Weekend Warrior

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Exercise Caution At Thanksgiving Gathering

The friendly family competition that has become tradition at many a Thanksgiving gathering can lead to injury.


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The Importance Of Stretching

Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or somewhat sedentary, the importance of taking the time to stretch cannot be overstated.


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The Right Amount Of Exercise

There is one truth related to exercise that cuts across all lines. Consistency of exercise leads to better results.


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Stretch To Avoid Injury

Do you take the time to warm up and stretch? It doesn’t matter how old you are. Stretching can be one of the most important activities of your workout experience.


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Exercise With Your Family

Forget the excuses family man – exercise with your kids!


Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love: Words On The Street

A man who says he’s been to hell and back is trying to keep kids from traveling the same path. Philadelphia Daily News columnist Solomon Jones knows what it means to have everything and lose it all. He says that’s what happened to him.