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Travel Insurance

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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Consider these pros and cons to determine if travel insurance is worth purchasing for your next trip.


Does My Health Insurance Work Outside Of The United States?

Most health plans do not cover medical services outside of the United States.


(Raging waves batter the seafront in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, after the passage of Hurricane Irene. Credit: Erika Santelices/AFP/Getty Images)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Travel Insurance During Hurricane Season?

For vacationers planning a trip to hurricane-prone resorts, it’s time to consider travel insurance.


(Hundreds of hopeful airline passengers waited in line last week at Philadelphia International Airport -- many having spent the night in the airport after their flights were canceled.  Photo by KYW's David Madden)

Know Your Options Before Booking Winter Flights, Says Expert

It’s winter. And that means a good chance your airline flight could be canceled because of bad weather. What do you do then?