Draw Something 2 AppIt was just a year ago that Draw Something took over the app world - but its rise to the top was short lived. Draw Something 2 is hoping to extend the reign.
Clay Jam AppClaymation seems an odd fit for the app world, but Clay Jam is a quirky, fun, and adorable game that will make you rethink those perceptions.
Gems with Friends AppZynga has had a lot of success with its 'With Friends' line of games – and the latest, Gems With Friends, keeps the ball rolling.
Matching With Friends AppThe team behind Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends has a new game out – and they're hoping to devour the last minutes of your free time.
Draw SomethingDraw Something is like pictionary. You draw a clue, send it to a friend, then they try to guess the answer. And it might be the most addicting game of the year.
Scramble With Friends AppThere are a lot of threats to your productivity these days, but the Scramble With Friends app might just take the crown. The game's best described as a multiplayer electronic version of Boggle.

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