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  • Jeff

    My wish list for birds reggie bush,b dawkins,haynesworth,ike taylor and two defensive ends.

  • Richard Head

    I love it! I live in Boston and I hate Boston fans too! But I especially hate Red Slob fans, they truly suck! Same goes for Pats fans!

    But not the Bruins fans! They rock and so do the Bruins!

  • karim

    The Ramiro & Pebbles Morning Show!!

  • M&M

    chowda….they tawk funny

  • gish

    Hate: Boston’s crooked politicians – the last three speakers of the Massachusetts House of Representatives have been convicted of major crimes.

  • Chris

    Hate Boston Rob and his wife Kim

  • gish

    Hate: Hearing locals refer to it as “Title Town”, “City of Champions”
    Duck boat championship parades
    Dropkick Murphys

  • Jay Wright

    Fever Pitch/Jimmy Fallon and Dane Cook

  • Adam Reif

    BOSTON HATE: I hate the whole nation thing

  • Shiggy

    Dennis Johnson’s Freckles……

  • Elon Chris

    Tom Brady’s Hair should get it’s own spot

  • SD

    Hate: Kevin McHale’s kneepads, Kevin McHale’s shoulders, Kevin McHale’s trot up the court …… how about just Kevin McHale!

  • Dan Bryan

    How about how people that live within 1000 miles of Boston root for the Sox

  • HateTheSox

    i’m surprised no one has said this already, J.D. Drew.

  • Flyer Fan

    Boston Bruins

  • Chris Watson

    Green Monster

  • Mark Neff

    The stupid accent

  • john laursen

    chowder heads

  • John Ascola

    Curt Schilling.An attention starved phony ,whining weasal.

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  • Ryan Southwick

    I love love the Flyers trades! Out with the old!

  • Kathy

    Love the Flyers’ moves! Richards failed as a captain and was becoming more and more complacent in that role. Carter was a nice sniper to have but is replaceable. The influx of new, young talent, draft picks, a true # 1 goalie, and hopefully installing Pronger as the captain will bode well for the Flyers future.

  • J Senick 3rd

    Its embarassing enough for Philly to a have a statue of rocky a cartoon, now he gets into some bogus hall of fame. Everyone knows boxing is fake, all predetermine as to who wins & who loses. Boxing is a joke, should not even be consider a sport. If your going to honor a real champion. Try Bruno Sammartino the living legend himself. The greatest champion of all time. For selling out the Spectrum & other arena’s in the northeast while he was champ. He deserves a statue!

  • KM

    WHat if Little Anthony grows up to be a star NCAA Linebacker (Penn St. or Notre Dame) and then gets drafted by the Dallas Cowboys? Is the Cuz’ able to become a Cowboys fan? Jerry Jones will be signing the kid’s paycheck!

  • Chuck Bailer

    lET ME SAY TO ALL OF YOU losers ripping Mike Richards that the man played hurt this year! And anyone who thinks he should be traded doesn’t know the game of hockey!!! As for that drama queen Tim Pinnacio, I’m glad that Richards and Pronger ripped you because all you ever do is try to stir up stuff between the players! Your a poor hockey writer who knows nothing about the game that you cover! Since your such a drama queen I suggest that you go write for TMZ or someone like that! PS- I implore flyers fans not to believe a word that this man writes about the flyers because he’s truly CLUELESS!!!!

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