Elderly Woman Drives ‘Wrong Way’ On I-95

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — Pennsylvania State Police questioned an 84-year-old female from Wilmington in connection with a wrong-way driving incident on I-95 Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses say she was travelling east in the westbound lanes of Route 322, and then she got on the southbound lanes of I-95 travelling northbound, causing a number of crashes along the way.

Amazingly, there is video of the incident. Watch the dramatic video below:

It was shot on a cell phone by a citizen by the name of Tim Fleming, who says the situation could have been a lot worse.

“She just kept on staring straight and had her hands on the wheel staring straight. Just oblivious like she didn’t even know. It was just so surreal. Hundreds of people. they were extremely lucky they didn’t die,” said Fleming.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries from the crashes.

Trucks and cars had to swerve to get out of the path of the Buick Century station wagon.

The elderly woman has not been formally charged with a crime at this time.


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Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio; Dray Clark, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. Sweeney, Todd says:

    charge the old bitty with wreckless endangewrment, failure to maintain proper lane control, attempted murder, whatever! take her lisacence and put granny’s ass in the nursing home! She is a menace to society!!!

  2. mike says:

    Cops are soooo focused on young drivers they need to turn their attention toward these aarp jerryactric geezers who can’t drive because they didn’t even have to pass a driving test when they where young because cars came in the form of horse drawn carriges!

  3. Middle Man says:

    This is exactly what I meant here:


    There must be a point a t which old people should be banned, even if it is only from driving!

  4. BEVERLY says:


  5. anonymous says:

    The fact that she has not been charged with any crimes is disgusting! Age is and can never be an excuse for being amazingly stupid let alone criminally reckless. this women should be put behind bars or at least punched in the face.

  6. twotoned says:

    Oh my ….. that is mind-blowing. She could crashed into someone!

  7. Orland says:

    They need to put this woman to sleep

    1. JustMe says:

      You are obviously a Democrat, Orland.

  8. Bob says:

    1 word, AARP. They’ll fight tooth and nail to keep dangerous elderly drivers on the road.

    IMHO, keep the drivers license the same but automatically revoke male DL’s at 75, female at 65. Make them go back and prove they can drive yearly above those cutoffs. .

    1. JTStrausbaugh says:

      Why the gender difference? Men have more accidents!

  9. Darryl says:

    She was texting and didnt realize that she was going the wrong way

  10. clarese says:

    This video illustrates how badly an elderly driver can get. You can criticize the driver who was taping this, but this video did need to be taken to create more awareness on this issue. There are plenty of elderly drivers who do not find themselves in this position who are able to drive well into their 90’s without incident.. Many voluntarily stop driving in the interest keeping everyone else safe. Then there are older drivers that are not aware of their limitations or choose to accept them. What can not be ignored is that there are plenty of terrible drivers at any age. What it comes down to is the element of the probability of what drivers are at greater risk of having this happen.

    An elderly person is more likely to have that happen than a younger person who doesn’t have a medical condition or isn’t under the influence of drugs and alcohol. An elderly person conversely is less likely to be found driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Either situations make our roads less safe. What i find alarming is that it appears that when these elderly drivers are confronted, that a very light hand is applied to them. Laws need to enforced equally, or there need to be laws written addressing this specifically. I am going to say that to address this, retesting people starting at a certain age who are higher at risk for having this happen to them is necessary. If it is warranted, then charges need to be lodged. If they cause damage bodily, property etc. they should be fully liable for that, as is everybody else should they cause such an accident. Old age does not mean special treatment in the eyes of the law.

  11. Sirius Black says:

    We have lower age limits on driving and we must have upper age limits as well. Age 80 should be a cut off point for drivers in this country. These senile old senior citizens who can’t see and are doped up on a dozen different medications are a menace to society. I hope the courts and the family do the right thing and permanently ban her from driving and enforce it. If they can’t keep her off the roads they need to lock her in the attic!

  12. maurice says:

    Everybody drives stupid. I’m sure that ol’ lady passed hundreds of idiots tailgating people doing 80.

    1. lcs says:

      No, everybody does not drive stupid. Speak for yourself “Maurice”.

      1. jes says:

        I think what he meant was “every age group drives stupidly” which is true.I’ll show you a billion videos of drivers under the age of 30 that shouldn’t have their license. Does that mean no one under 30 should have one? or any one for that matter?

  13. I Hateveryone says:

    my 75 year old mother should NOT be behind the wheel. We all know this. She is a crazy driver. Its a miracle she made it this long withpout getting someone killed.It took her TEN trys to finally get her license in the first place! She went in a month ago to take a test and renew her license. I thought FINALLY she will get it taken away. Well Fresno Clounty gave her a new license. Thats the DMV for you

  14. Vaughan says:

    Everyone should be tested every 5 years. People get sloppy driving habits you can’t blame it only on old age. Some young guy in his sports car goes flying down our city street almost every day.

  15. john peters says:

    this woman needs to have her license revoked permanently and also put into a mental hospital for observation….she obviously is demented and or delusional and way past her bedtime……good thing nobody met her head on but she should have went into a wall before she left the road….

  16. Dale says:

    I’m not sure what type of cell phones you people use, but mine take video without looking at, or playing with the phone. There is no hand crank or anything really, I just push a button and it starts recording, so it is 100% safe to video tape and drive at the same time,.

    As far as granny goes, she should be arrested, imprisoned, and forfeit all of her property! She knows that she is unsafe, but decided that her trip to the store was worth more then the lives of others.

    1. Darlene says:

      I think taking away her license would be enough…what police state do you live in?

    2. Darryl says:

      give her chair damn it!

      1. Darryl says:

        oops give her the chair damn it

  17. David says:

    This has to be a hoax. Though there is audio with the video I don’t hear one other motorist honking their horns. Also as another commenter mentioned the wheels on the station wagon are not spinning. Nice Halloween hoax!!!

    1. Kristian J says:

      I can hear horns honking. The rotation of the wheel can appear backwards or standing still depending of the camera set-up

  18. retired says:

    DemocRATS, always go against the flow..

  19. seven says:

    Her wheels arent Spinning, it’s total BS

    1. ushman says:

      The speed at which the video was taken was the same as the speed of the frames of the video. Similar as a strobe light at a dance club. Now, If you match the shadows of the old lady and the other cars, you will see that they are the same. Now if you watch later, there is a glare from the sun in the passenger window that will verify the angle of the sun which would cast a shadow that appears to be in the correct place. That is a third level verification check that most ppl forget to do when making a hoax. This is not a hoax.

      1. Lisa M says:

        Awesome analysis. Thanks.

        To comments below… I agree that older folks need to be tested more frequently. Yes there are plenty of dangerous drivers, but their problem unfortunately is due to poor choices that they DO have control of. Aware and available law enforcement that can catch these folks before it’s too late.. as well as consistent enforcement of traffic laws (including the dreaded ticket) can hopefully educate those folks.

        But there are physiological changes as we age that cannot be controlled or avoided altogether. These older folks aren’t intending to hurt anyone, but it happens. Testing BEFORE they hit the road can hopefully prevent any sad situations.

        I am middle age, and can only imagine as I get older how hard it can be to have to give up the freedom to drive. I have to drive my mother places as she lost her ability, and I know it pains her. But I also know at some point, SOMEONE has to step in when there’s danger not only to the drivers themselves but to others.

  20. Tyler says:

    This is exactly why people over the age of 70 need yearly reviews to examine their eligibility to drive; they should also be examined after medical incidents that could affect their driving.

    Driving is a privilege, not a right

    1. Scott says:

      I agree with this completely.

    2. Ted says:

      Tyler buddy, you can say that again when you hit the big 70. How old are YOU?

      For the record, I agree that granny should have her license revoked. BUT MORE GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE SOLUTION YOU RAGING SOCIALIST.

      1. Chris says:

        Dear Ted, I would willingly submit to regular reviews at 70, if I knew it would keep my peers who ARE disabled from driving.

        The current system of having your driving ability tested once in your life is flawed.

        The idea is to stop disabled people from driving BEFORE they turn a family into corpses, not after.

    3. jess says:

      Actually, it is a right…not a priviledge…lE and the courts like to make you think it’s a privilege though. You can google it.

      1. MomS says:

        No — actually you are wrong. Find any DUI case where the person has had their license revoked for failing to take a checkpoint test. Courts in the Commonwealth, time and time again, have stated it is a privilege. Google all you would like, but statutory and case law rule the day.

  21. Stan47 says:

    Wow, what a huge number of cruel and ignorant comments. Do none of you have elderly parennts or relatives?

    The simple fact is there are thousands of people driving who should not be. And age is not necessarily a disqualifier. If the government (and most of you) maintain that “driving is a privilege,” then it follows that there ought to be periodic re-testing, under genuine traffic conditions, say, using a simulator.

    I am 63 and would willingly submi to an annual vision and driving test, provided every other driver–irrespective of age–was required to do so. Is a suburban mom with a car load of children any less distracted or dangerous than a great-grandmother who made a wrong turn? I think not.

    1. Clint says:

      You probably also believe that blonde blue-eyed women with little children should go throughh the same security screening as a 25 year old Arab male at the airport.

    2. Tyler520 says:

      The elderly cause more accidents than they are involved in. Driving is not a right, it is a privilege, and “respecting one’s elders is a non sequitur

    3. bumblefoot2004 says:

      Excuse me Stan47, but what is a “parennts?”

  22. somegraphx says:

    Personally, I’m equally, if not MORE concerned with the person video taping while driving! At least she was keeping her eyes on the road. He looked like he was veering all over the road. Instead of wanting an exclusive, he should have PULLED OVER and called 911

    1. Stan47 says:

      Agreed. Absolutely. Of the two drivers, I suspect the guy with the video/phone put more people at risk. At least the woman was in the lane next to the jersey wall. If she made a wrong turn that put her in that spot, there were only two choices left to her: drive carefully hoping for an opportunity to exit, or stop the car. Either of those would have caused problems.

      1. TJ says:

        you guys are not serious? driving the wrong direction on a busy interstate for miles past hundreds of drivers is somehow equally as dangerous as driving with the flow of traffic but messing with your cellphone? I suppose that you also believe marijuana is more dangerous than meth too?

    2. Mac says:

      Reverse gear. Heard of it?

      1. Mac says:

        Bah. Meant to reply to somegraphx above your comment.

  23. Tom says:

    My Father-In _Law has Macro-Degeneration of his eyes.He wants to drive,but can only see things to the side of him.He can’t see anything in the middle or stright ahead.He just got his drivers license renewed,without having to take a driving test ,nor did they give him a vision test.They just took his renewal fee and gave him his new license.Scary stuff.

    1. Stan47 says:

      I believe you mean “macular” degeneration. It’s a serious and progressive condition. Is there some reason that the family did not intervene?

  24. RonnieReagan says:

    Her husband was watching the news and, knowing his wife drove that freeway, but not knowing it was his wife, called her on her cell phone. He told her to be careful because a driver was going the wrong way on the freeway. She yelled at him, “A Driver? Hell, there are a lot of drivers going the wrong way.”

  25. RTE says:

    How many drivers over 80 kill people Vs kids under 21?

    1. ken says:

      i once witnessed an elderly lady driving down a major highway—IN THE GRASSY MEDIAN. I could tell by the look on her face thAt she was confused and scared out of her mind! Even though she was in the median, she was closer to opposing lane traffic. I had no cell phone at the time so I had no idea what to do–I just hope someone else took appropriate measures. this happened about 10 years ago so cell phone weren’t quite as common as now although many still had them.

  26. Mike says:

    seriously Vince? Don’t punish her? She should be put in jail for impaired driving to send a message to other seniors, and to family members who knowingly allow grandma to keep driving so you don’t hurt her feelings. I’d rather hurt someone’s feelings than hurt someone physically. It will never happen though – politicians are deathly afraid of seniors – they vote – DO NOT mess with Granny’s independence!

    1. Stephen says:

      Is anybody concerned about the ass that filmed this video without making one attempt to get her attention and stop her. He was doing his best to capture an exclusive video of a horrible accident not prevent it. Take away the poor lady’s drivers license after you rescue her from unintentionally killing someone.

      1. Doug says:

        Your right distracting her would only have made the situation better.

      2. Chad says:

        He was honking at her. You didn’t hear it?

      3. djgalaxy says:

        Well put Stephen. The old lady needs to turn in her license. The voyeuristic jerk taking the video needs a lesson in how to be a human being. How about honking your horn? How about turning off the damned camera and using the phone to call the police? This guy had a woody for a snuff video to show his friends when he got home to his mom’s basement.

      4. somegraphx says:

        well, I’m not sure how he could have prevented it, but I’m more worried about him distracted on his cell than her driving. At least she was watching the road!

      5. retired says:

        was the person filming suppose to stand on their hood and yell ‘yooo hoo.. are you a fellow Obama nutjob supporter??””

    2. Elliott says:

      Punish them? for what? You’re willing to put an 80 year old person in jail because they were confused?
      now THAT is malicious and ignorant.
      I hope you are extended more mercy than you’re willing to give, when YOU get old. Then again, I hope you gain a little wisdom along the way, IF you make it that long.

      1. Clint says:

        I hope he gets the chance to that old before he is run over by an old senile bag.

  27. Vince says:

    This is just tragic. What’s the sense in punishing an 84 yr. old woman? She was obviously in some kind of stupor. Just take away her keys and get her some medical treatment.

    1. rob says:

      because that is what we do…awww, poor old lady…people drive on that road with their kids…start clamping down on these old people who endanger EVERYONES life..

    2. Harlowe Thrombey says:

      People in a Stupor should have their licenses taken away. The road is no place for the Scatterbrained… whether they are 18 or 80

    3. King 1 says:

      You are kiddin’ I hope…just because someone if 8o years old they don’t get a pass. They have the be able to drive and obey laws like the rest of us. Imagine if someone was killed…I guess you would give this 80 year old a pass…what are you going to give the family with the dead family member…you’re argument is totaly foolish.

  28. Chris Bove' says:

    Driving is a privilege. The older a person get the more often they need testing including an actual behind the wheel test, vision and hearing. Prorate their fees to make up for the fact they are being tested more often. And NO it’s not discriminatory. It’s a fact that as WE age our senses and reaction times diminish. This standard would also be applied to me as I age so I am not prescribing something I am not willing to participate in. It’s not ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Nanny State’ it’s merely sensible exams to ensure the safety of the licensed driver and others who may end up in the cross hairs of these drivers.

  29. Susan says:

    There is a simple solution to this problem. SHE DRIVES NO LONGER!! Thankfully no one was hurt. Her family (if she had any) should have taken away the keys long before this.

  30. Joe says:


    she was not driving on the shoulder.
    She was driving North in the southbound lanes of I 95 on the right hand side against the jersey wall, which is the lane that is considered the left lane for fast moving traffic. Did you watch the video? She was not on the shoulder

  31. Michael says:

    Locally, we had an 80 year old woman drive the wrong way up a road to a public school, plow through the wall, and pin a 7 year old boy, killing him. She was not charged, and voluntarily gave up her license. Her family said she flet bad about the incident, but was confused,, and driving to a driver’s ed class at the time.

  32. Michael says:

    This woman was driving while IMPAIRED, and should be charged with that offense. The fact that her impairment is age, makes it no less a crime.

  33. Joe the Driver says:

    As long as you pay your local GOVERNMENT bureau cash or a cashiers check, you can get a drivers licence…

  34. Troll says:

    Hell, when I get to be 80 or 90 I might start doing things like that. Makes way more sense to be reckless in your 90’s than in your youth. Plus, when you get caught you can just blame senility.

  35. Jack from Santa Cruz says:

    OMG.. that’s suicidal

  36. Kary says:

    You will never convince me that people like her don’t know they are causing problems. During the week when people are at work, there are hundreds of elderly people out on the road and they are almost always in the left lane blocking traffic by driving 20 miles under the speed limit. They don’t want to give up their “freedom” and don’t seem to care if they jeopardize someone else’s life. My mother backed into someone’s car at a bank, left, and when caught claimed she didn’t do it. My great aunt ignored her children and nearly killed a woman and her newborn baby. It’s called SELFISH.

  37. MIke says:

    I hope I’m the DR putting your ass down. Jerk.

  38. TonyVio says:

    AARP will NEVER allow DL testing for seniors. They consider driving a “Right” and their lobby is way too strong for any state senator/rep to fight.

    1. ronald felder says:

      Since when is driving a right? I remember when I first got my license a Pennsylvania license in the beginning of the book it states that driving is a privilege.

  39. Shalee says:

    There will come a time when I will have to quit driving and my son will get my car and ME! We have discussed this and he has no problem with it. “After all”, he says, “all you do is sit and knit!!” He gets the better part of the deal, since I will then do the house work, fix the meals and help with the expenses. Sure hope my time doesn’t’ come to soon!

    1. John says:

      Most sensibl thing I heard all day.

  40. fred says:

    why was he using his phone making a video instead of talking to a 911 operator?

  41. Bob says:

    Like the wife who called her husband on his celfone to tell him that there was report on the TV of an elderly man driving the wrong way on the freeway. He replied that there was not only one driving the wrong way but a whole lot of people driving the wrong way where he was!!

  42. Aunt Bee says:

    Just remember if that was a politician driving they’d say everyone else was going the wrong way.


  43. Kevin says:

    This surprises anyone?

  44. Marbran says:

    Scary! At least she was driving on the shoulder. I know that stretch of road. I wonder if she was curious about the three lanes of traffic just to her left. Notice that she was doing the speed limit…wow! 55 in the wrong direction.

    1. Marbran says:

      The best thing she could have done would have been to stop, put on the flashers, wait the 5 minutes until traffic was at a near stand-still, then make a U-Turn and get off at the next exit. As memory serves, there is NO cross-over gap on that stretch from 322 until well north of Philly. 30+ miles. The article should have mentioned how it was ultimately resolved.

  45. Patient X says:

    She must be a Congresswoman…going the opposite direction of the whole nation.

  46. Self Made White Boy says:

    She should be given a bus pass. She at best should be fined for ALMOST killing many people. But they won’t do a thing, and she’ll probably kill someone the next time she’s out, then the judge should be sent to prison for life for have judgement reserved only for idiots.

  47. Willy says:

    A typical Obama voter always going the wrong way.

  48. shepardace says:

    This reminds me of a story I heard many years ago while working as a Texaco rep in Ohio. It seems an elderly lady and her companion pulled into a Texaco station along I-90 at Madison, Ohio and asked for directions to a location in Syracuse, New York. Her car had New York license plates on it. The attendant pulled out a map and told her she needed to continue on I-90 about 300 miles and take the first Syracuse exit to get where she wanted to go.

    Her response was priceless. “You have got to be wrong. Syracuse needs to be near here.” She went on to explain that she was from Buffalo and that her son had told her to “get on I-90, drive for 150 miles then get off the next exit and ask for directions.” Apparently neither she nor her senior companion noticed the ‘Welcome to Pennsylvania” of ‘Welcome to Ohio” signs alongside the road as they traveled through three different states.

    Fortunately, she drove on the correct side of the highway unlike to lady in this story.

  49. Craig says:

    Seriously; I have epilepsy, so my doctors advise me not to drive, AND I DO NOT DRIVE. It is a choice that I make, but if I were to kill someone on the road due to having a seizure, I could not live with myself. I totally agree with testing people over a certain age. Driving is not a right, it is a responsibility. Most people believe we have a certain Constitutional amendment that gives us certain freedoms on the road. We do not. If you want to drive, you take full responsibility of what happens to anyone and anything you hit with that vehicle.

  50. Goosecreature says:

    Umm, they are actually in Obamacare. Just like that federally-funded abortion that they told us was not in there.

  51. stevenberk says:

    All cars should be equipped with a reflex test. If you cannot pass it, the car does not start. Whether drunk, old, impaired by illness.

    1. evoc says:

      Brilliant idea. She must have been scared nearly to death, seeing the way she remained right next to the median.

      1. kaelieanne says:

        I believe that at some point she must have realized that she was on the wrong side of the road, and then couldn’t figure out how to move over with the abutment in the way! She must have been terrified, along with all the drivers she was almost crashing into! I agree that she needs to have her license revoked.

  52. Iska Waran says:

    Answer: Bi-annual testing starting at age 70. Annual testing starting at age 80. Monthly testing starting at age 90.

    1. sonnyboy says:

      Bi-annual testing from 16-19. Annual testing from 19-23. Then go to the 70’s and 80;s.

  53. enchanted says:

    Something like this happened on I-35 in Wichita, KS. The man was in his 70s going over 70 on the wrong side of the highway. Unfortunately he not only killed himself but he killed a 5 year old boy and his 38 year old father and severely injured for life the 38 year old mother. Making this even more horrifying their parents were following behind their truck and saw the entire thing and could not do anything about it. A friend and his child killed by someone who was ‘evidently confused’. I believe that all people above a certain age, and yes I will be that age one day should be required to take a driving test. At this time, they don’t have to take any test and for the most part can just mail in their renewal. People have just got to realize whatever your age is, as you get older your reflexes are not what they used to be and yes, you can get confused however should you be allowed to drive so that others are placed in danger? I don’t think so.

  54. nedm says:

    If you can’t see then you CAN’T drive…period.

    Eventually what is going to happen is a driver is going to get shot by police.

    In Mass legally if a car charges a cop they can take out the driver for their own safety..it’s happened before.

    Give eye tests to all drivers…end of story. Driving is not a right

    Besides although a 84 year old might say “I don’t want to miss nothing” they are past it….come on now there’s no sales at kmart they have to go to..they aren’t going on a international trip…retirement doesn’t equal driving

    1. evoc says:

      I know many people in their 80’s who go to sales a Walmart, K-Mart, and international trips. Broaden you vision.

    2. sonnyboy says:

      I know some 80 year olds who have it all together and drive very safely. I also know some 16 year who drive very safely. It really depends. I do agree the testing after age 72 should be yearly.

  55. pennhead says:

    It’s one thing for somebody to get confused turning onto the wrong ramp where there may be several clustered together, however it’s another thing altogether to ignore all the ‘wrong way’ signs posted all the way up that ramp, and then ignore the fact that there are several lanes of traffic all coming TOWARD you! To ignore all that opportunity to realize that something is amiss, and then proceed at highway speeds against traffic traveling at like speed is just crazy!

  56. pennhead says:


  57. mandy says:

    Sane here Dr Bob

  58. jay mallott says:

    When my 88 year old grandfather had a wreck on the turnpike for driving too slow, we refused to get the car repaired and junked it instead. But we let him keep his driver’s licence so he had the illusion of freedom.

  59. Steve says:

    Once people hit the age of 70 they should not even be permitted to drive….forget doing mandatory testing! Once you hit 70, the license is gone, no matter how good a driver you may still be.

    1. sonnyboy says:

      Hey Steve, type in “young wrong drivers” on your computer and you will come up hundreds of cases where the driver was under 30 years old. A lousy driver is a lousy driver, regardless of age.

    2. Susan says:

      People should not be allowed to drive before the age of 30. Young brains are not yet fully developed.

      1. JustSayNo says:

        That’s why so many ‘under 30’s’ voted for Obama

    3. Dean says:

      Don’t make stupid generalizations such as this. My father was a licensed pilot who flew his private plane until he was 80, without an accident. Wait until you are 70 and you will rethink your stupid comment!

    4. Mandy says:

      Yeah, wait until you hit 70. You must be in your 20’s. People at 70 can still drive. When they hit 80, some can’t drive. It should be on a case by case testing.

      1. Dean says:

        Right on Mandy. I am 74 and only received one ticket (Speed Trap) in CA in 54 Years. I have never had an accident or caused an accident in my last 54 years of driving in CA either. Every day, I read about teens having accidents in the Phoenix area. I will gladly submit to testing every year after I reach 80 to ensure that I am a fit driver.

    5. tessa says:

      Would be nice if we could retire by then, but with the tax/SS situation, they want us working til we are ‘shovel ready’ and that will be up past 70. We will have to keep driving to get to work so illegals, welfare mothers, and congresscritters don’t have to.

    6. Bob says:

      And use the non-existent public transport system I suppose. How idiotic a suggestion.

    7. kaelieanne says:

      That is just ridiculous. If a person is healthy and has his wits about him, he should be able to drive until that changes. You are obviously a very young person who considers 70 to be “old”. Wait til you get near that age, youngster, and you’ll find that your opinion changes.

  60. PJ says:

    Was the guy shooting the video with his cell phone driving at the same time? If so, he was also a menace.

  61. Nanna says:

    She was probably running late for work.

  62. Wundermonk says:

    I pity a country where 88 year old people have to even take up driving…in countries around there is an implicit social contract…parents take care of children when they are young, and the children take care of parents when they are old…Where are this lady’s children and why are they lettering their mother drive???!!!

  63. Rob says:

    Geez, Adam — 55? I’m a 58 year-old senior captain on a $57M private jet conducting international flight operations in both hemispheres. Also, I jog every day, still skydive and scuba dive, and chase my ole lady around the house (occasionally she lets me catch her)! (And I’ll bet I could still kick your young-azz butt to boot – 55 – sighhhhhhh)!!!

  64. mark says:

    daaaaaaamnnnn…. lol… granny got some balls

  65. don says:

    I’ve seen this same exact situation-an old woman driving down the wrong side of a divided highway,staring straight ahead while ignoring all the other drivers yelling and waving at her.

    1. Eliot says:

      Honestly this comment scares the hell out of me. You make it sound like somethin out of The Crazies.

  66. Cleary says:

    agreed – competence should be the deciding factor…

    But there are conditions that warrant an exploration of competence more than the norm. Advanced age is one such condition. Myopia is another. The ability to reach the pedals would be another. Severe arthritis could be another. And so on. But if, after examination, the person demonstrates competency, then that should resolve the issue.

  67. Slick says:

    Whether or not someone should be driving should be due to competence, not age. How about all the 18 to 30 year old women with cell phones stuck to their heads weaving in and out of traffic too fast trying to get somewhere unimportant? I say get them off the road.

    1. jc says:

      I agree with you. What about the immature 16-18 year olds tearing out of those high school parking lots trying to act cool. Teenage drivers cause more wrecks than elderly people do.

  68. Katherine says:

    I kept telling my siblings that Mom’s car is getting more scratches and dings,
    whenever I made the trip out of state to go see her. No one thought she could be
    “that bad”. I had first hand experience riding with her, and she freaked me out.
    Anyhow, early this year she passed on her third try with the driving test–darn–but after several health incidents, she’s not driving anymore and she allowed for the car to be sold. Whewww! Keep communicating with all members of the family if your elderly loved one’s attention skills are slipping. If you have to, pull out the spark plugs and don’t tell Grandma! My husband’s family had to to that to his Grandma!

  69. mike smith says:

    Reminds me of that scene in “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.” Almost expected the late John Candy to appear in a devil suit.

  70. adam says:


    After the age of 55, make driving competency tests mandatory every year. Yes, it seems unfair to people of that age, but it’s not fair to the families of the dozens of people killed every by senile drivers when this problem could be prevented with a yearly “check up.”

    1. Christine says:

      I agree with the law of testing yearly for driving competancy. My own mother and father in law had to be forcibly stopped only after causing numerous accidents. However, I think 55 is a little young to mandate this. It would be costly. I’m saying 70. In todays world world, people in their 50’s and 60’s are still quite “on the ball”.

    2. old white guy says:

      i am 66 and still drive a truck for extra income. i don’t need to be tested but there sure are alot of idiots driving cars who could use a lesson or two. 55 is too early to test and will just require more government employees. driving around the block is not a test. drivers who have to take an extensive test in the city and on interstates should be able to pass without one single fault.

    3. Mike says:

      Adam, at age sixty I took a three day racing course. One hundred miles an hour at Lime Rock Park. There are many things to take under consideration when evaluating a person’s driving competency. Age is not the deciding factor. I know I would like to see a lot of teenagers off the road.

  71. Frank says:

    Well, thats it for driving days.

  72. Mike Rophone says:

    She was listening to Howard Stern and thought he said, “Buck this traffic.”

  73. Mike Rophone says:

    Sue PBS for showing so many British programs. It confuses viewers as to which side of the road to drive on. She was probably an EastEnders fan.

  74. ColbyJack says:

    Oh please, for the love of God, charge her. She could’ve killed so many people.

    1. Big Dog says:

      If she had one drink in her they would have charged her. Apparently, she didn’t so everything is okay.

  75. Pat says:

    There have been numerous attempts over the years to get these elderly menaces off the road, but the AARP stops them every time.

  76. Russ says:

    I saw an episode of 60 minutes once where a guy who was about 90 had been in an accident. His wife brought him to court. The judge asked him a bunch of questions… How old he was (his wife had to help him answer that)… did he remember the accident he’d been in (no). Had he driven to court that day? “YES!!!” he exclaimed. The judge pulled his license immediately and his wife said ‘thank you’.

    1. Eliot says:

      lol i like this…is there a video of it?

  77. nosesomemore says:

    Dementia is usually a very slow process in the elderly. My own father eventually got very bad and could no longer drive (getting lost, making many driving errors) in his ’80s. However, he lived with my mother and sister, and no one else had any idea how bad it was because he kept it quiet for many years.

    After he became really bad, we started looking back at little things that changed in his life, starting when he retired at age 56. We realized that many small changes were probably the first signs of dementia or possibly a very small stroke, etc. But at that time, without the full picture and without the current-day awareness of these problems, we did not understand what was happening.

    When we realized much later how bad he had gotten, we still could not do anything about it. The sister had gained control of his power of attorney, etc., and used his condition to mislead him, turn him against the rest of his family (“They want to put you in a nursing home! I am the only one who cares about you!”), take much of his money, and control his retirement paychecks for many years until he finally passed away.

    Although we contacted senior services, lawyers, etc., they said that there was nothing legally that could be done, because he was not declared incompetent (and the standard for legal incompetence is ridiculously low).

    Sorry to digress, but my point is that it’s not always possible to stop the elderly from driving when they shouldn’t. They have legal rights, and they themselves don’t realize that the dementia has slowly taken them over, or that they even have dementia. And if you could explain it to them, they will forget about your conversation ten minutes later.

    Tough problem. When something big finally happens like this lady’s story, then the legal system will be legally able to restrict their rights. But until then, it’s tough.

    That’s just the way it is.

  78. Russ says:

    NOBODY should be driving a car if they are incapable of doing so anymore. There is no ‘she has to drive’ about it anymore than ‘she has to drive at the risk of killing innocent people’. Her license needs to be pulled immediately and her car made inaccessible to her. I’ve seen old people going the wrong way on expressway ramps etc. and there is no excuse for allowing someone to try again.

  79. Happy Gay says:

    Well driving a station wagon with wood paneling was her first mistake. Is that Aunt Edna from the movie Vacation?

  80. perseus317 says:

    The woman should lose her license immediately. I have driven I-95 MANY times, and it is very difficult to enter the wrong way unless you ignore the many warning signs along the exit ramp. This woman could have caused the deaths of many people. To drive on I-95 and not recognize that she is the ONLY car going in one direction, demonstrates that she no longer has the capacity to understand what is happening around her, which makes her a deadly danger to all other drivers on the road – and pedestrians as well.

  81. Keith says:

    All good questions, but a) we don’t know that she HAD to drive. She should be getting some kind of support through Medicare or something else for her daily needs, and b) it doesn’t matter. If a blind man was driving the wrong way on a freeway endangering hundreds of lives, I doubt you would be asking “Why does this poor blind man have to drive?” You would likely be saying, “This poor man should know better.”

  82. Martin says:

    I am a Commercial truck driver and have witnessed this twice in my career of over 2 million miles and that’s twice to many.. This is rolling death just waiting to pick a victim, Without question the driver needs her license pulled for good, as does anybody of any age that pulls a stunt like this!

  83. Lex Terrae says:

    Seeing the headline, I almost skipped the story thinking it just another day in Florida. Nothing newsworthy about it. Then I saw that it happened in PA. If this is a newsworthy event in PA, the residents of that state should consider their good fortune. This kind of think happens in FL countless times. Innocent people die because of it, too.

  84. Rightside, NH says:

    From Wilmington Del. One of the Biden Clan?

    1. Keith says:

      Comment on a political article. You’re not getting any laughs out of anyone; even conservative Republicans like myself.

      1. Tee Hee says:

        See Keith, someone laughed. Joltin Joe Biden…..what a laugh

      2. ron says:

        I thought it was funny!!!! So, if you can’t take a joke…………..you know the rest!

    2. Funny says:


      1. Funny is a doody head says:

        Funny, don’t laugh at Joe Biden. You just leave Joe Biden alone! *sniff* *sob*. I mean, he’s the Vice President. *snork* AHAHAH…*snork* *snivel* …HAHAHAHAHA. I’m sorry, he makes me laugh.

  85. Kitty says:

    Once again some old person who should never be on the road. Where’s her family to take away her keys or disable that old boat?!

    1. Kathy9052 says:

      She may not have any family to take the keys away. Sometimes the family takes the keys away but the oldster steals the keys and drives anyway. It’s also possible that her doctor is over-medicating her, which is common with older people.

  86. Tim says:

    Her husband was watching the video on TV while this happened and called her to warn her. He says, “Be careful, there’s one idiot driving the wrong way on I-95!” She replues, “One? There’s hundreds!”

    1. botflyguy says:

      Too funny!

      1. Funny says:

        Watch it – Keith is going to tell you that NO ONE is laughing at this. NO ONE! Cept maybe you and me….

      2. Keith says:

        Fair enough, Funny… Maybe I over stated… I’ve just gotten tired of politics permeating everything. It’s one thing to read the cheezy jokes in the political threads, but commenting on a cold frost stunting the orange harvest in Florida by saying something like… ‘the Pelosi winds must be coming through,’ just turns off moderate voters who might otherwise go our way because they think… “Jesus, don’t these guys ever give it a rest? This clearly isn’t a political issue.”

  87. FreeYourMind says:

    She called 911 and said, “Everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road!”
    All jokes aside, can you imagine if pot is legalized, how many more incapacitated drivers do you think will be on the road.

    1. Phillip Inuhoff says:

      What an idiot.. Your handle is “freeyourmind” People who want to smoke weed already do, it’s everywhere, hundreds of thousands drive under the influence of weed daily…Where are all those wrecks?

      1. Nelson says:

        OK, there are over 34,000 fatalities per year. I think I found the wrecks.

    2. Mary Bo Peepers says:

      Can you imagine, if alcohol is legalized, how many more intoxicated drivers will be on the road????

    3. Josh In Faheel says:

      Dude, if you don’t think pot is everywhere already you are still living in the 1950’s. Smart up.

  88. pynaetlb says:

    God was calling her but she was too stupid to answer.

    1. Steven says:

      Ha ha ha! That was a good one!

    2. Mike Rophone says:

      NO! She was smart. Never answer a call while you’re driving. Pull over first.

  89. Meow says:


    1. Steve says:

      I knew a guy that was hit by a senile old man driving the wrong way. He almost lost a leg. His family didn’t allow him to drive and he didn’t have a license but stole his daughter’s car-keys.

      1. Ben Dover says:

        Which leg?

    2. txteacher says:

      Someday you will be ancient, too . Be careful what you say.

      1. Hindenburg says:

        You would risk killing a child, a mom, a day, a family, an innocent person because you lack the character to let go?? Sick.

    3. Funny says:


      Don’t talk about Joy Behar like that.

    4. Elliott says:

      How kind you are. You don’t even know that lady and you describe her with so little respect?
      I suggest you grow up and find some manners and common decency.
      While I agree with your idea I find the way you describe her despicable and worthy of a person with only the lowest character.

  90. Ouch says:

    I supposed anybody could make the mistake of getting on incorrectly. But to keep going oblivious to oncoming traffic makes her a candidate for the bus. You can’t be that oblivious and keep your license. Unless she was smoking some really good weed.

    1. old people says:

      you can when your old and probably suffer from mental issues due to age. wouldnt be surprised if she had Alzheimer’s

      1. I Want Some says:

        Ah, so that’s why she was smoking the weed. It was “medical” marijuana.

  91. Bob says:

    All you young people complaining about elderly people driving are a joke. More accidents occur with younger people. Yes this was dramatic but lets not over react.

    1. Ron says:

      Bob, I think you’re wrong, partly anyway. Old people CAUSE more accidents. Like in this case where she wasn’t involved in one directly but caused about 10 due to her actions. Young people are INVOLVED in more accidents.

    2. Stephen G says:

      Bob, surely you jest. Colliding head-on with a vehicle travelling at highway speeds the opposite direction is nearly always fatal — with or without a seatbelt. There is no over-reacting here — elderly who don’t have the facilities to realize they are driving down the wrong direction of a freeway should not have a license. Period.

  92. Southern says:

    Lots of calls to remove elderly from the roads.
    I am one of the elderly and completely agree.
    We should remove all drivers of a certain age, fromt he roads.
    That would be the teenagers who, as a group, kill and maim far more people than the elderly.
    Now, do you still want to remove the most dangerous group?

    Testing is the only answer. Probably starting about 65 or so.

    1. Gillette says:

      Yeah, 50 sounds about right….or better yet anyone over 35. Most of those people are senile or have broken hips. Sheesh. Science tells us that reflexes don’t slow down until age 60, in fact, teenagers don’t have reflexes as fast as most middle-aged adults. Maybe we should be testing teenagers.

    2. Cody says:

      But when you’re old, senile, and incapable of learning anything because your brain is DYING. Unlike children you can’t learn from mistakes you make because you can’t remember you even made them. Elderly are more like drunk drivers than anything else, because they are incapable of thought after a certain point if they are suffering from degenerative diseases. At least most youth can think, they just chose not to.

    3. Jive Dadson says:

      As you know, raising the driving age to 25 is politically not feasible. I would not go for it. I am not in favor of restricting anyone’s rights because they are a member of some demographic group. More tests would not solve much either.. The reasons drivers under 25 are so notoriously dangerous are two: They drive too fast for conditions; They fixate on the road straight ahead, rather than scanning for danger as older people do. It would be difficult to test for those behaviors.

      Can we not just realize that life has its dangers? Can we not recognize that there are some contingencies that laws cannot handle? How long will it be before the TSA has checkpoints along the roads? I no longer recognize the America I grew up in.

      1. brassia says:

        “I no longer recognize the America I grew up in.”
        No kidding!!!
        Glad you noticed……after all our politiciand are working hard to change the country we live and loved.

      2. Elliott says:

        Jive, I agree.
        I also find it incomprehensible that all of these young people who are so quick to scream about how they’re being oppressed, are so ready to oppress others.
        young jackanapes who actually want to JAIL this woman, instead of simply taking her license to drive are themselves the biggest risks on the road.

    4. pynaetlb says:

      It’s not really a person’s age, it’s their mental ability. I’m sure her family had a good idea that she is incompetent to drive. But so are plenty of 40-year olds.

  93. Jive Dadson says:

    Statistically, 84 is right around the age at which drivers again become as dangerous as those under 25.

  94. InfowarsDotCom says:

    Can’t there be better barriers so people can’t make that mistake?

  95. Luvs2eat says:

    You’ve gotta admit…. She drives better than most people I’ve seen texting!!!

  96. darwin says:

    lmao I needed that one!

  97. Robert says:

    This is why there needs to be a test to determine if a person is still competent to drive at some point as they get older. 50 might be a good age. Just a simple test to test reaction time, vision and basic rules of the road. There are a lot of elder people who should not be driving. I feel bad for them, as it is one of the freedoms that they have. But….then you see stuff like this video.

    A few months ago, I watched an elderly lady in a parking garage. She backed up, hit the car behind her and drove off. She never even realized that she had hit it.

    1. Over 50 and proud of it! says:

      Excuse me – 50?!! What are you, 16? Wait till you reach 50 and see how you feel. And if you are 50 and feel you need retesting, you must need help.

    2. Russ says:

      I hope to gosh Robert that you aren’t equating age 50 with ‘elderly’. When you get to fifty, at you’re at least 17 years from retirement, you’ll feel no different than you did at 35 or 40 and realize how dumb your comment is.

  98. tomtom says:

    Our society is stupid to let people continue to drive after 70 without having to take madatory driving tests to prove they are still fit to drive on the road.

    The stupid woman is going to to end up crashing if they don’t take away her license IMMEDIATELY.

    But NO, they’ll wait until she DOES kill someone, and THEN maybe take her license away.

    When are we going to learn?????????

  99. Ranger says:

    You have to hand it to her. She just kept on trucking. No panic, no swerving.

    1. Ron says:

      Because she had no idea what she was doing.

  100. todd says:

    what about the idiot filming this?
    he deserves to spend some time in jail…

    1. tailgunner says:


    2. Darryl says:

      give him the chair Damn it!

  101. 1234567 says:

    I know it’s just an optical illusion but her hub caps don’t appear to move.

  102. mpk says:

    Turns out the driver was also on the cell phone while driving. Below is the transcript obtained:

    Driver: “Hello?”

    Caller: “Grandma, if you are out on I-95 this afternoon, be careful. We just heard on the radio that there is a car driving the wrong direction.”

    Driver: “One car?? There are hundreds of them!”

  103. Mtmama says:

    Pray tell what is an Edlerly Woman?

    Is it something like Alzheimers? Maybe that would explain
    why she was drinving on the wrong side of the highway.
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  104. Matt says:

    Time to take Grandma’s keys!

  105. Wallace says:

    I just read that a judge in NY said that it was okay for a 4 year old to be sued.

    But this senile piece of work will not be charged.

    Idiots have taken over!

    1. Ryanj says:

      hahahahahahah that shouldn’t be funny in any way, but its soo true its hilarious. I read the same story a minute ago. Gotta feel bad for the both old ladies tho…

    2. Elliott says:

      What you callous CHILDREN seem to forget is that this old woman was also probably just as scared as that 4 year old child, yet I see so many of you who were, more than likely extended more mercy than you deserved when you made a mistake, advocate charging this lady and putting her in jail.
      there’s a piece of work around here all right, but I don’t think it’s that scared old lady.

  106. Laura says:

    Um, I hope the guy taking the video wasn’t driving — that would also be dangerous!

  107. San Diego Steve says:

    It is hard on the elderly to stop driving because they lose independence. But elderly drivers cause a significant number of injuries and deaths every year because of cognitive impairment. A few years ago an elderly driver sped through a street fair in Northern California killing 11 people. A typical incident involves the driver confusing the gas for the brake and mowing down pedestrians or driving through a store front. When I was about 12 years old, I recall a driver crossing the sidewalk a few feet in front of me and crashing through the big plate glass window of a hardware store. No one hurt, but very scary. When they got the approximate 80 year old driver out of the car, she asked: “Is this the doctor’s office?” When the cognitive skills go, the family must bite the bullet, grab the elder’s keys and sell the car. Painful but necessary for public safety.

  108. Bigredtx says:

    Thank goodness no one was injured or killed. This woman should not be allowed to drive. The keys should be taken away and so does the car. Sorry Granny but we cannot let you drive anymore. It is not safe for you or anyone else. If you seriously killed someone could you live with that? States should implement mandatory driving tests for drivers after the age of 70. I have almost been hit or cut off several times recently and the drivers were well over the age of 70 and I drive a bright red car.

    1. carrolla says:

      Give me a break. 60 is way too young. how old are you, 5?

    2. gonville says:

      And states like fla,,tex, calif with huge illegal population that have 50 percent non licened drivers without insurance should do something,,and yes the old damn do vote.

    3. Hal O. Ween says:

      Seriously killed someone????

    4. Susan says:

      And what about the idiots who drive while on their cell phones or texting? They drive like drunks. They slow way down, weave over the lane lines and are oblivious to traffic. I say permanently revoke the license of anyone caught phoning or texting while driving. Also, no licenses to anyone younger than 30. Before that they have no brains anyway.

    5. Vaughan says:

      so have I by incompetent drivers unfortunately most of them are young people in a hurry to get to …God only knows where. You sound so angry maybe you shouldn’t be driving either.
      If we were all tested every few years maybe this person would have been helped. Just maybe we would all be better drivers.

  109. Bill says:

    A similar incident recently on a Salt Lake City freeway resulted in a fatal and fiery collision with a semi-truck, and brushfires jeopardizing a nearby neighborhood.

  110. t says:

    All drivers over 60 should be retested every year. No exceptions.

    1. phillychenz says:

      t, 60 is too young. how about 66 – 70 and tested every 3 years.

    2. phillychenz says:

      as for u CB just because yours is useless u cann’t cut off someone else!!!

  111. jn says:

    this is why my 84 year old mother doesnt drive anymore!

  112. Jgrieten says:

    Oh, my God; she stopped at my guard shack at the Boeing plant in Ridley Park asking for directions to Wilmington! I tried to give her directions but she just went across the street to the other entrance and then left the premesis. She only seemed lost and bad at taking directions!! Had I but known!

  113. Anonmyous says:

    The lady involved in this incident has been turned into police

    1. Chubby Gilbert says:

      A few years ago in Texas were going to the shoe store. One said Martha i don,t remember this road . They were on a runway at a local airport

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