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Elderly Woman Drives ‘Wrong Way’ On I-95

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — Pennsylvania State Police questioned an 84-year-old female from Wilmington in connection with a wrong-way driving incident on I-95 Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses say she was travelling east in the westbound lanes of Route 322, and then she got on the southbound lanes of I-95 travelling northbound, causing a number of crashes along the way.

Amazingly, there is video of the incident. Watch the dramatic video below:

It was shot on a cell phone by a citizen by the name of Tim Fleming, who says the situation could have been a lot worse.

“She just kept on staring straight and had her hands on the wheel staring straight. Just oblivious like she didn’t even know. It was just so surreal. Hundreds of people. they were extremely lucky they didn’t die,” said Fleming.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries from the crashes.

Trucks and cars had to swerve to get out of the path of the Buick Century station wagon.

The elderly woman has not been formally charged with a crime at this time.


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Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio; Dray Clark, CBS 3

  • Meow


    • Steve

      I knew a guy that was hit by a senile old man driving the wrong way. He almost lost a leg. His family didn’t allow him to drive and he didn’t have a license but stole his daughter’s car-keys.

      • Ben Dover

        Which leg?

    • txteacher

      Someday you will be ancient, too . Be careful what you say.

      • Hindenburg

        You would risk killing a child, a mom, a day, a family, an innocent person because you lack the character to let go?? Sick.

    • Funny


      Don’t talk about Joy Behar like that.

    • Elliott

      How kind you are. You don’t even know that lady and you describe her with so little respect?
      I suggest you grow up and find some manners and common decency.
      While I agree with your idea I find the way you describe her despicable and worthy of a person with only the lowest character.

  • Ouch

    I supposed anybody could make the mistake of getting on incorrectly. But to keep going oblivious to oncoming traffic makes her a candidate for the bus. You can’t be that oblivious and keep your license. Unless she was smoking some really good weed.

    • old people

      you can when your old and probably suffer from mental issues due to age. wouldnt be surprised if she had Alzheimer’s

      • I Want Some

        Ah, so that’s why she was smoking the weed. It was “medical” marijuana.

  • Bob

    All you young people complaining about elderly people driving are a joke. More accidents occur with younger people. Yes this was dramatic but lets not over react.

    • Ron

      Bob, I think you’re wrong, partly anyway. Old people CAUSE more accidents. Like in this case where she wasn’t involved in one directly but caused about 10 due to her actions. Young people are INVOLVED in more accidents.

    • Stephen G

      Bob, surely you jest. Colliding head-on with a vehicle travelling at highway speeds the opposite direction is nearly always fatal — with or without a seatbelt. There is no over-reacting here — elderly who don’t have the facilities to realize they are driving down the wrong direction of a freeway should not have a license. Period.

  • Southern

    Lots of calls to remove elderly from the roads.
    I am one of the elderly and completely agree.
    We should remove all drivers of a certain age, fromt he roads.
    That would be the teenagers who, as a group, kill and maim far more people than the elderly.
    Now, do you still want to remove the most dangerous group?

    Testing is the only answer. Probably starting about 65 or so.

    • Gillette

      Yeah, 50 sounds about right….or better yet anyone over 35. Most of those people are senile or have broken hips. Sheesh. Science tells us that reflexes don’t slow down until age 60, in fact, teenagers don’t have reflexes as fast as most middle-aged adults. Maybe we should be testing teenagers.

    • Cody

      But when you’re old, senile, and incapable of learning anything because your brain is DYING. Unlike children you can’t learn from mistakes you make because you can’t remember you even made them. Elderly are more like drunk drivers than anything else, because they are incapable of thought after a certain point if they are suffering from degenerative diseases. At least most youth can think, they just chose not to.

    • Jive Dadson

      As you know, raising the driving age to 25 is politically not feasible. I would not go for it. I am not in favor of restricting anyone’s rights because they are a member of some demographic group. More tests would not solve much either.. The reasons drivers under 25 are so notoriously dangerous are two: They drive too fast for conditions; They fixate on the road straight ahead, rather than scanning for danger as older people do. It would be difficult to test for those behaviors.

      Can we not just realize that life has its dangers? Can we not recognize that there are some contingencies that laws cannot handle? How long will it be before the TSA has checkpoints along the roads? I no longer recognize the America I grew up in.

      • brassia

        “I no longer recognize the America I grew up in.”
        No kidding!!!
        Glad you noticed……after all our politiciand are working hard to change the country we live and loved.

      • Elliott

        Jive, I agree.
        I also find it incomprehensible that all of these young people who are so quick to scream about how they’re being oppressed, are so ready to oppress others.
        young jackanapes who actually want to JAIL this woman, instead of simply taking her license to drive are themselves the biggest risks on the road.

    • pynaetlb

      It’s not really a person’s age, it’s their mental ability. I’m sure her family had a good idea that she is incompetent to drive. But so are plenty of 40-year olds.

  • Jive Dadson

    Statistically, 84 is right around the age at which drivers again become as dangerous as those under 25.

  • InfowarsDotCom

    Can’t there be better barriers so people can’t make that mistake?

  • Luvs2eat

    You’ve gotta admit…. She drives better than most people I’ve seen texting!!!

  • darwin

    lmao I needed that one!

  • Robert

    This is why there needs to be a test to determine if a person is still competent to drive at some point as they get older. 50 might be a good age. Just a simple test to test reaction time, vision and basic rules of the road. There are a lot of elder people who should not be driving. I feel bad for them, as it is one of the freedoms that they have. But….then you see stuff like this video.

    A few months ago, I watched an elderly lady in a parking garage. She backed up, hit the car behind her and drove off. She never even realized that she had hit it.

    • Over 50 and proud of it!

      Excuse me – 50?!! What are you, 16? Wait till you reach 50 and see how you feel. And if you are 50 and feel you need retesting, you must need help.

    • Russ

      I hope to gosh Robert that you aren’t equating age 50 with ‘elderly’. When you get to fifty, at you’re at least 17 years from retirement, you’ll feel no different than you did at 35 or 40 and realize how dumb your comment is.

  • tomtom

    Our society is stupid to let people continue to drive after 70 without having to take madatory driving tests to prove they are still fit to drive on the road.

    The stupid woman is going to to end up crashing if they don’t take away her license IMMEDIATELY.

    But NO, they’ll wait until she DOES kill someone, and THEN maybe take her license away.

    When are we going to learn?????????

  • Ranger

    You have to hand it to her. She just kept on trucking. No panic, no swerving.

    • Ron

      Because she had no idea what she was doing.

  • todd

    what about the idiot filming this?
    he deserves to spend some time in jail…

    • tailgunner


    • Darryl

      give him the chair Damn it!

  • 1234567

    I know it’s just an optical illusion but her hub caps don’t appear to move.

  • mpk

    Turns out the driver was also on the cell phone while driving. Below is the transcript obtained:

    Driver: “Hello?”

    Caller: “Grandma, if you are out on I-95 this afternoon, be careful. We just heard on the radio that there is a car driving the wrong direction.”

    Driver: “One car?? There are hundreds of them!”

  • Mtmama

    Pray tell what is an Edlerly Woman?

    Is it something like Alzheimers? Maybe that would explain
    why she was drinving on the wrong side of the highway.
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Matt

    Time to take Grandma’s keys!

  • Wallace

    I just read that a judge in NY said that it was okay for a 4 year old to be sued.

    But this senile piece of work will not be charged.

    Idiots have taken over!

    • Ryanj

      hahahahahahah that shouldn’t be funny in any way, but its soo true its hilarious. I read the same story a minute ago. Gotta feel bad for the both old ladies tho…

    • Elliott

      What you callous CHILDREN seem to forget is that this old woman was also probably just as scared as that 4 year old child, yet I see so many of you who were, more than likely extended more mercy than you deserved when you made a mistake, advocate charging this lady and putting her in jail.
      there’s a piece of work around here all right, but I don’t think it’s that scared old lady.

  • Laura

    Um, I hope the guy taking the video wasn’t driving — that would also be dangerous!

  • San Diego Steve

    It is hard on the elderly to stop driving because they lose independence. But elderly drivers cause a significant number of injuries and deaths every year because of cognitive impairment. A few years ago an elderly driver sped through a street fair in Northern California killing 11 people. A typical incident involves the driver confusing the gas for the brake and mowing down pedestrians or driving through a store front. When I was about 12 years old, I recall a driver crossing the sidewalk a few feet in front of me and crashing through the big plate glass window of a hardware store. No one hurt, but very scary. When they got the approximate 80 year old driver out of the car, she asked: “Is this the doctor’s office?” When the cognitive skills go, the family must bite the bullet, grab the elder’s keys and sell the car. Painful but necessary for public safety.

  • Bigredtx

    Thank goodness no one was injured or killed. This woman should not be allowed to drive. The keys should be taken away and so does the car. Sorry Granny but we cannot let you drive anymore. It is not safe for you or anyone else. If you seriously killed someone could you live with that? States should implement mandatory driving tests for drivers after the age of 70. I have almost been hit or cut off several times recently and the drivers were well over the age of 70 and I drive a bright red car.

    • Vaughan

      so have I by incompetent drivers unfortunately most of them are young people in a hurry to get to …God only knows where. You sound so angry maybe you shouldn’t be driving either.
      If we were all tested every few years maybe this person would have been helped. Just maybe we would all be better drivers.

    • carrolla

      Give me a break. 60 is way too young. how old are you, 5?

    • gonville

      And states like fla,,tex, calif with huge illegal population that have 50 percent non licened drivers without insurance should do something,,and yes the old damn do vote.

    • Hal O. Ween

      Seriously killed someone????

    • Susan

      And what about the idiots who drive while on their cell phones or texting? They drive like drunks. They slow way down, weave over the lane lines and are oblivious to traffic. I say permanently revoke the license of anyone caught phoning or texting while driving. Also, no licenses to anyone younger than 30. Before that they have no brains anyway.

  • Bill

    A similar incident recently on a Salt Lake City freeway resulted in a fatal and fiery collision with a semi-truck, and brushfires jeopardizing a nearby neighborhood.

  • t

    All drivers over 60 should be retested every year. No exceptions.

    • phillychenz

      t, 60 is too young. how about 66 – 70 and tested every 3 years.

    • phillychenz

      as for u CB just because yours is useless u cann’t cut off someone else!!!

  • jn

    this is why my 84 year old mother doesnt drive anymore!

  • Jgrieten

    Oh, my God; she stopped at my guard shack at the Boeing plant in Ridley Park asking for directions to Wilmington! I tried to give her directions but she just went across the street to the other entrance and then left the premesis. She only seemed lost and bad at taking directions!! Had I but known!

  • Anonmyous

    The lady involved in this incident has been turned into police

    • Chubby Gilbert

      A few years ago in Texas were going to the shoe store. One said Martha i don,t remember this road . They were on a runway at a local airport

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