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Voter Photo ID

(Voters in Pennsylvania.  File photo)

Pa. House Could Pass Voter ID Bill Today; Corbett Ready To Sign It

The state House today is expected to send Governor Corbett a controversial bill to require that voters show photo ID at the polls and the governor says he’s ready to sign it.


(File photo)

Pa. House Begins Debating Voter Photo ID Requirement

The Pennsylvania House has begun debate on legislation that would require voters to show a photo ID when they show up at polling places to vote.


(Voters in Philadelphia.  File photo)

GOP Pa. Lawmakers Back Plan To Require Photo ID Of Voters

A controversial measure that would require Pennsylvania voters to show a photo ID when they turn go to the polls has cleared a state House committee.


(File photo)

Pennsylvania Republicans Push Voter Photo ID Requirements

Pennsylvania Republicans, who now control both the state House and Senate, have begun a new effort to require photo IDs for voters at polling places.