have a good food fight.

    1. Charles Marion says:


      1. Charles Marion says:

        and I thought you guys called them freedom fries anyway?

  47. IrateNate says:

    I know, I know….Sarah Palin, right?

  48. Fryer says:

    So, you don’t want fries with that?

  49. ironleg says:

    good thing that stupid basketball player never had a gun when his wife gave their kid french fries she would be dead

  50. Richard says:

    One Word…………..Democrats……………

  51. Pete says:

    Sad to say but yes, it is generally warmer in the summer than it is in the winter.

  52. pismoclam says:

    It’s all Michell’s fault. You can’t use trans fat to fry your potatoes and that’s what caused the fight. Bubba (Clinton) needs to officiate !

  53. donttreadonme says:

    Who the hell eats fries in a Mercedes?? Losers.

    1. Michael says:

      In that area it isn’t losers, but drug dealers What do you think that the occupants were discussing that got the lead to fly? You do not really believe that it was just who’s fingers were last in the bag of fries do you? What else do you tell the Emergency Room Docs about how you caught some lead!

    2. Charles Marion says:

      really……they should not even be eating fries at all…..

    3. InTheBubble says:

      That would be Willie the Drug Dealer.

    4. InTheBubble says:

      Mon Dieu, toute cette violence à cause de nos pomme frites? Nous sommes très touchés.

  54. Cbr says:

    Good, I hope they get the other guy and off his butt too…. I say keep it up, We need to thin out our gene pool of people who fight over things like that..

    1. MAKEMYDAY says:

      “BINGO”….Thats a BIG 10 – 4 good buddy!!!

  55. SFmemberSITR says:

    Mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down?

  56. jon e says:

    We love Sarah. Love ya!!!!!!
    Sarah can do no wrong.
    No need to say anything more. No need to argue, no need to
    explain, no need to rationalize, no need to convince anyone.

    1. Charles Marion says:

      lol…why are you writing this here?….who the hell is Sarah?….destined for sainthood lol…..Chas in Canada

  57. Suzanne says:

    They were probably talking about Sarkozy and if he invented “French” fries?

  58. Oblahblah says:

    They must have been those right wing fries to stir up such vitriol

    1. ctr says:

      Just think what would have happened if it was a chicken wing or rib!

  59. DB says:

    Looks like the government needs to ban fries. (Or just have a federal background check of whoever wants to buy them)

  60. bunny32 says:

    one station said the shooting ws over a cake-so which one is correct?

  61. steve says:

    Excuse me Dr. Bombay. Your comment appears to be intelligent. Having made this observation I think it is only fair to inform you that you seem to have accidentally posted on the wrong sight.

    1. Allen says:

      It is site not sight… yet you prove your own point!

    2. Dr. Bombay says:

      Why did they remove my post?


      1. MAKE MY DAY says:

        Because they are so PC crazy!!!! We do NOT have “Freedom of Speech” anymore in the USA!!! Didn’t Obummer, Holder or Napolitano tell you???

  62. jj says:

    This is what happens when you let Philadelphians eat anything other than cheese stakes. They never argue over cheese stakes for some reason.

    1. jj says:

      Steaks I mean….

    2. joe Momma says:

      Yeah, right. No one EVER gets in a “discussion” of Ginos vs. Pats. Philthydelphians are all “go along to get along”.

      I think you have been doing some of what they were actually fighting about.

  63. steve says:

    I wonder which political party these two rocket scientists belong to?
    My guess is they would not be Republicans.

  64. STEVE says:

    I am shocked by the endless stream of comments trivializing this incident!

    1. That’s what our Founding Fathers would have wanted.

  65. blather says:

    We? Paleez.

  66. blather says:

    Way to start MLK day off!

    1. Carl Z. says:

      One of the them wanted a McNugget, and the other said: “Who are you calling a Nugget?”

  67. aaronwolfe says:

    Whoa! Peep the GOP circle jerk on this story!!!

    “You people” are all mental cases, whether you’re trolling or not.
    Just be clear and honest with yourself, you know you are, and deep inside, it worries you at times.

    Humans are capable of killing over french fries. The logical conclusion is obviously that everyone should have a gun.

    We are done evolving, it is official.

    1. Richard McLean says:

      Who made you the official to declare that it is official.

      1. abc says:

        He’s the only one still evolving so he has the say.

      2. Dave says:

        Yeah, he’s a lot smarter than the rest of us because he’s still evolving in his terms. So is the offficials’ official and he can say when things are officially official or not.

    2. Jahnke says:

      Evolution is a man-made myth to make evil people feel better about denying their Lord.

      And … I own three guns. All good people should own at least that many.

    3. Sam says:

      Or maybe ban french frys from Happy meals!

  68. pete says:

    and around the corner 27 people were executed over a bowl of grape nuts

  69. george says:

    must be some good fries!

    1. Charles Marion says:


  70. John C says:

    Suggesting once again that eating junk food can be dangerous to your health

  71. Fred Monroe says:

    Don’t blame the shooter for the shooting. Be a loyal democrat and blame some Republican and then give a lecture on civility in speech.

  72. Eagle35 says:

    No dave, Bush is so yesterday. It’s Sarah Palin’s fault. The left’s new villian.

  73. bvdon says:

    Worth noting, the absurd liberal attack on conservatives this past week has become the butt of all jokes.

    Even Daniel Carver said on Bill Maher that the issue that should have been up for discussion was mental health care in the US and (futile) gun laws).

    Excuse my violent rhetoric, but the liberals have shot themselves in the foot once again with their political correctness and vile hatred to anyone they disagree with.

    1. Eagle35 says:

      Sort of making bvdon’s point aren’t you TeaPartyNonsense? Just a little unhinged today aren’t we? You got 2 names, 2 insults and one incoherent sentence in just one post. Well done.

    2. Jack Kennedy says:

      oh look, more LIBERAL VITRIOL AND HATE inciting rage and violence at they spout about civility


    3. Dreamer1 says:

      Now that is the kettle criticizing the pot. After the liberal media outburst placing the blame for this horrendous event on the Tea Party and the right. bvdon is correct when they stated the issue that need to be discussed is mental health and the futile gun laws(When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns’. And you are demonstrating the left’s total idiocy in it’s comprehension of the tea party. We are the country(farms, small towns) people. We are the ones that feed the rest. We are the heart and soul of the people that still believe that America is and will continue to be the greatest FREE country in the world. And by the by, there are plenty of tea partiers to go around once you get outside the liberal ‘heartland’ of the urban centers. The message that the tea party people are trying to send and the lefties do not get is, Business as usual in Washington D.C. is over. Washington D.C. belongs to the people, not the lobbyists.

    4. A joke, right says:

      Nice, you go around name calling yet you’re the imbecile with teapartyis… for a name?

      Typical isn’t it, a hypocrite liberal!

    5. Hp Loveshaft says:

      @TeaPartyIsNonsense: “I am so glad most people think your old red neck fools.”

      “Your” old red neck fools? Thanks for the irony, quarter-wit.

    6. Richard M says:

      Most? Guess again, you old redneck fool.

  74. Matt Parrott says:

    Wendy’s has those new natural cut fries with sea salt. They’re that good.

    The most bizarre part of this story was that the guy drove away in a Mercedes. I was envisioning a sort of pathetic bum fight, but it was two rich dudes in tailored business suits. That’s what you get when you jump to conclusions…

    1. porchhound says:

      more than likely two drug dealers on crack in a Mercedes

    2. Beach Luigi says:

      More like drug dealers, not businessmen!

    3. Jason says:

      …a Mercedes with 22’s and a shooter wearing gold chains and sporting a grill.

    4. Kim Halsey says:

      Very Funny!

  75. bvdon says:

    Goes by the name “Hamburglar”…

    1. Charles Marion says:

      thats good

  76. Randy Middleton says:

    fries to die for

  77. Red Fellow says:

    “Excuse me my good man, can you please remove your extremity from my potato cuts?”
    ” I am sorry but i believe that these crinkle cuts belong to me!”
    “Hardly my good man, now if you don’t remove the finger it we will have to step outside and settle this like gentlemen!”
    “I believe we should”

    1. Ahahaha. I doubt they were that civil. ;-)

  78. Michael Spurlock says:

    I blame Michelle Obama and her harsh rhetoric against French Fries.

    (Seriously, though. It’s Philadelphia. And Pennsylvania. Because of their insane pro-criminal, anti-victim gun laws, if you’re not in a gang, and therefore armed, you’re hiding in your basement, because you’re defenseless.)

    1. Carl Z. says:

      When I started college, they told us there were only 3 bad parts of town, North Phila., W. Phila, and S. Phila. If not for the Delaware River, there would have been 4 bad parts of town.

  79. Kingfish says:

    Like 2 primates fighting over the last babana

  80. Kingfish says:

    Like two monkeys fighting over the last bananna.

  81. pynaetlb says:

    These Obama supporters will fight about anything. LOL.

  82. joe says:

    Amish, no doubt.

  83. grunk says:

    Trans fat violence

  84. Flannigan says:

    I’ll bet the victim didn’t get a “shot” of catsup with his fries.

    So, the guy with gun gave him one!

  85. TXMarko says:

    Ah, Filthydelphia… the City of Brotherly Love…..

  86. tubaman says:

    typical for philly.i wish i could afford a mercedes to go out and get fast food.wonder what the guy does to afford a mercedes and don’t tell me he got it honestly.

  87. Ringo says:

    I said NO CATSUP!!

  88. Sammie Jo says:

    French Fries kill, they will now be banned by order of King obama!

  89. maniac@large says:

    Do you want a 9 mil with that?

  90. Mark Matis says:

    Dontcha wonder what they demographics of this case are? No pictures, so it probably means the perpetrators were Caucasian…

  91. Guess Who says:

    Just more TNB in celebration of MLK day.

  92. tomas says:


  93. Jmac5280 says:

    Only POT could make a man that hungry…. This along with the AZ shooter are just more proof that POT KILLS ;)

    1. Tom Penn says:

      Funny how the same people that want to say “guns don’t kill, people do”. Want to say “pot kills”.

      1. Ward Tipton says:

        I would agree with you to the extent that the law may be questionable … but your logic is flawed … by the same logic, how does someone decry the ability of someone to smoke “killer” cigarettes in bars or in their homes while demanding the right to smoke weed anywhere they please? How can a plastic bag be evil but (oil/petroleum) based condoms should be handed out freely only to be disposed of in the same landfills those plastic bags are “destroying” … and on and on?

  94. Zed Manna says:

    French fries!
    Freedom fries!

    1. Lew says:


  95. russf says:

    oh hell yes touch my fry, and you die drink my shake and you break touch my burger and well that’s not cool man
    baa daa baa baa baa i’m shoot’n him

  96. MoochElle says:

    Where was MoochElle Obama? She’s always looking for another freebie handout she hasn’t earned.

    1. Jason says:

      Dude – you think Moochelle cares? She’s probably on vacation or jet-setting with her entourage of freeloaders, courtesy of the American taxpayer. And when she goes shopping, it’s not in the US.

    2. MAKEMYDAY says:

      YEA….But it’s gotta be LOBSTER baby!!!!

  97. In Da Hood says:

    Blacks killing blacks – when not for drugs, for shoes and now french fries. I’m sure this upstanding citizen bought the Mercedes with clean money as well.

    1. MAKE MY DAY says:

      Ain’t it the “TRUTH”!!!! LOL!!!

  98. Faye says:

    I wonder if Sarah Palin ever targeted French Fries? No wait. It was Michelle Obama who targeted fast food. And the City of San Francisco.

  99. Pat W. says:

    Quick…..blame Palin!!!!

  100. mike m says:

    No doubt they were serving those vitriolic style french fries; you know, the kind Sarah Palin and Tea Partiiers like to eat. The next time someone asks “Do you want fries with that?”, be careful how you answer because there really is a vast right-wing conspiracy going on here.

  101. sean patriot says:

    “I’m WIC’n it”

  102. Bob Roberts says:

    My ex-girlfriend lives within 3/4 mile of that spot. She is always talking about how great the neighborhood is… around the time of one of my last visits Sabina O’Donnell was murdered, for her bicycle, even closer to her place but the other direction, to the north, near Girard.

  103. Seaknight says:

    We should pass a law to ban french fries, this violence has to stop.

  104. Off Duty says:

    ….and then they bad-mouthed “The Bell Curve”.

  105. peterwoohoo says:

    Probably a friendly healthcare discussion gone bad when the gunman realized McDonald’s was one of over 250 Companies, plus Unions, Federal workers including Congress & illegal aliens exempted from ObamaCare.

    1. Marsh says:

      Peter, I think you nailed it! Well done.

  106. atomic says:

    It wasn’t french fries….it was a bag of chitterlings.

  107. Barry Is King says:

    Where was Barry Obama? Was he sneaking out for fries behind the Wookies back again?

    1. tom says:

      This is the funniest stuff on the web since yahoo took down our ability to comment on their news stories.

  108. Gary says:

    I’ve heard that fast food is bad for your health….

  109. Is it 2012 yet says:

    People get shot for sun glass’s, coats and shoes so why not French Fries? or maybe the guy was trying to prevent the other guy from getting FAT so he would not have to pay higher taxes for the other guys medical coverage.

    1. mmmmKay says:

      Ahhh, so they are searching for the shooter to award him a Peoples Commendation for cost sutting measures.

  110. Zipper says:

    >McDonalds French Fries. They’re really that good.

    Not since they eliminated trans-fats.

  111. Kevin Stowell says:

    I’m sure they were very good fries.

  112. Lee A. Heilig says:

    McDonalds French Fries. They’re really that good.

    1. Eagle35 says:

      Lee, watch the hate speech. Media may be watching.

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