Lawsuit: Man’s Body Donated To Research Against Wishes

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A man has filed a lawsuit against Albert Einstein Medical Center alleging that his father’s body was shipped out to be used for medical research against the family’s wishes.

When 71-year-old Elmer Wiley died at Einstein of a heart attack, his son was totally devastated.

“He was my dad and I loved him,” said Douchan Wiley.

His father’s death was hard enough to cope with, but what Wiley said happened after his death made it even harder.

“I left him in your care and you just treated him like a piece of meat,” said Wiley.

Wiley says five days after his father’s death, he learned Einstein sent his father’s body to Temple University’s School of Medicine. He said his father’s body was finally released to the family after two days of calling around.

“He had incisions like they were doing his brain. They tried to cover up the best that they could,” explained Wiley. “You could tell that they already worked on him at the medical school.”

Wiley says a social worker at Einstein told him that his father’s body had been sent to the medical school because it had been abandoned.

However, Wiley’s lawyer contends his client visited his father every day in the hospital and hospital records with his client’s contact information on them is proof.

“They knew on a daily basis that Douchan was there. So to say that he was abandoned is ludicrous,” said attorney John Benson.

Calls to Albert Einstein Medical Center were not returned. Temple University’s School of Medicine declined comment.

Reported By: Valerie Levesque, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. Bruce in PA says:

    Thanks Bill, still not news. Certainly not the top story.

  2. Rita says:

    Why would you wait 5 days to claim a body? I can see why they thought it was abandoned.

  3. Shawna says:

    Donating your body is a good thing IF that’s what your wishes are. And that was not this mans wishes obviously! I am sure that this has happened before and those families didn’t come forward. Good for you Mr. Wiley for speaking up and making other families more aware of what can happen.

  4. Olney Falcon says:

    Donating a body to science is far better than burying it in the ground somewhere. A lot of good might come from the donation…

    1. unnecessary1 says:

      And you have that right to make that decision for yourself. Just as others make than decision for themselves. Gifting of organs and body donations is a wonderful thing to do but we don’t get to make that decision for everyone else. And this hospital certainly should not have done this. There is no way to make this right.

  5. Bruce in PA says:

    This is your top story? Are you kidding me? Is this even news?

    1. Jonny says:


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