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  1. Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
    Wild Card Weekend: Minnesota Vikings At Green Bay Packers

    Christian Ponder has struggled much of the year, but he came through with excellent performances the last two weeks against the Texans and the Packers (234 passing yards and three TDs). Those two wins helped put the Vikings in the playoffs.

  2. (Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images) (credit: Elsa/Getty Images)
  3. Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
  4. St. Louis Rams v New York Giants Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
  5. Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers v San Francisco 49ers
  6. San Francisco 49ers v Cincinnati Bengals Seattle Seahawks v Kansas City Chiefs

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