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Eagles Will Wear Green Jerseys, White Pants Tonight

The Eagles will wear their midnight green jerseys for the first time this season tonight.


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7 New College Football Uniforms: Who Will Wear It Best?

Tackling a six foot linebacker is best done in style.


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Penn State Ranked Best Uniforms In College Football

College Football 24/7 ranked the top uniforms in college football for the 2014 season. Penn State topped the list.


Ohio State v Penn State

Changes To Penn State’s Football Uniforms

Penn State makes some small changes to their football uniforms.


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Poll: What Do You Think Of Penn State Uniform Changes?

Penn State made some changes to their football uniforms. What do you think of them?


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Phillies Gear Up For Spring Training

Need a harbinger of spring on a cold, snowy day? The Phillies supply truck is leaving for Clearwater Sunday.