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Zombie-Themed Ice Skating Party Held At Dilworth Park In Center City

Friday the 13th brought some zombie ice skaters to Dilworth Park in Center City.


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The Sleep Walking Dead

The sound of an alarm clock is probably one of the worst sounds in the world. Seriously, there’s not much worse than being pulled out of a sound slumber, well except for maybe finding out that your girlfriend is cheating on you with your brother (ouch, sorry pal).


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iMut8r App

If it’s Halloween time, that must mean it’s time to put a creepy new profile picture on Facebook. iMut8r can help.


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The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Before the apocalypse, you can get a preview of what you might look like as one of the undead with the Dead Yourself app.



The World’s Best Classic Cocktails In The Bars That Invented Them

There’s nothing better than kicking back on vacation with a classic local cocktail, and nothing worse than being interrupted by some blowhard waxing poetic about the drink’s storied “history”. Unless you’re the blowhard, and you’re sitting at the exact bar where the drink was invented.


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PHOTO: Steve Mason’s Goalie Mask Has Zombie Flyers

Steve Mason just signed a contract extension with the Flyers. It looks like he’s used some of the money on some new art


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ZombiBooth: 3D Zombifier

Zombibooth lets you instantly transform your picture into a 3D animated zombie


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Flyers Goalie Steve Mason’s Helmet Has Zombie Ben Franklin And Betsy Ross

Steve Mason will take over for the amnestied Ilya Bryzgalov, and he’ll be doing it with a new helmet featuring zombies.