Unemployment Rate

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Pa. Payrolls Grew In June; Jobless Rate Steady

Employers in Pennsylvania added an estimated 19,000 jobs to payrolls in June as the state’s unemployment rate remained steady.



Lower Unemployment Numbers Motivate Both Campaigns

Friday’s surprising jobs report quickly became the talk of the campaign trail.


Unemployment In New Jersey Holds Steady At 9 Percent

New Jersey officials say the unemployment rate again saw no change in February, holding steady at 9 percent for a third month in a row.


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Temple U. Business Expert Sees Weakness In Latest Jobs Number

Employers added 117,000 jobs last month — more than expected, but not good enough according to Gary Witt at Temple University’s business school.



Report: Global Companies Struggling To Find Skilled Workers

A recent international survey found global companies are struggling when it comes to finding skilled workers. A Montgomery County recruiting company decided to take a look at whether firms in the Philadelphia region are seeing the same problem.



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