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Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Cancer Center (credit: Hadas Kuznits)

New Cancer Treatment Center For Pets Opens In Malvern

The first comprehensive veterinary cancer center in the nation has opened in Malvern, Pennsylvania.


Photo Credit: ThinkStock

Five Vet Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy In Philadelphia

Man’s best friend and companion for life, dogs are that warm welcome everyone seeks. They just want to be loved and cared for, snuggled, fed and given years of life they wouldn’t enjoy without their devoted owners.



For Cat Owners, Pennsylvania SPCA Offers Serioulsy Discounted Services In June

This is the time of year animal shelters often see more kittens than they can handle. To help reduce the number of future homeless animals, the Pennsylvania SPCA is offering reduced-cost procedures this month.



PAWS Struggles With Funding For Free Vet Care Program

A free veterinary care program in Philadelphia could soon come to an end if help doesn’t arrive soon.