US State Department

(The US State Department urges Americans visiting Egypt to be aware of political unrest.  File photo by Andrea Berman)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Travel Warnings for Americans

The height of the summertime getaway season is here, so it’s time to revisit a valuable Internet resource created to help travelers stay safe.


(Mariela Castro, in Feburary 2013.  Credit: Adalberto Roque/ AFP/ Getty Images)

2013 IN REVIEW: Fidel Castro’s Niece Visits Philadelphia For LGBT Event

But the visit almost didn’t happen.


(Mariela Castro, in Feburary 2013.  Credit: Adalberto Roque/ AFP/ Getty Images)

US State Dept. Relents, Will Allow M. Castro To Visit Philadelphia From Cuba

It was announced last week that the State Department would not allow Mariela Castro, daughter of Raul Castro and niece of Fidel, to travel from New York to Philadelphia for Equality Forum’s international LGBT civil rights summit.


Travel Alert

BLOG: State Dept. Issue Travel Warning for Mexico

By Jim Donovan:  Are you planning a spring break trip this year?  Well if you’re heading to Mexico you should be aware that the State Department has issued a travel warning for American tourists.  Travelers […]


(File photo)

Philadelphia Travel Agents See Little Impact From Bin Laden Death On Travel Abroad

The US State Department has issued a worldwide travel “alert” following the death of Osama Bin Laden, but local travel agents say there are no widespread cancellations yet.