Rendell ‘Would Like To See’ Vick Get A Dog

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — Outgoing Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell told reporters on Tuesday that “he would like to see” Eagles quarterback Michael Vick get a dog.

“I think when he’s off probation, I would like to see him get a dog, because I think that dog would be treated awfully nice,” Rendell said at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Chester.

Rendell wanted to remind people how Vick routinely makes community visits, often without media attention, to speak out against dog fighting.

“The SPCA says he’s done great things,” Rendell said.

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Vick served 18 months in prison for his role in a dog fighting operation. Following his release, Vick was sentenced to three years probation, which ends in May 2012. One of the terms of his probation is that he cannot own a dog during that time.

During a recent interview, Vick stated that he would like to bring a dog into his home when his probation ends.

With the Eagles’ season now done, attention turns to the team’s future — particularly that of Vick.

During the interview with reporters, Rendell said he hopes the Eagles do, in fact, sign Vick to a long-term contract.

Rendell also says he’s gotten no grief at all in the aftermath of Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview in which he lost his composure on camera with correspondent Lesley Stahl while discussing casino gambling (see related story).

He insists he wasn’t exasperated with Stahl, but rather with an off-camera producer who kept asking the same question over and over again.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060.


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  1. Gail Formosa says:

    Rendell,first you destroyed my neighborhood with that Section 8.It did nothing but bring welfare bums and drugs that destroyed our beautiful neighborhood(Juanita).Ok when you became an advacate against Puppy Mills.I kind of forgave you but now you say Michael Vick should have a dog?This is interesting considering the Judge said he can never own a dog.I feel he lost the right when he hung,shot,faught and threw his own domestic animals into the put bull ring.Before you have a opinion you need to look at all the facts invovled.What idiot would recommend someone like Vick to own a dog.How about saying something about the people who are rehabilitating those dogs(Best Friends) …I do not hear Obama calling them to say thank you for all your hard work helping those dogs that were mentally and physically abused by Vick hand.He enjoyed the screaming and suffering of animals.I do not know what is wrong with you,Obama,Barbara Walter but seriously for educated people you are a bunch of idiots.Vick did not go to jail for dog murdering so he did not pay his debt to society..How could he pay,he should be forced to hand over that salary to all dogs abused for rehabilitation and housing,that would be a start.Saying he should have a dog is saying those dogs that were hung died in vein

  2. Lyss says:

    This story honetly disgusts me! Since when was the goverenment been involved in sports?!?! first Obama now Rendell? really. there are bigger issues that must be dealt with than this. So basically by Rendell saying Vick should get a dog, he is basically saying to all those animal abusers out there, “keep beating those animals, as long as you’re good at your job, you won’ t be punished.” ridiculous! Vick is a MURDERER, and what makes it worse is that he murdered INNOCENT dogs!

    Animals don’t have voices to speak out, so WE NEED TO BE THEIR VOICES!
    If they blow off what VIck did, people will see that and keep abusing.

  3. Mee says:

    sorry i didn’t mean to report that my curser went over it and clicked by accident. i actually agree with you haha

  4. Bev says:

    Amazing how many ignorant people posting these ridiculous comments. Why shouldn’t he have a dog, do any of you know how many others that have been accused of abusing and killing dogs, are currently dog owners………………………… guess is no, and you don’t know because you don’t care. You folks have found one person who you can continously pound on and that is what you are doing, if you care that much you would argue and fight about all previous animal abusers not owning dogs or any kind of pets. Do any of you know if Vick two codefendants are currently dog owners, again my guess is no. I just looked at the list of top ten pet people Vick was number 10 on that list. I didn’t see any of your names on it…………………wonder why. And for those who are saying his participation with HSUS and other animal rights groups is court ordered, you really needd to check your facts before making that statement, because it isn’t court ordered at all. GET OVER IT. You should know by now no one cares what you think or how you feel

    1. Char T. says:

      I can sum up the word IGNORANCE in just three little letters…B.E.V. Why dont you do some reseach and get your facts straight? FYI….NO one cares about any of the foolishness that you stupidly posted! We as animal advocates, do address ALL animal cruelty. He is NOT a target, he is merely just pathetic excuse for a human being that disgust anyone who has ever loved a dog. The facts are clear and proof is in black and white…no one gives a damn about what his “co-defendants” ( QUANIS PHILLIPS AND PURNELL PEACE) are doing or what they own, because they are not the ones in the freaking spotlight using post game interviews, whinning they want to own a dog! I think that is possibly beacuse they were not as priviledged and most likely got more than a lil slap on their wrists for their actions. They are obviously a lot smarter then you and Vick. They clearly know that they were wrong, needed to be punished, and that there is NO possibility that they should even suggest the idea that they should ever be allowed own a dog …they dont have his fame and money to help or save them!

      Ps. Not only did Quanis Phillips get a federal prison sentence for associating with a LOW LIFE like Mike Vick, he also got SHOT at Mike Vick’s 30th Birthday party! Hmmmmm…I do believe the court order that was handed to Vick also stated that Vick is no longer allowed to asscoiate with Peace or Phillips! I can see that Vick obviosly learned a lesson and he now is a law obiding citizen…..NOT!!!!!!

      I suggest you do a little more research B.E.V.

  5. painful truth says:

    While we’re at it I’d like to see a priest get an altar boy, an alcoholic get a job as a bartender, Rendell get another term in office…

  6. Fran says:

    Another idiot that’s in denial that thinks vick has repented and deserves another chance. People that really think this should be medicated. He had over 50 dogs that he tortured and murdered. Are you freakin kidding me? Does he actually think this man is trust worthy of ever owning another animal. Reality is that vick is a dog murderer and will remain that way in many people’s eyes including myself.

  7. Evelyn says:

    My faith in humanity has been restored after reading the replies about the poor excuse for a human being that Michael Vick is.I, too, hope a dog gets him before he gets another one.

  8. Bonnie says:

    I feel very ashamed that Ed Rendell is a representative of PA with these latest comments. I am having a very hard time comprehending how he could turn his comments so far towards supporting Michael Vick!! It was not that long ago that he supported toughening the laws against people who abused animals. Being a volunteer at an animal shelter I personally find it disgusting and unexcussable. I feel I have been able to overlook Ed’s ridiculous comments in the past, but this is now the limit for me personally. I am glad he is no longer going to be our govenor.

  9. Mary Ann says:

    First Ed defends more casinos because these people will gamble anyway. Now Michael Vick deserves a dog because he played great in his first season as an Eagle. This is like offering a drink to someone who just came out of rehab!

  10. Diane says:

    If I understand correctly, when asked to visit those dogs that he abused in a despicable way, he refused. What those dogs endured is beyond anything imaginable. He is no hero. But a monster whose face those dogs saw as they suffered and cried out for mercy. Beyond me to understand why anyone would consider him a “superstar”.. guess the whole football player thing. To even consider Vick to have any animal companion is baffling. Would be the height of stupidity
    Wonder if he has nightmares about those poor babies.

  11. Miss Rendell says:

    Does anyone give a rats @ss about what Ed thinks anymore??? I sure don’t.

  12. hide your beagle,vicks an eagle! says:

    personally,i think VICK should have had the same fate as those poor innocent dogs did,someone should have used battery cables on him,someone should have raped him,i am so sick and tired of the vick lovers and the luries,the obamas and now fast eddie,he’s a pathetic politician and an even worse football analyst.
    maybe a pedophile, should get a job at a day care eddie!

    1. CLO says:

      I agree with you 100% Vick is a piece of garbage. If this was any Joe Schmoe he wouldn’t even have a job and would be banned from any type of animal ownership. People who support Vick are a bunch of losers and it made me highly disappointed that we even have him on our football team. This is the city of Brotherly Love.. meaning of Man and Beast and him being here is a complete oxymoron.

  13. Greg Pinto says:

    Why are people more concerned with the fact that Michael Vick can’t own a dog than the fact that our governor is a bloody idiot.

    1. bsinkop says:

      Why aren’t we more concerned with the fact that people don’t know who our governor is.

  14. BARBARA H says:


  15. mk says:

    Rendell has lost his Frigging mind.. what an idiot who has jumped on the poor vick as a victim bandwagon. thankfully, this moron is leaving office… Vick wouldn’t even know how to treat ANYTHING well as that’s just not in his mind.. he is a selfish criminal plain & simple.
    Rendell is simply a moron and a simpleton to use his own words…

  16. Michele Kociolek-Burkitt says:

    Is he out of his mind? The things coming out of his mouth lately are absurd.

    I agree with Dee, a dog should get Vick!

  17. Char T. says:

    Wow??? REALLY??? Ed Randell, I am ashamed to say that I TRULY liked you! I saw your recentlittle explosion over the casino on EVERY news channel which gave me some concern and made me wonder about your stability! NOW….I am COMPLETELY certain that you are an IDIOT!!!! the statement friom you stating that you think Mike Vick should have a dog, or any animal makes me full of DISGUST! You and anyone else who thinks Mike Vick should have a dog should rot in Hell with him!

    P.S. IDIOTS….any community service or any acts of kindness from Mike Vick towards animals are FREAKING COURT ORDERED!!!!

    Oh yeah and BTW….The freaking LOSER Eagles did NOT make it to the Superbowl YET AGAIN with or without Vick, so everyone can stop praising him any day now!

  18. bc says:

    i would like to see steady Eddy get a muzzle – for himself.

  19. Jim says:

    Vick is only remorseful he got caught ! He merely says what they tell him to say; not what he believes. He’s a thug; morally and ethically bankrupt. No dog for him or his family, EVER ! !

    1. Char T. says:


  20. Kim says:

    Allowing Vick to get a dog is like allowing a pedophile to work with children.

    1. grumpy says:

      Kim: Excellent comment. My sentiments exactly.

    2. Char T. says:

      @ Kim… I COMPLETELY agree! Thank You!

    3. Char T. says:

      @ Kim – That is a perfect, I COMPLETELY agree!!! Thank You!

    4. Nancy Bowman Schultz says:

      true so true

  21. kate says:

    i agree Dee took the words out of my mouth and while we are at it add Ed to the mix

  22. Steph says:

    To let him have a dog is a terrible injustice to all the dogs he mistreated and killed. He left them tied by chains with little food and water and no shelter. He was lucky to get his football career back, that’s second chance enough. To give him another dog is like giving a child molester a free pass to work at the neighborhood school. Some say it’s not the same but it is. A molester will molest again and a dog fighter will fight again. Both will be more careful the next time around, so it’ll take longer to catch them, but both will be caught and then the community will say “he should have never been allowed around them”. The same community that’s now saying give him another chance. Come on people, wake up.

    1. Joe says:

      Yeah Eddie, Maybe we should release Charles Manson and give him a gun. I think Vick should go into the eagles locker room and get the biggest O lineman and the biggest D lineman and make them fight and when they refuse he should punch them both in the mouth and then burn them with hot pokers…. Michael would get his butt kicked thats why he did it to dogs because he is a wussie using Eddies words.

      1. Nancy Bowman Schultz says:

        I totally agree with you Joe

  23. Diana Whitehead says:

    Everyone needs to be reminded of how Vick killed his dogs that didn’t win a fight or got hurt seriously. Mike Vick should never ever have a dog. Now his kids want a dog maybe the grandparents should have a dog so they can go and visit it. It angers me to think that any Judge would change a ruling so Vick you have a dog.
    He is never to be trusted.

  24. Pati says:

    People should get a second chance, he makes a lot of donations and speaks out on dog fighting. He is trying to do better give the guy a chance.

    1. Char T. says:

      Any Donation, community service, or any act of kindness towards any animal or shelter is COURT ORDERED because he is a VIOLENT CRIMINAL!!!! Maybe you could let him have your family pet to love and care for…since you think he derserves a second chance!

      Good luck with that!

  25. sue says:

    Yeah right. Of course Rendell would think Vick should have a dog. He thinks woman are dogs. If he doesn’t have the proper respect towards how woman are treated- why would he care about a dog?

    1. Lynn Reiser says:

      I agreel. Rendell has lost his mind. Remember the open mic remark he made when they made appointed one of the women to Obama’s staff? HE SAID SHE HAD NO LIFE AND SHOULD BE PERFECT FOR THE JOB.
      Ok Eddie, buy Vick a dog like Ted Kennedy bought the Obama’s a dog but how could you even comply with a dog killer? Why don’t you just release all the murders on death row out of prison. They deserve a 2nd or 3rd or however many chances also. I had respect once for you. Now I see it was all a front.
      Hope you have a good life, sir.

      1. Char T. says:


  26. Joy says:

    I’m with you Dee! I think Rendell has totally lost his mind. The number of really stupid things coming out of his mouth lately is just stunning.

  27. Stephanie Patterson says:

    NO WAY! Sorry, but the Court stated that Vick could NEVER have a dog – and with good reason. He saw the injured dogs on his property – the result of dog fighting, and then he gave the feeble, “I didn’t know it was wrong” excuse.

    The only way Vick should be alllowed near a dog is to be cleaning the cages in shelters – under supervision.

    His reasons for wanting a dog? Therapy – and he’s ashamed to tell his kids why he can’t have a dog.

    Sorry, Vick, but the only therapy you need can’t be provided by a dog. Your reasons are not good enough. No dog deserves the fate of being around you.

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