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(File photo by Michelle Durham)

After Target Breach, Push Toward More Secure Credit Cards Seen As Inadequate

But some security analysts wonder if the push toward chip-and-PIN technology is already too little, too late.


Home Finance Expert: Become Vigilant About Your Credit

If you weren’t victimized in the Target breach, that doesn’t mean you can rest easy. The FBI says the number of incidents will continue to rise.


(Beware of e-mail messages that might not be from who they appear to be.  Photo by Ed Fischer)

Holiday Shopping Means Online Holiday Scamming Not Far Behind

Bucks County director of consumer protection Mike Bannon says his department is getting calls about an old scam that’s been reinvented. He says it involves a major retailer.


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Local Expert Says Newer Credit Cards Can Fight Some Types of Fraud, But…

“It’s not like the olden days when, if your credit card was used for some fraud, it was because you lost it,” says Prof. Rob D’Ovidio of Drexel University.


(Shoppers enter a Target store in South Philadelphia.  Photo by Michelle Durham)

South Philly Shoppers Still Wary of Using Credit Cards at Target Stores

Target officials revealed that as many as 40 milllion credit and debit cards used to make in-store purchases in Target stores between November 27th and December 15th could be compromised.


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Beyoncé CD Rollout Has Major Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Miffed

Retailers are expected to begin selling Beyoncé’s new CD this weekend, but Target has decided not to stock it.


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Target Stores Still Failing To Honor Some Coupons Correctly

At Target the motto is “Expect more, pay less.” But when using certain coupons there, you could pay more than you expected. And it’s happening all over country.