Vapor ChatThere are plenty of anonymous messaging apps out there, but few let you 'unsay' something once you've sent it.
New Tech Serving Doctors And PatientsA report in the journal <em>Pediatrics</em> finds that an effort to use text messaging to urge parents to vaccinate their children for the flu has had a great deal of success.
Emojli AppFor those who love emojis - the little smiley faces and illustrations you often see attached to a text message - this could be the perfect app.
Ultratext AppJust when you thought texting had been condensed to its bare minimum, along comes Ultratext.
NJ Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Protect Text Sender From Crash LiabilityMonmouth County Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande is working to stop an appeals court ruling that could make people liable in court if they text someone they know is behind the wheel of a car.
Whats App MessengerYou've got an iPhone. Your friends have Android. That doesn't stop you from sending text messages, but every time you do so, you risk increasing your bill. WhatsApp Messenger can help.
Word DynamoWhile it might seem that a good vocabulary is being left behind in the world of text messages, it's still a valuable skill. Word Dynamo is a fun way to beef up your library of terms.
Giving Up Social Media Cold TurkeyCan you give up all your technology, even for a day? A group of local students found that it's harder than you think.
Txt is an easy, web-based text message tool that can put you in touch with your friends fast
Texts From Last features text messages that seem to lose their wonder in the light of day… or maybe the alcohol just burned off.

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