The Pennsylvania Convention Center  (File photo by Randall E. Scott)

Convention Center’s New Union Agreement Gets Critical Test This Week

The meeting is a rare and important second visit, which means planners will be able to compare costs before and after the customer satisfaction agreement signed in May, which simplifies work rules.


(Photo: Publicity shots of Dick Devos, union opponent, and James P. Hoffa, union organizer)

Digital Debate: Teamster’s Hoffa & Amway Heir DeVos: Clash Over Unions!

James P. Hoffa and Dick DeVos have vastly differing views of unions, which is why in this heated political climate battles are raging across America over unions in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, California and other states, the two took time to participate in CBS Local Digital Debate.



Organized Labor To Rally Workers In Center City

Union members planned to turn out by the thousands Saturday to support a second bill of rights for the American worker and express their disappointment in the Democratic Party.


Stigall Show Log 9.6.11

Chris reacts to Teamster President James Hoffa call the Tea Party “Sons of bitches.” He talks about fundraising in the Republican Primary on the Tuesday addition of the Monday Morning Matchup with Jeff Roe and Michael Bronstein. He also talks to Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel and the Chief Operating Office of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, David Chavern.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/06/2011

(Trucks from Mexico wait to enter the United States at a border crossing point.  Trucks from Mexico are currently allowed to venture only a short distance beyond the border.  Credit: Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

Area Teamsters Vow Fight Against Plan To Allow Mexican Trucks On US Highways

Bill Hamilton, Pennsylvania conference president for the Teamsters and president of Teamsters’ Local 107 in Philadelphia, says the deal is being opposed by union and well as non-union trucking interests.


(File photo.  Credit: Pat Loeb)

Deadline Nears For Amoroso’s Baking Drivers To Accept ‘Contractor’ Status

The current union contract with the drivers expires Sunday, and Amoroso’s had hoped it would be the last.