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Movie Review: ‘Furious 7’

(2½ stars out of 4)Like its predecessors, number seven offers diverse casting, rooting-interest-friendly teamwork, excessive and preposterous vehicular mayhem, and car-toonish indestructibility.

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Vin Diesel Says Oscars Weighted Against Action Films

Vin Diesel said Friday that the latest “Fast & Furious” film deserves a best picture Oscar but has two strikes against it when it comes to the Academy — it’s an action flick and it’s a sequel.


(Vin Diesel reprises his Richard Riddick role in "Riddick.")

Movie Review: ‘Riddick’

This third entry in the Vin Diesel Riddick franchise falls somewhere between the previous two in quality.


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‘Fast & Furious 6’ Races To Top Of Weekend Box Office

The action thriller sequel drove away to a first-place finish Memorial Day Weekend.


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Movie Review: ‘Fast & Furious 6’

This installment pretty much matches the impact, appeal, and quality of its immediate predecessor. And it sports a playful and not inappropriate sense of humor.


(Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the title character in "The Great Gatsby.")

Bill Wine’s Summer Movie Previews

What do moviegoers have to look forward to (or, perhaps, in some cases, dread) through the rest of May and into June, July, and August?


(John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson starred wth Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction.")

Home Video Report: ‘Pulp Fiction’ Leads Week’s Offerings

Many of our recently released videos have already become television staples.


Movie Review: ‘Fast Five’

Although this fifth installment in the franchise is not exactly the charm, it is the pick of the litter, even though, as before, excess and preposterousness trump nuance and logic.