Gov. Rendell To 60 Minutes: “You’re Simpletons!”

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Television viewers across the nation will get to see something on Sunday night that Pennsylvania residents have experienced before: an angry eruption from Governor Ed Rendell.

In a “60 Minutes” interview with correspondent Lesleystahl 60 Gov. Rendell To <em srcset=60 Minutes: Youre Simpletons! " width="200" height="187" /> Stahl (right), Governor Rendell explodes on camera as he is pressed about the negative impacts of expanded gambling.

The eruption comes as the governor hopes to land a gig as a TV news commentator.  In an exit interview with capitol reporters on Thursday, Rendell said he hoped to land a spot as a “contributor.”

“Contributor. Contributor.  I’m not going to do a permanent show, obviously, because I’ve got too many other things I want to do,” the governor told reporters.

But it remains to be seen how this outburst will affect his chances.

In a clip provided by “60 Minutes,” Rendell barks through clenched teeth as he becomes frustrated during his interview with Stahl.

RENDELL: “You guys don’t get that!”
STAHL: “I do get it.”
RENDELL: “You’re simpletons! You’re idiots if you don’t get that!”

Watch the clip…

What Rendell claims Stahl didn’t get was his assertion that people who lose money they can’t afford will do so anyway — by gambling in Atlantic City or elsewhere —  if Pennsylvania didn’t have casinos.

Reported by KYW Harrisburg Bureau chief Tony Romeo.


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  1. Anna says:

    Let’s put this in context —- Who else says Simpleton and Idiot all day long,,,, RIght Wingers like Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh – I am sickened by his plain simple lack of spine – If everyone wants to remeber a WUSS — Let thinki about the time Rendell was MAYOR and CLOSED THE SCHUYLKILL EXPRESSWAY AND 95 IN A SNOWSTORM –

    What a shame for a man who was once so admired.

  2. Jane Yavis says:

    As a Philadelhian I used to be a real admirere of Ed Rendell,,,, I believe the last six months all he has been doing is interviewing for a Job with Fox News… – Go Eddie,,,,, Sean loves you.

  3. rickpp says:

    Rendell’s head is full of mush. Gambling takes money out of the poorest peoples pockets, gives people less money to spend on food & clothing for their families. his comments calling people simpletons is just pure ridiculous – as it’s Ed who is the simpleton – thank g-d he’ll not be govenor any longer

    1. jackp says:

      You are 100& right rickpp. rendell is a simpleton

  4. XA351GT says:

    I guess using his logic that since people have been gambling since the beginning of civilization that we should legalize drug sales and use as long as it is taxed. I like Rendell for the most part ,but I can’t follow his thinking here. If that’s the case why do they waste money on the gambling addictions ads on the radio I hear all the time. Seems to be a bit confused.

  5. stephenwv says:

    Truth. Anything goes for politicians to grow their political power.
    Problem. Grow Government, Downsize the People. Everyone Agrees that it is the consumer that drives the economy. The consumer is the people. Spending by the people is much more effective and efficient in driving the economy than any method of government spending.
    Grow government. Downsize the People . Downsize the economy.
    The alternative to this:
    Downsize government. Grow the People. Grow the economy.
    How to downsize government? The politicians’ answer: Cut Policemen, Firemen, Teachers, Child services, Elderly services. Blackmail and threaten the people to get us to BEG them to take our money. Tax us more! Please! Grow government.
    Should any excellent proposals arise, Vilify them with childish spin, lies, and 10 second sound bites (that the liberal media is only too happy to play over and over – the political philosophy of “repeat a lie enough times and it becomes the truth to the voters”). Don’t even actually READ the bill to see how it is or is not best for the people and the country.

    Years ago when the size of the government bureaucracy was 1/4 of what it is now, things hummed along quite nicely, thank you very much.
    To do the same things over and over again expecting a different outcome, is insanity.
    Time to start over. The politically vilified solutions, studied and molded into programs by sincere elected officials, that actually want what is best for the people and the nation is the solution.
    Repeal and replace the 120 new departments of Obamacare and the 10,000+ new IRS agents needed to enforce it, with smaller less expensive government that is best for the people.
    Repeal and replace EPA with smaller less expensive government that is best for the people.
    Repeal and replace the IRS with something like the Fair Tax that is smaller and best for the People.
    Down size Social Security Bureaucracy by allowing opt out of social security by average income people. Only some Government employees, are allowed to benefit from the “secret” of compound interest, that can grow a retirement account for an average person, to several million dollars thru 40 years of work, with a privatized retirement account.
    Bring back smaller government that works for the people, instead of for the Anti-people personal agendas of those that benefit from big government.

  6. Betty Kellt says:

    Ed Rendell does not care if Joe six-pack loses his families rent and food money at the casinos. Joe six pack thinks he’ll hit the jackpot. The only thing he hits, is his wife,when she asks him why he blew the household money at the casino.

    Ed Rendell’s tirade shows how loyal he is to the casino developers, who kept him in office, than he is to the welfare of the citizens of Pennsylvania.

  7. Bill Kearney says:

    Meanwhile there are ten casinos operating in our state like amusement parks with no safety belts or cages on their rides. You can help stop our casinos from BREEDING compulsive casino gambling degenerates who will eventually become criminals by calling you State legislators and telling them you support the legislation (CASINO MONTHLY STATEMENTS) These statements would enable gamblers and their family members to spot a loved one’s gambling problem before it gets out of hand. Who knows how many Pennsylvanians and their families would be in a better domestic and financial situation today when being made aware of their casino losses?

    This link is from November 2006, back then Gov. Rendell supports the idea of casinos sending monthly statements. But in December of 2006 Gov. Rendell doesn’t want to address monthly statements. June 2007 Gov. Rendell tap dances around when asked to give one safeguard or provision in our Gaming Law that address the compulsive gambling problem before one becomes addicted. He invites me to contact him and I try numerous times, but to no avail. June 2008 Governor Rendell says this is the first time he has heard of legislation that would make the casino operators mail out monthly statements.

    Open this link from 9/10/08 - – this one from June 2009 – and this one from September 2010 they prove what I’ve been saying all along, which is, the man who brought the casino plague upon us, the Honorable Governor Ed. Rendell has no idea how our casinos operate.

  8. Billl M says:

    Poor Ed…I think his problem is that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with himself…and a couple of more stupid comments to people like Leslie Stahl..he’s going to have the opportunity to do nothing

  9. John Baker says:

    I’m still waiting for the promised property tax relief these casinos were supposed to bring. Oh, that’s right fat Eddy lied…

  10. Alec says:

    I Told You, I Told You, I Told You!! I’ve been saying it for years!!

    What an idiot!! Seriously, Ed Rendell has just given more evidence as to why he is not and has never been fit to run Pennsylvania. You dopes that keep voting democrat, this is what you get. This guy along, with John Street and a host of others have stolen, robbed and ruined PA. They have done nothing for you! Rendell wouldn’t even vote for a castle doctrine so you can protect your family. The man who accuses us of being wussies doesn’t even have the guts to stand up to his own party. What a loser.

  11. Bill Clark says:

    Rendell was very unprofessional and got hot under the collar for a leader.

    AC is too too far and not convenient

    1. Dan says:

      Too far? Not convenient? Are you aware of PATCO?

  12. Bill Clark says:

    IIt is easy to say “fbut convience has a lot to do with it AC is too far away.

  13. Cubbie says:

    @carol r & smukers.. ur so right, but ranting and whining? he needs some anger management.

  14. Angela says:

    Thank the Dear Lord………..we get a new governor in two weeks!!!!

  15. Carol R says:

    JWlas – you are correct and people don’t get it – they seem to believe the goernment and politicals are their best friend…. NOT…. if we do not wake up we will find ourselves a third world country….. Rendell has an instinct to see what the game really is ,,,, and I applaud his speaking out … news shows are about ratings not facts.

  16. JWlas says:

    It started decades ago with the dumbing down of America through our education system. It culminates in Political Correctness and an inability to be realistic. Rendell
    was right in his pov of gambling. I was also delighted with his loss of patience with
    clueless talking heads.

  17. Carol R says:

    I agree with the governor – people will gamble for a chance the the pot at the end of the rainbow because they have nothing to lose…. that is a given.. just like people play the lottery .. and yes those out of work do the same thing with lottery tickets hoping to win enough to take care of their families… what is so hard to understand.. the governor may not be right all times but he knows how the game is played. Good luck Mr. Rendell with your new career….

  18. James Martinez says:

    What does it say about our society when all we think about building is casinos and not churches.When was the last time a church was built?

    1. John Francis says:

      James Martinez:
      I work in the commercial construction industry in PA. In the past 8 years there have been scores of churches built in PA, NJ, DE and they continue to built all over the PA, NJ, DE as well as the rest of the country. Not sure what you base your comment on. Church building FAR exceeds casino building.

    2. greeber says:

      Ha ha organized religion rakes in far more money every day in this country than all forms of legalized gambling in this country. Juat depends what you want to gamble your money on…..this life…..or the next. The odds are against you either way.

  19. debbie says:

    one thing he seems to forget if they dont have money they cant get to atlantic city but if therwes 5 dollars in their pocket and every street corner is consumed with casinos like in west virginia the kids do without so mommy or daddy can try to get lucky on a slot machine they need to remove them

  20. Linda Bradford says:

    I think Rendell needs to make a major change in his life….he is acting more like someone on the edge instead of a leader of our country….this is an example of someone needing to be heard but not using common sense…..we all have our beliefs and he certainly is entitled to his however the lesson of not always talking but listening as gone over his head and under his feet……take a break Rendell……

  21. Paul Boni says:

    Rendell’s assertions are disproved by every single study out there, even the studies commissioned by the casino industry. He is knowingly telling falsehoods.

  22. smukers says:

    I agree with Rendell!

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