William Panas Jr.

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City Of Philadelphia Off The Hook in Lawsuit Over Cop Who Murdered Neighbor

The jury found the City of Philadelphia not financially liable for the murder of William Panas Jr. by Frank Tepper, an off-duty cop with a history of misconduct.


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Federal Jury Weighing Lawsuit Against City of Philadelphia Over Murderous Cop

The jury, now deliberating, must decide if Frank Tepper went on duty when he left his house to address a nearby confrontation, and whether the city’s failure to fire him after earlier incidents of misconduct caused the murder.


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Jury in Philadelphia ‘Rogue Cop’ Civil Case Hears of Earlier Incident

Two witnesses have testified about a 1995 incident in which Officer Frank Tepper allegedly attacked them because they spoke with his wife on the street.


(William Panas Sr., left, and Lauren Panas, father and sister of the victim, speak with an unidentified colleague, right, following the sentencing of Frank Tepper.  Credit: John McDevitt)

Emotions Run High As Philadelphia Cop Gets Life Sentence For Murdering Neighbor

Frank Tepper’s arms were folded in front of him as the sister, mother, and then father of 21-year-old victim William Panas Jr. each took the stand to read impact statements, expressing their great loss.


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Chaos In Courtroom As Former Philadelphia Cop Convicted Of First-Degree Murder

Former Philadelphia police officer Frank Tepper has been convicted of the first-degree murder of a Port Richmond neighbor during a curbside melée on a summer evening in 2009.