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Poinsettias Past Their Prime Need A Push

Poinsettias won’t leave on their own. You have to show them the door.


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Childproof Your Christmas

Christmas can be a wonderful time but the chaos can also be a recipe for disaster if you are not watching the children closely.


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The Real Challenges Of A Real Christmas Tree

Two things are true – real Christmas trees are thirsty and they’re sticky. Here are two real solutions to keep your tree fresh and your hands clean.


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Christmas Trees Are A Gift

Growing Christmas trees actually cleans our water and air while producing oxygen so we can breath – and that’s just the beginning of the benefits.


Mistletoe Kiss

Don’t Miss The Mistletoe

Mistletoe has been celebrated in the dead of winter since ancient times, along with other evergreens, because they look lively during the darkest days of the year.


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Recipe For Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh

Christmas tree formulas and additives are supposed to keep the water clean and help the tree take up water, but really, all your tree needs is water and plenty of it.