NJ Politician Proposes License Plates For Bicycles

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If a proposed bill becomes law in New Jersey, bicyclists will have to pay to register bikes or face a fine.

The bill, introduced by Democratic New Jersey assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker of Essex, requires owners to register bikes with the Motor Vehicle Commission for $10 dollars a piece or face fines up to $100. A license plate would be issued and will have to be displayed when riding on public roads. Plates would be valid for two years.

John Boyle with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is against the proposed bill.

“Her office has an issue with bicyclists on the sidewalks,” he said. “We are asking our New Jersey members and people in the state of New Jersey to contact their state assembly representatives and ask them to oppose this legislation,” Boyle said.

Boyle says the enforcement will be almost impossible. He believes it would also be a drain on police resources and a financial burden to some.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio

* UPDATE: Politician Pulls Idea *

  • Jon24

    OMG! This is the most pathetic idea I’ve evr heard of! I have an idea you imbicile of a politician, why don’t you think of a way to reduce taxes for the people??? oh yeah I forgot that dems don’t want to help people!

  • MJS

    I refuse to do this and will rip up the tickets. We’ll have the plight of those being sentenced to jail not registering a bicycle. What’s next? A fee to have a mailbox?

    Its time to re-read Orwell’s 1984 or see the movie.

    • Steve

      But if you don’t pay the tickets they’ll put a boot on your tire…

    • Matt

      the movie was awful

      • MJS

        it was, but i was addressing the lazy

    • DJ143

      Heres a another side for your consideration…I watch cyclists continually blow through stop signs, ride the wrong side of the road, etc,etc….. on a regular basis. Not just the children, or homeless, but the spandex & helmet clad ” serious ” cyclists wearing their cycling club jerseys. I am a cyclist, and was a bike cop. I am embarrassed by the actions of so many cyclists……Hey tear up the tickets and have your drivers license suspended. Your call

      • JP

        Fascist pig.

      • MJS

        DJ, my wife’s been hit by a cyclist before, the point is this goes too far. Have more bike cops if its that big of an issue, but I’ve seen plenty of cyclists die in accidents because of the reasons you stated.

        I’m not having anything suspended because I will REFUSE to obey this law any other…what are they going to do put thousands of people in prision? Sorry, but people have had enough of the nanny state.

  • matt storms

    Wow makes me want to move to Utah and ride in Salt Lake City. I just singed up for the FrontRunner Century Ride in April. Maybe I will look for a new home out there at that time. http://www.frontrunnercentury.com

  • Bob

    Why shouldn’t thos who ride bicycles on public streets not help pay for the very bike lanes that motorists and gas taxes pay for. They’ve got a free ride all these years. It’s time they pay their fair share.

    • NorthBiker

      ” It’s time they pay their fair share.”

      Im sure the funds wont be raided by the state govenment. all of these trusts will say they reserve the right for the money to be transfered to the state general fund. Just vote her out of office and the problem is solved.

    • reuben

      Your an idiot.

    • Thurston Howell III

      Bob, what makes you think riders don’t already pay for the lanes? Do non-riders pay some premium I am not aware of or alternatively, do they get a discount?

    • JerseyMike

      Using that logic, then pedestrians on the sidewalk should be taxed because there tens of thousands pedestrians for every bicycle and all those feet must be causing maintenance issues for sidewalks and walk lanes to cross the street – let’s just tax, tax, tax everyone for everything.

    • Bubba

      Ignorance about how roads are paid for aside, the culturally intolerant would lose an argument against those that they perceive impede their absolute right to own the road. Please also issue pedestrian license plates too. Then they can be more easily identified when they get in the way. They also have been getting a free ride since before there were roads!

  • Skeeter

    Sidewalks are for WALKING on. Not for riding a bike on. If the Tax Queen wants a tax, then you should demand bike lanes EVERYWHERE there is a city street. Hey, its only fair, right?

    • Eric

      Very good Point!!!

    • Howard

      But what about skateboards?

  • xXxMExXx

    IMO… They should just follow the fishing license model and register cyclists instead of their bikes.

  • Joe

    So long as I can get a vanity plate that reads OVRTAXD.

    I own three bikes, my wife has two, my son has one, I have a bike trailer for my sons to ride in, or for getting things home from the store. Will I have to get a plate for all of them every two years?

    So $35/year(if it’s $70/2) for a healthy hobby that my family enjoys.

    I’m sure this will lead to a database where the bike’s serial number has to registered, and I will have to present all of my paperwork to the officer when if I do anything they aren’t fans of. Since i normally don’t ride with my DL on me (just my health insurance card) any current stop by an officer I could lie about my identity or address since there is no proof. I’m sure this will only make it easier, or more encouraged, for officers to write tickets to riders since there will be proof of identity.

  • Hal Johnston

    That’s it, the last straw! High property taxes, on the take politicians and now this?!!! I’m moving out of this state and others should follow!

    • Hangfire

      Don’t move! Stay and fight!

  • sick

    The state needs more money to give to the rich corporations, CEOs and their lobbyists. Where else will the state get money from if it’s not poor working class? IL came up with 66% increase in state income tax; NJ with licenses plates(taxes) and fines on bicycles.
    They should just come up with a simple tax law that says, GO WORK FOR THE RICH FOR FREE; coz that’s how it is now anyway.

  • wal

    The huge plus to this is that bikes on roads will now be legitimized and cyclists can demand a better infrastructure for bikes. The assemplywoman is not seeing the big picture in all this (big surprise, I know) but with the licenses come rights. Rights to actually be on the road, rights to demand better lanes, rights to file a legitimate complain against irresponsible driving. Think about it.

    • N W Johnson

      And the right to be ticketed for improper lane change, running stop signs, riding the wrong way on a one-way street. And the beat goes on.

  • Hal Johnston

    Are you freaking kidding me?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vic starnes

    “tax and spend liberals” ! we get what we elect, nuff said.

    • Hangfire


  • Bob from Spotswood

    OMG – I just realized, she didn’t include Tricycles!!!?? Will they cost 33% more? What will I tell my 3 year old granddaughter?

  • Baba booey

    Got to love jersey politicians, IDIOTS

    • Nuisance

      You say that, but they have to come up with a way to pay for all their entitlement programs. You either have to cut the fat or come up with another means of making revenue. There are no easy answers.

      • pat

        how about end entitlements – easy enough.

  • TaxMeForBreathingAir

    I’m picturing vanity plates on the back of shoes where the “Uggs” logo usually is. Would the bicycles also need to go through a state safety inspection? What about turn signals and brake lights? How about a permanent tattoo plate on the back of the neck?

  • http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2011/01/13/plan-to-require-bicycle-license-plates-in-nj-goes-nowhere/ Plan To Require Bicycle License Plates In NJ Goes Nowhere « CBS Philly – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Philadelphia

    […] (CBS) – One day after a plan was introduced in New Jersey to put license plates on bicycles (see previous story), the legislator behind the idea has decided to pull […]

  • Nancy Campanelli

    This is OUT OF HAND. Instead of wanting MORE from those of us already struggling, CUT BACK on the ridiculous things you spend money on. They just don’t listen. It’s always MORE ‘N MORE ‘N MORE. You can’t get blood from a stone!! How ’bout some of these wealthy politicians coming up with all these ideas start taking some from their own pockets!!!!

  • JEFF

    Let me tell you how it will be;
    There’s one for you, nineteen for me.
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman,
    Yeah, I’m the taxman.

    Should five per cent appear too small,
    Be thankful I don’t take it all.
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman,
    Yeah, I’m the taxman.

    (if you drive a car, car;) – I’ll tax the street;
    (if you try to sit, sit;) – I’ll tax your seat;
    (if you get too cold, cold;) – I’ll tax the heat;
    (if you take a walk, walk;) – I’ll tax your feet.


    ‘Cause I’m the taxman,
    Yeah, I’m the taxman.

    Don’t ask me what I want it for, (ah-ah, mister Wilson)
    If you don’t want to pay some more. (ah-ah, mister heath)
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman,
    Yeah, I’m the taxman.

    Now my advice for those who die, (taxman)
    Declare the pennies on your eyes. (taxman)
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman,
    Yeah, I’m the taxman.

    And you’re working for no one but me.


    • man_ber_pig

      Jeff beat me to it.


      Where does the money go? Pensions for government employees. You have to pay for the money the current pigs have blown on stupid stuff, and you also have to pay for the stupid stuff the previous pigs purchased — and cover their health care — and pay them a salary for the rest of their lives.

      This is not sustainable. Current taxpayers are stuck with the tab of the past, but you sure can change the contracts of the folks there now — don’t like it? Find another job. Plenty of qualified people on the street right now that will do YOUR job more effectively.

      Time to cut off the little piggies at the government trough.

    • mj

      :-) thank you

  • Guess Who

    Leave it to a Queen of Denial to propose yet another tax.

  • Marco

    My My, Next they will tax us for walking and breathing….

  • ruth d

    because her office has an issue with bikes on siidewalk she intends to impose 10 dollar tax on every bike owner in state of nj ???

  • Terry

    Wow another Democrat finds a way to tax people!

    • Howard

      They’ve has years of practice, but so have the Republicans.. How can we stop it? Don’t vote for anyone who is in favor of increased spending. If a new program is needed, discontinue some old programs. Freeze government spending and employment now and demand that public employee salary and retirement plans do not exceed the average in the private sector.

  • Christopher Meandyou Lewis


  • Christopher Meandyou Lewis


  • buck lee

    liberals must lay in bed at night thinking how to steal your hard earned money! we must rid nj of them!

    • Jose

      Ohhh careful now. People might think you are a violent person with that threatening rhetoric of yours. What exactly do you mean by “Get rid”?

      Your comment needs to be removed or you may incite someone into violence.

      • Dennis

        Meant to say everyone and I mis-spell a few words…dare democrats are effecting everyone…

      • Dennis

        So funny but so true…Every here watch Obama and his specatal he had in AZ last night? It was the kick off for his 2012 cp. How about the soldiers family who some dumb congress paerson could’nt even get the name right (Proof democrats/liberals can’t read or write) on the letter to the dead soldiers family. Then when that soldiers family tried to call Obama and speak with him they were told he was to DAMN BUSY!!! But he sure made time for an democrat who got shot didn’t he!!!! I say VOTE HIM and the REST of his crew out come 2012!

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