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Tammy Schmidt

(The Philadelphia Zoo's newest baby gibbon.  Photo provided by Phila. Zoo)

It’s a Baby Boom at the Philadelphia Zoo’s Primate Reserve

The Philadelphia Zoo is welcoming a handful of cute new babies.


(Two snow leopard cubs, born May 26th, with their mother, Maya, at the Philadelphia Zoo.  Photo provided)

Philadelphia Zoo’s Snow Leopards Deliver Another Litter of Cubs

The cubs will stay at the zoo for about two years before they are moved to other zoos around the country.


(Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Keeping The Animals Cool At The Philadelphia Zoo

The heat isn’t just tough on people, it’s also tough on some animals at the Philadelphia Zoo, and the staff is doing what they can to keep the animals safe and comfortable.


Thor enjoys a swim and a frozen fish treat (credit: KYW's John McDevitt)

Animals At The Philadelphia Zoo Beat The Heat

In “Carnivore Kingdom” a family of giant otters were frolicking in their pool, enjoying cold fish and ice treats.


(Jaguar mother and cub, seen in habitat video camera.  Image provided by Philadelphia Zoo.)

Jaguar At Philadelphia Zoo Gives Birth To Cub; First In Decades

“Cute as a button,” says Tammy Schmidt, curator of carnivores at the zoo, describing the new baby jaguar born Friday night at the zoo.