Tim Ireland

(A Patco train crosses the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.  File photo by KYW's John Ostapkovich)

Patco Starting Two Years of Track Work on Ben Franklin Bridge

Riders might want to get themselves acquainted with new schedules for the high speed line that take effect this Saturday, because there will be delays.


(file photo)

Patco Gets Dinged By Feds For Failing To Provide For Handicapped Passengers

Breakdowns of elevators and escalators are a constant annoyance for Patco riders.


(Drivers encounter this sign after one that says, "Welcome to the Ben Franklin Bridge."  Credit: DRPA)

New DRPA Bridge Signs Leave Some Drivers Smiling, Others Wondering

Officials say they’re signs of appreciation.


(Septa has installed tamper-resistant covers over some of its copper switches and similar equipment.  Photo provided by Septa)

SEPTA, PATCO Dealing With Surge of Copper Thefts From Rail Lines

It’s becoming a chronic problem, causing occasional train delays, and officials say they’re taking steps to stop it.


(The DRPA operates the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, pictured, plus the Betsy Ross, Walt Whitman, and Commodore Barry bridges.  File photo)

DRPA Says It Won’t Use Temporary Revenues To Fund EZ Pass Commuter Discounts

“If you want to do a programmatic discount, you would need programmatic revenue,” says a DRPA spokesman, “and nobody has suggested where that programmatic revenue would come from.”


file photo of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (Getty Images)

Federal Grand Jury Issues Subpoena To Delaware River Port Authority

“We are cooperating fully, and our employees have been instructed accordingly,” says a DRPA spokesman.


(File photo provided)

Despite New Technology, ‘Freedom’ Cards Will Remain Patco-Only

The transit agency that runs the high-speed train line between Camden and Philadelphia is getting ready to update its “Freedom” card, the cashless method for paying fares.


(The Walt Whitman Bridge, operated by the Delaware River Port Authority.  File photo)

DRPA Says Despite Reports, Bridge Tolls Aren’t Going Down

The Delaware River Port Authority says suggestions that tolls might be lowered on some of its bridges just isn’t in the cards.


(File photo)

Patco To Make Permanent Its Rush Hour ‘Quiet Cars’

Patco’s Tim Ireland says the riders have spoken, and the rail operator listened.


(File photo: a 2011 DRPA board meeting.  Credit: David Madden)

DRPA Begins Codifying Long List of Agency Reforms

The board of the Delaware River Port Authority has begun to make permanent many of the policy changes adopted by the agency recently.


(The DRPA board meets on July 18, 2012.  Credit: David Madden)

DRPA Says It Is In Forward Gear With Agency Reforms

The Delaware River Port Authority says it is working to implement — and set in stone — many of the reforms approved by the agency almost two years ago.


(A December 2011 meeting of the DRPA board.  Credit: David Madden)

DRPA Investigator Says Agency’s Reforms Are Still Incomplete

DRPA inspector general Thomas Raftery says that ethics policies are not uniform across the board, procedures for contracts and purchasing are confusing, and promised reforms have still not be implemented.


(file photo)

DRPA Looking To Permit Advertisements At PATCO Train Stations

The Delaware River Port Authority is looking at an advertising deal by SEPTA and wondering if it can do the same for the cash-strapped train system.