Un Petit Taste Of France: Top Spots For Crepes

April 12, 2012 7:00 AM

Forget wine, cheese, champagne, and the Birkin bag. The best thing to come out of France since l’amour is the crepe. Here’s where to taste this delectable French export stateside, in the City of Brotherly, um, Amour.

Now, if only someone could transport the Eiffel Tower for ambiance… – Chelsea Karnash

Creperie Beau Monde

624 S 6th St
Philadelphia, PA

With a cozy fireplace for winter and pretty outdoor seating in warmer weather, Bella Vista’s French café Beau Monde is as much about atmosphere as it is about food. And speaking of food, the (huge) crepes are amazing—if a little pricey. Start with a savory buckwheat crepe (care to create your own?) and finish with a sweet wheat dessert crepe. You can’t go wrong with the scallop crepe with chives and seafood sauce, or the sweet crepe with lemon curd and coconut. Yum and yum.

Bonus: Don’t forget to head upstairs to L’Etage for a post-dinner dance party!

The Creperie

Near Temple’s Campus
Philadelphia, Pa.

Temple students: you lucky, lucky kids.

This food truck commands lines of epic proportions at lunch, so expect to stand around drooling while you wait for your (fresh, piping hot) crepe. But don’t worry—it’s worth it. With tons of sweet and savory options, friendly service and low prices, you really can’t beat this truck for a delish, filling lunch.

Tip: Call in your order in advance, and you’ll cut your wait down. Oh, and make sure to grab a handful of napkins; you’ll need ‘em.

Pari Café Creperie

Houston Hall
3417 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 222-6500

Penn students: you lucky, lucky kids.

Yes, that’s right—this crepe outpost also caters to the college crowd, but this time, in UCity. Head into the University of Pennsylvania’s old-school Houston Hall, and hit up this spot for a cheap, yummy meal. Regulars recommend the cheddar, sausage and egg breakfast crepe–served all day, woohoo!–or the crepe with honey Dijon and chicken. Again, be prepared to brave a looooong line before you get to bite into your tasty treat, but again, it’ll be worth it.

Café L’Aube

1631 Wallace St
Philadelphia, PA

While first and foremost a coffee shop, bright and cheery Café L’Aube also whips up some truly delicious Brittany-style (read: thicker) crepes. Though service can be slow, there’s free Wi-Fi and plenty of caffeine to be consumed while you wait. Order the Normandy crepe—a heavenly combo of turkey, goat cheese fondue and caramelized apple—then sit back and relax with a latte or cup of coffee. This is the perfect spot for a lazy Sunday morning brunch in Fairmount.

La Dominique

33rd & Market St
Philadelphia, Pa.

Another food truck, another campus location. La Dominique parks at 33rd and Market, outside Drexel’s Hagerty Library, and also caters to hoards of hungry students around lunchtime. While slightly pricier than other nearby trucks, frequenters will assure you that they’re never disappointed in the thin, perfectly cooked crepes La Dominique produces. Recommendations include the crab and cream cheese, the veggie or the dessert crepe with coffee crème.

Profi’s Creperie

Reading Terminal Market
51 N 12th St
Philadelphia, PA

Enter the melee of Reading Terminal, and you might be tempted to make a hasty decision. Don’t. Instead, walk towards Bassetts and keep your eyes peeled for unassuming Profi’s, nestled in between Sang Kee and Delilah’s. Order your crepe creation (Nutella, anything with Nutella.), then hang out and watch as the whizzes behind the counter whip up white wheat and buckwheat flour crepes galore.


1800 JFK Blvd
Penn Center, First Floor
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 495-9519

For the starved stiffs working in and around Penn Center, Crepesody offers a welcome foodie escape from life in the cube. Follow the marvelous aroma wafting out of this creperie, and you’ll be treated to a yummy array of sweet and savory crepes made using white flour (as opposed to buckwheat) and fresh ingredients. Order the Grand Marnier crepe or the savory crepe with honey mustard and chicken, and plop down on a stool facing the window for some prime people-watching along with your food.

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