Free Workshops At Philadelphia Flower ShowDid you know your ticket to the Flower Show entitles you to sit in on all kinds of workshops and how-to sessions?
Control Soil By Gardening In Raised Beds Or ContainersOne reason I don’t plant vegetables in the ground – you can never really know what’s been buried or spilled there over the years before you arrived.
Share Your Harvest With PhilabundanceIf you’re growing fruits and vegetables, at some point, you’ll probably have more than you can eat. Share your harvest with food pantries through Philabundance.
Biggest Veggies Compete At Fall Garden Festivalif you've had a bumper crop in your vegetable garden, you can show them off and compete this Saturday at the PHS Fall Garden Festival.
Never Too Late For Fresh TomatoesWell that took long enough. Finally, we grew a tomato or two!
Plant Fall Vegetables NowIt's time to get your fall vegetables in the ground - or into raised beds or just great big pots, which are what I use.
Plenty Of Seeds To ShareSeed packets are so small and light it's easy to get carried away; but if you're looking to plant some this spring, remember, you don't need very many.
Cool Gardening Opportunities For FallEven though fall has arrived, all is not lost in your garden. Plants that hate the heat and thrive in the cooler seasons are happy to be back in your garden - and on your table once again - come September.
Tomatoes Need Both Sun And ShadeTomatoes need sun to grow, that much we know, at least 6 hours of sun a day or so. But too much sun and heat can also be bad for them.
A Bloody Good Idea For Your TomatoesWhen life gives you tomatoes - make Bloody Mary's! If you have more tomatoes than you can eat right now, drink them instead!
Temple Student Plants Rolling GardenDylan DeVlieger, a painting major at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University wanted to grow his own vegetables, but wasn't able to get a community garden started near his Philadelphia apartment, so he created mobile garden carts instead.
Put Your Edible Garden In PotsI don't grow tons of food and none of it in the ground but rather, in big planters to put it at easy reach for me, yet further from the bunnies.

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