Summer Solstice

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WEATHER BLOG: Another Pleasant Weekend

The summer solstice officially arrived this morning at 6:51, which marks the Sun’s farthest point north in the northern hemisphere. This gives us our longest daylight of the year, just over 15 hours in Philadelphia.


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Health: Doctors Warn Summer Solstice Could Cause Issues For Those Who Suffer With Sleep Problems

The summer solstice, on Saturday June 21st, is the longest day of the year, extra time to enjoy the summer sun. But doctors are warning that it could cause trouble for the millions of people who suffer with sleep problems.


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Hello Summer!

Summer arrives tomorrow morning at 6:51am EDT. This is the moment when the sun shines directly on the Tropic of Cancer or the imaginary latitude line 23° 26′ north of the Equator.


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The Kimmel Center’s ‘Solstice In The City’

On June 21st, the Kimmel Center marks the longest day of the year with Solstice in the City.


(Party at the Kimmel Center Saturday June 18th from noon to 2:30 Sunday morning for the Summer Solstice. Credit:

Party Time At The Kimmel Center For Summer Solstice

The Kimmel Center marks the end of their season with their 9th annual Summer Solstice Party.